Episode 254.
          Ann goes to Sailors' Bluff and plummets to her death. 

WA:       Allison Mackenzie searches for Chris Webber.  Missing most of 
          the day and last seen on this desolate streach of beach.   
          Allison's presence in this place at this time will have an 
          effect on many lives in Peyton Place. 

Intro:    Allison walks along the beach near Sailors' Bluff. 

Scene 1:  Lee Webber riding his motorcycle at the summit of the bluff.  
          Ann Howard lying on the beach at the foot of the bluff.  
          Allison finds the lifeless body.  Allison goes to the beach 
          house and breaks the window in the door.  She goes inside and 
          telephones her father.  She tells him that Ann Howard is 
          dead.  He asks Allison where she is.  Allison tells him that 
          she is at the beach house.  Elliot tells her that he will 
          call the police.  He tells her to lock the door, and stay 
          there.  She agrees to.  She goes to the zinc to wash her 
          hands and face.  She gets a drink of water.  

          In just a brief moment, Dr. Rossi arrives, reaches through 
          the window and unlocks the door.  He calls for Ann.  He sees 
          Allison.  He asks her what is wrong.  She tells him about 
          Ann.  He goes out calling, "Ann, Ann." 

Scene 2:  The phone rings in the apartment and Rita asks Norman to get 
          it.  It is Rodney calling.  Rodney wants to know if he can 
          stay the night.  Norman says that they should make up a bed.  
          Norman asks Rita if she minds if Rodney stays the night.  
          Norman says that this is the first time Rodney has ever asked 
          for a favor.  Norman says that he thinks that Rodney is on a 
          big roller-coaster heading for a crash. 

Scene 3:  Hannah running.  Rodney packing.  Hannah comes in the front 
          door of the mansion.  Hannah says that she has been for a 
          walk.  She asks where Rodney is going.  Hannah says that 
          Peyton will be hurt.  She asks him to stay the night. 

Scene 4:  Back at the beach, the police and recovery team are 
          collecting evidence and the body.  Ann is brought up on a 
          stretcher.  Allison talks with Constance.  Allison is on the 
          couch.  Allison says she would do anything to bring Ann back.  

          Rossi comes in followed by Elliot Carson.  Rossi complains 
          about the incompetence of the recovery team.  Sgt. William 
          Wilson Walker is on the phone talking with headquarters.  
          Police Sgt. Edward Goddard is there also.  Constance asked if 
          Ann laid on the beach a long time.  Elliot tells Constance 
          that death was instantaneous.  They found one of Allison's 
          shoes and purse on the beach.  Goddard asks Rossi to look 
          over the polic report to see that they have the facts right.  
          An automobile engine is heard starting.  Goddard asks why 
          they do things like that.  Rossi berates Goddard for jumping 
          to conclusions.  Rossi says she was incapable of taking her 
          own life.  Just as incapable as Goddard is in conducting an 
          investigation.  Goddard wants to talk with Allison to get 
          some facts.  Goddard asks Allison if she touched anything.  
          Goddard says that they will have to ask Allison some more 
          questions tomorrow.  

          Chris is brought in soaking wet.  He asks what is going on.  
          He guesses that something has happened to Ann.  says that she 
          fell from the bluff.  Goddard tells him that she fell from 
          the bluff.  She's dead.  Goddard asks Chris what he was doing 
          on the beach.  Elliot tells Chris that he doesn't have to 
          answer any questions.  Chris reminds Elliot that he is a law 
          student and he knows that.  Chris says that Goddard doesn't 
          believe him.  Allison says that Chris is telling the truth.  
          Chris says that Stuyvesant trail is steep.  And that he had 
          lost his cane.  Goddard says that they should continue down 
          at the station.  

          Elliot asks to take Chris to the station himself.  Chris says 
          that that isn't necessary.  Allison says that she wants to 
          go, too.  Constance asks Dr. Rossi to drive her home.  He 
          says sure.  Constance suggests to Dr. Rossi that he take a 
          room at the Inn, just for tonight.  Rossi talks about the 
          first time he saw Ann.  Constance says, "Let's go, please."  
          Rossi continues to talk.  Rossi swears that if it takes him 
          forever, he will find out who killed Ann. 

Preview:  Rodney talks with Allison.  Chris talks with Elliot.  A large 
          tavern patron talks with Dr. Rossi.  

          RH:  Allison, it's over.
          AM:  No, it isn't over.  [hug]

          CW:  Believe me, Mr. Carson.  I know the difference between 
               love and what Allison offers. 
          EC:  And what is Allison's offer?
          CW:  A crutch and a handkerchief.

          LM:  Now, you've got to be kidding.  
          MR:  All right, tell me the truth. 
          LM:  There's a lot of difference between pushing someone 
               around and killing them. 

Allison breaks a window at the beach house.