Episode 255.
          Dr. Rossi begins his own investigation of Ann's death. 

WA:       Elliot Carson has insisted on accompanying Chris Webber and 
          his daughter, Allison to the police station, following the 
          death of Ann Howard.  It was Allison who found Ann's body at 
          the bottom of Sailors' Bluff.  It was Chris who was 
          discovered alone on the beach nearby.  Now shocked by the 
          tragedy Elliot must concern himself with the living. 

MEL:      Elliot wants Chris to stay away from Allison. 

Intro:    Square.  Bandstand.  Police car. 

Scene 1:  In the back seat of Elliot Carson's car, Allison asks Elliot 
          if she can talk with Chris a moment before going inside the 
          police station.  Allison tells him it was wrong for Chris to 
          let Ann go on thinking that she had pushed him.  Allison says 
          that Chris had been protecting someone.  Chris says that he 
          got trapped in a cave.  Chris says how do you know she didn't 
          just slip, or jump.  He tells Allison that he trusted her 
          once, he can't affort to do it again.  A car almost hits 
          Chris as he gets out of the back seat of Elliot's car. 

Scene 2:  Rodney drives up and greets Allison in the front seat of 
          Elliot's car.  Elliot comes over to talk with Rodney.  He 
          tells Rodney about Ann and asks him to take Allison home.  He 
          has to stay at the police station. 

Scene 3:  At the police station, Elliot talks with Chris.  Elliot asks 
          Chris to stay away from Allison.  Chris says he knows the 
          difference between love and what Allison offers.  Chris says 
          she offers a crutch and a handkerchief. 
Scene 4:  Rodney begins driving Allison toward home in his convertible.  
          On the way he stops and talks with her.  Rodney asks Allison 
          if Ann's death is going to bury her.  Rodney says he knows it 
          is harsh and callous, but that it is true.  Rodney says "It's 
          over."  They hug. 

Scene 5:  In Ada Jacks' Tavern, Freddy [Mario] is playing the a 
          pin-ball machine.  He asks Ada for a beer.  [He is the same 
          one who complained about Chris and the Juke-box].  Ada asks 
          Rossi to call it a night.  She tells him that Lee Webber 
          hasn't been there all week.  She says she feels awful about 
          Ann.  Rossi is seething with anger.  The large man complains 
          that Ada hasn't brought him his beer yet.  Rossi grabs the 
          large man and asks if he knows Lee Webber.  The large man is 
          rude to Rossi.  He says Lee owes him $20.  Rossi talks 
          briefly to Ada and leaves. 

Scene 6:  Elliot drives Chris to the Clarion and asks him if he would 
          like to come in for a minute, that he needs to check on 
          something.  Chris says, "No, Thank you."  Elliot goes in the 
          office and talks with Eli.  Eli says that White Water Sun and 
          the Hastings Tribune have called.  And that Constance had 
          called.  She has finally gotten Allison to sleep.  Elliot 
          tells Eli about Stuyvesant trail and the cave.  Eli is 
          familiar with the cave.  

Scene 7:  In the apartment, Norman is lounging and Rita is sewing by 
          hand.  Norman wonders aloud what has happened to Rodney.  
          Norman looks out the window and sees Chris crossing the 
          street.  Chris almost gets hit by a car.  Norman tells Chris 
          that Chris conned Norman, that he didn't have an appointment 
          with Rossi, he just wanted a ride to the beach.  Chris tells 
          Norman that Ann Howard is dead.  

          Elliot calls and Chris asks if it is Mr. Carson.  Carson 
          takes Chris back to the car to take him home.  They drive 

Scene 8:  Peyton is in his easy chair in his upstairs bedroom.  He 
          calls to Hannah.  Getting no answer, he pounds his canes on 
          the floor.  With still no answer he gets up and goes down the 
          stairs.  He looks around for her and hears a call from 
          Thomas.  Thomas walks up and says, "Mr. Peyton, were you 
          calling, sir?"  Thomas has heard Peyton calling for Hannah.  
          He answers a few questions.  Thomas asks, "Is there something 

Preview:  Clarion headline.  Peyton interrogates Hannah.  Steven talks 
          with Betty.  Lee talks to Rossi and gets slugged for his 

                        GIRL PLUNGES TO DEATH OFF BLUFF

          MP:  When you left the house in the afternoon, where did you 
               go?  Where?

          SC:  Martin Peyton and my mother.  I'll make them pay.  I'll 
               make them pay. 
          BA:  Steven.

          LW:  You couldn't give that chick anything to live for.  You 
               blew the purse on that, doctor.  You were backing a 

Thomas, the chauffeur-James Doohan [Star Trek].
Rossi slugs Lee Webber.
White Water Sun.  [not White River Sun].
Hastings Tribune.