Episode 256.

          Steven searches for answers concerning his heritage.
WA:       It has been a matter of hours since Michael Rossi learned of 
          the violent death of Ann Howard.  And for the first time he 
          is alone.  Alone with the nightmare of his loss.  Alone with 
          the hunger for retribution.  Now to feed that hunger, he has 
          gone to pay a call on the one person who hated Ann. 

Intro:    Rossi drives over to the Webber house.  He gets out of the 
          car and knocks. 

Scene 1:  Sandy opens the door.  Dr. Rossi insists on seeing Lee.  He 
          asks Lee where he was in the afternoon.  Sandy intrudes.  Lee 
          is sorry for what happened to Ann.  But he is also sorry for 
          what Ann did to Chris.  Rossi accuses Lee of trying to kill 
          Chris.  He also accuses Lee of killing Ann.  Rossi tells Lee 
          that the police picked up Chris walking on the beach.  Rossi 
          slugs Lee.  

          Elliot arrives with Chris.  Lee tells Elliot to get Rossi out 
          of there.  Lee asks Chris what he was doing on the beach.  
          Elliot tells Lee to get Chris out of those wet clothes. 

Scene 2:  Rodney shows up at the mansion and asks Steven if anyone had 
          called him.  Steven says, "About what?"  Rodney tells Steven 
          and Betty that Ann Howard fell off the bluff.  Betty wants to 
          get Steven a drink.  Steven declines.  He asks if Ann fell.  
          Allison found her at the base of the bluff.  Chris Webber was 
          found walking on the beach.  Allison was searching for Chris 
          on the beach.  Rodney says he wants to go home.  Steven asks 
          why Chris was walking on the beach.  

          Rodney tells Steven that he had seen Ann Howard earlier in 
          the day.  Ann had come to the mansion to talk with Hannah.  
          Steven talks about Hannah and Ann, mother and daughter 
          meeting after 28 years.  Rodney says that they should talk 
          the next day.  Rodney says he wants him to know that he is 
          deeply sorry.  Rodney leaves.  
          Steven says that things would have been different if they had 
          grown up together.  Steven tells Betty that he will make 
          Martin and Hannah pay. 

Scene 3:  Chris and Lee talk at the Webber house.  Chris says that Ann 
          was a very nice human being.  Chris asks Lee how he reacted 
          when he found out that Ann was dead.  Sandy joins them.  
          Chris mentions the night that Lee almost kicked in Ann's 
          door.  Chris mentions that Allison found Ann's body.  

Scene 4:  At the apartment, Rita offers Rodney some coffee and ice-box 
          cookies.  Rodney talks with Norman and Rita.  They talk 
          about Ann, Lee, Peyton, and Mrs. Cord.  Rodney says that Ann 
          ran from the mansion.  Rodney says there is something missing 
          about the story of Ann and Steven. 

Scene 5:  At the mansion, Hannah is sitting in an easy chair reading 
          the Clarion newspaper as Peyton walks up and begins 
          interrogating her.  Hannah tells Peyton that Rodney doesn't 
          respect him any more.  Peyton says he heard Hannah leave.  He 
          asks where she went and what she said to Ann Colby.  Hannah 
          doesn't want to talk about it.  Peyton asks why she is so 
          upset.  Peyton asks Hannah how she explained her failure as a 
          mother.  Hannah says she told Ann that she hated Brian Colby.  
          That he had taught art in a girls's school and that Colby had 
          an affair with Catherine.  Peyton says that now Colby will go 
          to Steven and fit the last missing piece in the puzzle.  
          Peyton looks at the Clarion headline and calls to Hannah: 


          Peyton asks if she told him the whole story.  Hannah says that 
          she went for a walk.  Peyton says that he doesn't believe her.
          Hannah says that she had nothing to do with Ann's death.

          Hannah leaves.  Peyton picks up the phone and tells chauffeur 
          Thomas to bring the car around to the front door at once.  

Preview:  Chris talks to Sandy.  Rodney talks with Martin.  Steven talks 
          to Hannah. 

          CW:  I'm not the police and I'm not Dr. Rossi.  I'm Lee's 
               brother and I want to know the truth. 

          RH:  I really wish I could hurt you.  It's about time 
               somebody did. 
          MP:  What makes you so certain no one ever has? 

          SC:  I swear to you.  if you had any part in causing Ann's 
               death, may heaven help you, you'll pay for it.