Episode 257.
          Martin Peyton visits Norman and Rita's apartment.
WA:       The sudden and tragic death of Ann Howard has been felt 
          throughout Peyton Place, and has begun to affect the lives of 
          all who knew her.  The after shock has been strongly felt in 
          the home of Martin Peyton.  His grandson, Rodney Harrington, 
          has left his house in anger.  And he must manipulate Rodney 
          to learn the truth about Ann's death.  The police have begun 
          a full scale investigation.  Many are to be questioned.  Some 
          will have answers, some will not.  Ann Howard's death has 
          sharply changed the lives of many people in Peyton Place and 
          it will continue to do so. 

Intro:    Sailors' Bluff.  The black Rolls Royce limousine leaves the 
          mansion.  Police Sgt. Edward Goddard drives a black and white 
          police car to the Cider Barrel Cafe to question Lee. 

Scene 1:  At the Cider Barrel, police Sgt. Edward Goddard introduces 
          himself to Sandy and asks where Lee is.  Sandy takes him to 
          the back where Lee and Chris are sitting.  After the police 
          leave, Chris asks Sandy where Lee really was.  Chris gets up 
          and leaves. 

Scene 2:  Chauffeur Thomas drives Mr. Peyton past the fire station and 
          parks in front of the Pharmacy.  In the apartment, Rodney is 
          sleeping as Norman drops a glass and startled him.  Peyton 
          shows up at the door and asks if he may come in.  Martin asks 
          Rodney why he left the mansion.  Rodney and Martin argue.  
          Rodney tells Martin that he left because of Martin's 
          hypocracy.  Rodney mentions Ann Howard.  Martin tells Norman 
          that he would like to talk with Rodney privately.  Norman 
          suggests that they use the bedroom.  Peyton tells Rodney that 
          he was deeply hurt.  Rodney tells Peyton that he wishes he 
          could really hurt him.  Peyton says that a thick skin is not 
          a congenital condition. 

Scene 3:  Police car on the square.  Inside the courthouse Eli calls to 
          Dr. Rossi.  They talk about Allison.  Eli says he is supposed 
          to be at the Clarion taking phone calls.  

Scene 4:  Rossi walks up and talks with Allison, Elliot, and Constance. 

Scene 5:  Hannah is arranging flowers as Steven comes in.  Hannah says 
          that she is sorry it happened.  She says Ann was a stranger 
          to her.  Steven threatens Hannah.  Steven says, "May heaven 
          help you, you'll pay for it." 

Preview:  Rossi talks with Elliot.  Peyton talks to Rodney.  Fowler 
          talks with Elliot. 

          MR:  This is wrong Elliot.  You know it.  Ann was murdered. 
          EC:  I'll talk to Fowler and find out what's going on.  As 
               soon as I do, I'll call you at the office.  Trust me, 

          MP:  I couldn't fire Mrs. Cord, even if I wanted to, Rodney.  
               It's too late.

          JF:  Were talking about someone who may have been responsible 
               for your sister's death. 
          SC:  I'm afraid you're going to have to try and hang Lee 
               Webber without my vote.