Episode 258.

          John Fowler investigates Ann Howard's death.
WA:       The tragic death of Ann Howard has overwhelmed the town of 
          Peyton Place and triggered a chain reaction.  Elliot Carson, 
          editor of the Clarion, and a friend of Ann's, must report the 
          step-by-step details of the official investigation.  And John 
          Fowler, Peyton County District Attorney, a man who Elliot 
          Carson once asked to resign, must supervise the official 
          investigation.  For Michael Rossi, the truth surrounding Ann 
          Howard's death must be known, at all costs. 

Intro:    Cannon.  Clarion. 

Scene 1:  Elliot tells Rossi that he doesn't have to wait there.  
          Fowler walks up.  Rossi wants the results of the coroner's 
          report.  Fowler says that the report doesn't become public 
          until the case is closed.  An officer shows up with the 
          report.  Elliot says, "Mike, why put yourself through this?"  
          Cause of death, undetermined.  Rossi says that Ann was 

Scene 2:  Rodney comes to the mansion to pick up his things.  Rodney 
          asks his grandfather if he can get something for him.  Peyton 
          says that he will miss Betty.  Peyton says that he hoped that 
          Rodney and Betty might get back together.  Peyton says that 
          he taught her how to play chess.  It doesn't take long for 
          luxuries to become necessities. 

Scene 3:  In Fowler's office, Elliot returns the coroner's report to 
          John Fowler.  Elliot says that after Fowler's last fiasco in 
          this town, Fowler should be more careful.  Fowler mentions 
          that he was re-elected.  Elliot tells Fowler that from the 
          first moment Ann came to town, Lee has harassed Ann Howard.  

Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi talks with Rita Jacks Harrington. 

Scene 5:  John Fowler talks with Allison.  Allison tells him that she 
          saw Lee Webber's motorcycle near the beach.  She says that 
          Lee threw away a bottle.  

Preview:  Hannah talks to Peyton.  Allison talks to Chris and Lee.  
          Steven talks to Betty. 

          HC:  I'll convince him.  I'll make him believe me.  I'll never 
               lose Steven.

          AM:  You can't stop covering up for him.  You're only hurting 
          LW:  You know you have pretty good taste in finks little 

          SC:  I can't stop thinking about it.  And I won't.  Not until I 
               force my mother to tell me the truth.