Episode 259.

          Lee Webber is jailed for investigation in the murder of Ann 
WA:       To Rodney Harrington, the death of Ann Howard has meant a 
          deep and lasting grief.  And a growing concern about its 
          effect on Allison Mackenzie. 

Intro:    Square.  Fire Station.  Rodney rides up on his motorcycle. 

Scene 1:  Rodney goes in the Book Gallery looking for Allison.  
          Constance tells Rodney that Allison said that they are going 
          to arrest Lee Webber.  She says that Fowler has been 
          questioning her all morning. 

Scene 2:  Rodney goes in the Pharmacy to talk with Rita.  Rodney asks 
          if Rita has seen Allison.  Rita says that Allison left a 
          little while ago.  Rita says that Allison didn't say where 
          she was going.  Rodney agrees to have some coffee. 

Scene 3:  Allison comes in the Cider Barrel and goes over to talk with 
          Chris.  Allison says it is too late to protect someone.  Lee 
          walks up.  Police Officer Sgt. William Wilson Walker comes in 
          and places Lee Webber under arrest. 

Scene 4:  Outside, the police tell Lee to lean on the car and stretch 
          his arms.  Lee sarcastically thanks Allison for making this 
          all possible.  Rodney rides up on his motorcycle, tells 
          Allison to get on, and takes her home. 

Scene 5:  At the Webber house, Chris tells Sandy sarcastically that he 
          brought sunshine and joy to the town when he arrived.  Chris 
          tells Sandy that Lee should really have an attorney.   

Scene 6:  Lee is being booked.  Police Sgt. Edward Goddard asks Lee if 
          he has ever been arrested.  Lee tells Goddard that he was 
          booked once as a juvenile.  Goddard discusses the fact that 
          Lee is carrying a lot of money.  Lee says he has a right to 
          make one telephone call to an attorney.  Goddard gives him a 
          receipt for his stuff.  Goddard tells police Sgt. William 
          Wilson Walker to lock him up when he is finished with his 
          phone call.  Lee asks Sandy to find out what Allison 
          Mackenzie told the police.  Lee tells Sandy to be sure and 
          tell the police that he was with her when Ann fell.  Sgt. 
          William Wilson Walker takes Webber to his cell.  

Scene 7:  Allison and Rodney examine the bird feeder that Rodney helped 
          her install in episode 32.  Carolyn Russell filled the same 
          bird feeder in episode 504.  The Mackenzie-Carson house had 
          been rented to Marsha and Carolyn Russell. A boy had made the 
          feeder for Allison in school shop.  Rodney and Allison go in 
          the house.  Allison lies down. 

Scene 8:  Steven talks to Betty.  He is still angry at Hannah and 
          Martin Peyton.  Steven feels that Hannah drove Ann to 

Scene 9:  In the Peyton mansion, Hannah and Martin are talking.  Peyton 
          says that he would like to have known Ann.  Peyton says that 
          she was the victim of circumstances. 

Scene 10: Allison goes to see Chris, at the Webber House, but he has 
          gone for cigarettes.  Sandy says it must have been an awful 
          experience finding Ann.  Sandy said that she was always in 
          Rodney's corner when Rodney was in jail.  Allison says that 
          Sandy is lying.  Sandy says that Allison is lying.  Allison 

Preview:  Chris talks to Allison.  Lee asks Steven to defend him.  

          CW:  I've got you figured out, Allison.  You don't have any 
               feelings.  Shall I tell you why?  You can't.  You're 
               incapable of loving anyone. 
          LW:  I want you to defend me.  I need someone who'll put up a 
               real fight for me.  I need a chance, a real chance to 
               prove that I'm innocent.