Episode 260.

          Lee Webber goes to court.  Rodney proposes to Allison.
WA:       Chris Webber has just seen his brother Lee, arrested in 
          connection with the death of Ann Howard.  Chris is convinced 
          that the arrest, indeed, the entire case against his brother, 
          was triggered by Allison Mackenzie.  Allison came to the 
          Webber house, thinking she would be able to talk to Chris, to 
          apologize to him.  But now, seeing him, she can't. 

Intro:    Chris walking on the wharf toward his house. 

Scene 1:  Allison is about to leave the Webber house as Chris arrives 
          home.  Chris senses Allison but thinks it is Sandy.  Sandy 
          opens the front door.  Allison says that she is just leaving. 
          Chris tells Allison that she broke her promise to him.  That 
          she admitted that Chris knows that Ann did not push him off 
          the bluff 18 years ago.  Chris orders Sandy to make him some 
          coffee.  Chris emphasizes to Allison that he told her Ann was 
          innocent in confidence.  Allison says that there are some 
          things more important than promises.  Chris tells her that he 
          has never loved anyone before.  Allison says that she is 
          sorry. Chris says for leading him on.  He says that he 
          thought she preferred him to the rich, handsome, Rodney 
          Harrington.  He says that Allison is incapable of loving 
          anyone.  That she is incapable of feeling. 

Scene 2:  In the hospital lab, Dr. Rossi is looking through a binocular 
          microscope as Elliot Carson enters.  Rossi thanks Elliot for 
          coming to the police station.  And asks Elliot to thank 
          Constance too.  Elliot tells Rossi that Lee Webber has been 
          booked on suspicion in the death of Ann Howard.  Allison said 
          she saw Chris driving on the beach road on his motorcycle.  
          And that she saw Lee throw away a whiskey bottle.  Rossi asks 
          why Allison didn't mention the whiskey bottle during the 
          first interrogation. 

Scene 3:  In the courtroom, Lee Webber asks the bailiff for permission 
          to speak with Sandy.  Sandy tells Lee that Allison saw Lee on 
          the bluff.  Irwin A. Chester is presiding.  Judge Chester 
          recommends W.J. Bill Anderson of the firm Anderson and Evans 
          as Lee's attorney.  Lee asks Judge Chester if he can speak to 
          Steven about representing him.  Lee asks to talk with Steven 
          Cord.  Lee wants Steven Cord to represent him. He wants someone 
          who will fight for him like Steven did for Rodney Harrington.  
          Steven says that he is not interested.  Lee says that there is 
          no evidence against him.  Lee says that Ann Howard went from 
          Peyton Place to a mental home.  Lee asks what makes Steven so 
          sure that Ann didn't kill herself.  Judge Chester announces 
          that court will resume.  The hearing is set for Thursday the 
          23rd at 1:00 p.m. 

Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi climbs the steps to the boarding house.  Mrs. Hewitt 
          is vacuuming a carpet as Dr. Rossi comes in.  She says that she 
          wants to give Rossi the key to Ann's apartment.  Rossi talks 
          with Mrs. Hewitt about Ann's things that are still in her 
          apartment.  She gives Dr. Rossi the key to Ann's apartment. 

Scene 5:  Norman and Rita meet up with Dr. Rossi on the wharf.  They 
          invite him to dinner.  Norman is there to select lobsters for 
          dinner that night.  Rossi says that he has to get started on 
          his research project again.  Norman tells Rita that Rossi is 
          cool as a cucumber.  Norman says that he heard that Rossi was 
          planning to marry Ann Howard. 

Scene 6:  Steven Cord talks with Betty about Lee Webber and the murder charge.  
          Steven speaks of the gaul of Lee Webber.  Steven tells Betty that 
          the court appointed Bill Anderson.  Steven says that he is not 
          sure that Lee is guilty, but that Lee would lie to his grandmother 
          on her death bed.  However Steven is thinking about representing 
          Lee.  Ann was a strong person but she had an Achilles' heel, a fear 
          of the past.  She had spent time in a mental institution because of 
          her obsession with the bluff.  Steven says, "You can heal the wound, but 
          you can't take back the experience."  Steven tries to convince 
          Betty that it is possible that Ann may have committed suicide.  
          Betty allows that Ann Howard and Mike Rossi had been planning to get 
          married.  Steven replies that they weren't married yet.  And that 
          Ann's first marriage was a complete disaster.  Steven says, "In the 
          law books, we would be listed as Siblings, not in fact, but in blood." 

Preview:  Rodney propositions Allison.  Leslie talks with Steven.  

          RH:  Let's get married.
          AM:  Now?  You mean right now?
          RH:  Oh, I love you.

          LH:  Even if the old man's conniving has robbed you of a father, 
               your sister's dead.  So you let him go on scheming and lying.  
               You won't even lift a finger in defense of your own mother. 
          SC:  What do you want, Mr. Harrington.
          LH:  Steven, I saw your mother less than an hour ago.  She's a very 
               frightened woman. 

Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer [appeared in Andy Griffith Show.]
W.J. Bill Anderson, Attorney-mentioned.
Mrs. Hewitt-Maxine Stuart.