Episode 261.

          Rodney proposes to Allison.  The mansion has an uninvited 

WA:       Rodney Harrington has known Allison Mackenzie, and loved 
          her, and turned away from her.  Now having observed her 
          reaction to the death of Ann Howard, Rodney feels he must 
          turn to her again, to comfort her, to help her. 

MEL:      Rodney proposes to Allison.  Allison had proposed to Rodney 
          in episode 220 and again in episode 228. 

Intro:    The square.  Rodney drives up in front of the Carson home and 
          goes to the front door and looks at the bird feeder that he 
          helped her put up in episode 32.  This is the same bird 
          feeder that Carolyn Russell refilled in episode 504.  

Scene 1:  Rodney knocks, even though the Carsons have chimes.  
          Constance comes to the door and lets Rodney in.  She tells 
          him she's glad he came.  He asks Constance how Allison is.  
          She says that she doesn't know.  Constance tells him that 
          Allison is upstairs and that she has been crying.  

          He goes upstairs and calls, "Princess."  He asks Allison if 
          he can come in her room.  She says, "If you want to."  
          Allison has a lit candle and is apparently having a seance.  
          She asks Rodney to close the door.  She talks to Rodney about 
          the baby that Constance is going to have.  Allison says she 
          believes that it will be a girl.  Rodney asks Allison to talk 
          to him.  Allison has picked out the name Audrey.  Rodney says 
          that he wants to call their first girl "Allison."  Rodney 
          says, "Let's get married."  Allison says, "Now?  You mean 
          right now?"  Allison says that he feels sorry for her that he 
          doesn't really love her.  Rodney says that he loves her.  
          Allison says that she feels sorry for him, too.  Rodney 
          leaves.  Allison continues her seance.  She blows out the 

Scene 2:  In the Carson kitchen, Elliot asks Constance if she talked 
          with Allison after Rodney left.  Elliot pours a cup of coffee 
          and sits down at the breakfast table with Constance.  He 
          mentions a Linotype® machine.  They decide to consult Dr. 
          Rossi.  Constance tells Elliot that she loves him. 

Scene 3:  Elliot goes upstairs, knocks very lightly, and goes in 
          Allison's bedroom.  Allison is gone.  [She eventually 
          disappears, but this isn't the time.] 

Scene 4:  The door chimes ring at the mansion and Hannah admits Leslie 
          Harrington.  Hannah tells Harrington that Peyton is at 
          breakfast.  Peyton greets Leslie with a fake warmness.  [The 
          wealthy are very good at this].  Leslie has come to get 
          approval for a purchase.  The new deal that Peyton made with 
          Leslie involves Peyton having approval over all purchases, 
          including light bulbs.  Leslie wanted to offer Hannah his 
          deepest sympathies and condolences at the loss of her 
          daughter, Ann.  Leslie mentions that it is now an open secret 
          that Hannah is Ann (Cord) Colby's mother.  Leslie says that 
          you never get over losing a child.  Hannah serves Leslie a 
          cup of coffee.  Leslie says the coffee is excellent.  Leslie 
          mentions that Hannah was looking for Ann when they ran into 
          each other on the wharf.   Leslie says it must be difficult 
          finding and losing a daughter at almost the same time.  He 
          mentions that he never made the connection of the initials on 
          Catherine's portrait, BC, Brian Cord. 

Scene 5:  In the law office, Leslie and Steven talk.  Leslie says that 
          Hannah is just as much a victim of Peyton as Steven is.  
          Steven tells miss Nolan he will get back to Leslie later.  
          Steven hangs up.  Steven is buzzed.  Lee Webber is on the 
          phone.  He calls miss Nolan back and says he will go over to 
          the jail this afternoon, to see Lee Webber, at 2:00.  

Scene 6:  Norman is working in the General Store as Elliot comes in to 
          talk with Eli.  Eli says that Allison is alright.  She just 
          wants to be alone by herself.  They shout at each other.  
          Elliot says she was down [in the dumps] last night.  Norman 
          suggests they try by the old sea wall.  Elliot observes to 
          Norman, that he met Allison two years ago, and that Norman 
          has known her all her life.  Norman says he thinks Allison is 
          in trouble.  Elliot says, "So do I." 

Preview:  Allison talks to Constance and Rossi.  Elliot talks to 
          Rodney.  Steven talks to Lee Webber. 

          AM:  What's the matter with me.  Am I losing my mind?
               It's very strange here.

          EC:  It's one thing to say you love her and it's another to 
               prove it.  I think you know what you should have to do.  
               I know what I have to do. 

          SC:  Suppose I tell you, that I'm buying what you say.  
               Suppose I say I trust you in this.  What makes you think 
               you can trust me? 

Linotype® machine.