Episode 262.

          Allison is hospitalized. 

WA:       Elliot Carson's daughter, Allison, disappeared from the 
          family home a few hours ago.  Her bed, not slept in.  To 
          Elliot, one man may have the answer.  A young man who has 
          been part of Allison's life for the past two years, Rodney 
Intro:    Elliot Carson drives up and parks in front of Sparhawk 

Scene 1:  Elliot goes in the garage to talk with Rodney.  Rodney 
          suggests that Allison used to go down by the sea wall.  But 
          she doesn't anymore since the hit-and-run accident.  Elliot 
          says that after Rodney left the previous night that Allison 
          cried her eyes out.  

Scene 2:  Elliot goes in and talks with Dr. Rossi.  Rossi says that 
          when Allison found Ann's body it affected her very much.  
          Elliot asks Rossi when he had anything but coffee.  He tells 
          Rossi that he needs some rest.  Many people in town are 
          depending on him. 

Scene 3:  A policeman, jailer, ushers Lee Webber into the lawyer's 
          conference room.  Lee implores Steven to represent him.  
          Steven asks if this is the new, honest, Lee Webber.  Lee 
          admits that he pushed Chris 17 years ago because he was 
          jealous of Chris.  And for 17 years has blamed Ann Howard.  
          He hated Ann because she kept trying to find out the truth.  
          He lost the only person in the world he cared for.  Lee says 
          he wants Steven to trust him and to defend him.  Lee asserts 
          that he didn't kill Ann Howard.  He tells Steven that he 
          forced Sandy to give him an alibi. 

Scene 4:  Dr. Rossi is in the beach house, drinking.  He picks up a 
          piece of broken glass from the fireplace.  He goes over to 
          hang up his tie and happens to look out the window and sees 
          Allison standing at the bluff.  Rossi goes out and shouts to 
          her.  He brings her in the cottage and asks her what she was 
          doing.  She says that she was thinking.  She wanted to be by 
          herself.  Rossi tells her that she is acting irresponsibly.  
          She almost collapses and he leads her to the sofa.  He says 
          he will call Constance.  

Scene 5:  Rossi drives Allison back to town, parks in front of the Real 
          Estate office, and walks around the back of his car and opens 
          the door for her.  They go in to see Constance in the Book 
          Gallery.  Allison goes upstairs to rest on a couch.  Elliot 
          comes in and is told by Constance that Allison is upstairs.  
          Rossi called Dr. Quist at Boston Memorial.  Rossi says he 
          wants to take Allison to the hospital for the night.  
          Constance tells Allison and the three go to the hospital. 

Scene 6:  Eli goes back in the General Store.  Norman asks how Allison 
          is and Eli tells Norman that he isn't being paid to ask 
          questions.  Norman says he went around for years like Allison 
          is now. 

Scene 7:  Dr. Rossi and Constance help Allison get in bed.  Rossi tells 
          her that he wants her to get a lot of rest.  She asks Dr. 
          Rossi what is wrong with her.  Rossi and Constance leave.  
          Allison grabs her clothes and exits, unseen.  [Shades of Gus 

Preview:  Dr. Rossi talks to Steven Cord.  Lee rides up on his 
          motorcycle and talks to Allison. 

          MR:  The dedicated young lawyer ready to defend the 
               principles of the underdog.  Only this underdog happens 
               to be the man that killed your sister. 
          LW:  It's kind of late to be out by yourself.  Find yourself 
               someplace to hide little girl, because I'm out. 

MEL:      Allison was hospitalized in episode 134 after being hit by 
          Marian Fowler.  A hit-and-run. 

Dr. Quist, Boston Memorial psychiatrist, only mentioned.