Episode 263.

          Lee Webber is freed on bail. 

WA:       Steven Cord is on a painful mission.  He must examine the 
          effects of his sister, the late Ann Howard. 
          [Rossi's horn goes beep, beep] 

          Dr. Michael Rossi, who had planned to marry Ann has been 
          avoiding just such an examination for some time.  Today he 
          found he could no longer put it off. 

MEL:      Lee is later re-jailed for talking with Allison. 

Intro:    On the wharf by the boarding house, Steven drives up and gets 
          out of his convertible.  Rossi drives up, honks, and gets out 
          of his car. 

Scene 1:  Steven and Dr. Rossi talk about Ann Howard.  Steven says that 
          there might be some things of Ann's that Rossi would want to 
          take.  Rossi says that he won't need anything to remind him of 
          her.  Steven says that Ann was disturbed.  Rossi says she was 
          fine.  They argue about Steven's decision to defend Lee Webber. 

Scene 2:  Steven Cord goes to the jail to bail out Lee Webber.  Steven 
          tells Lee how to act after being let out.  Police Sgt. William 
          Wilson Walker is at the desk.  Lee starts to leave without 
          signing for his belongings. 

Scene 3:  Miss Esther Choate goes in to visit Allison.  Allison asks for 
          her bracelet back.  Miss Choate snaps it on Allison's left arm 
          next her hospital ID bracelet.  Allison asks miss Choate her 
          name.  Choate leaves.  Allison reads the inscription on the 

                    JE VEILLE SUR CEUX QUE J'AIME.  

                       I watch over those I love.

          Allison collects her clothes and leaves the hospital.  

Scene 4:  Steven and Betty argue in the car about Steven's motives in 
          taking Lee Webber's case.  Betty thinks he is doing it to 
          punish Hannah.  Steven tells Betty that all he asks is for 
          her to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Steven walks around 
          to the other side of the car and opens the door for Betty.  
          Allison is walking on the square near the courthouse.  Betty 
          and Steven see her.  Allison walks over to the bandstand 
          and hallucinates.  

Scene 5:  Lee Webber goes to the Shoreline Garage to get gasoline for 
          his motorcycle.  He calls Rodney "Golden Boy and Playboy."  
          Lee tells Rodney that Steven got him out of jail.  Rodney doen't 
          believe him and starts to call Steven.  Lee and Rodney begin 
          to argue.  Rodney tells Lee to go away and not come back. 

Scene 6:  Allison walks to the wharf.  She is accosted by Lee Webber 
          who rides up on his motorcycle.  Lee tells Allison not to 
          count on Rodney.  He tells her to get some sense and find 
          somewhere to hide.  Lee warns that he is out and there is a 
          lot of darkness out there.  [Lee is later jailed for speaking
          to her.]

Scene 7:  Allison walks along the wharf and peeks in the Shoreline 
          Garage.  She sees Rodney and then is seen walking down the 
          road north of the Shoreline Garage as this episode ends.  
          [This is the last that is ever seen of Allison.] 

Preview:  Elliot talks with John Fowler.  Rodney talks with Steven and 
          Betty.  Nurse Esther Choate telephones Dr. Rossi. 

          EC:  Allison is your only witness.  It was her testimony that 
               had him thrown in jail.  How could you let him out on bail?  
          JF:  I have nothing to say about bail.  You know that.
          EC:  You can't let Allison wander around the streets unprotected.

          RH:  I heard you got Lee Webber out on bail this afternoon.
          SC:  Now just a minute, Rod.
          RH:  Where is he?
          SC:  I don't know.

          NC:  Get me Dr. Rossi at home, it's an emergency.  Very, very 
               urgent.  Hurry.