Episode 264.
          The search for Allison commences. 

WA:       Doctors Hospital.  A routine Night.  A few patients have been 
          admitted.  And among those admitted, Allison Mackenzie.  
          Reason for admittance:  Severe emotional withdrawal.  
          Comments:  Check patient every two hours.  But tonight, every 
          two hours isn't enough.  Allison Mackenzie is gone.  The 
          discovery was made by miss Choate.  And there are desperate 
          efforts to inform Dr. Rossi. 

Intro:    The waiting room of Doctors Hospital.  

Scene 1:  Miss Choate calls Dr. Rossi and tells him about Allison's 
          disappearance.  Rossi is tired and sleepy. 

Scene 2:  Constance talks to Elliot about Allison making out a will 
          after one of her teachers died.  Allison willed her ballet 
          shoes to one of her teachers, Mrs. Gregson.  Dr. Rossi calls 
          Constance and tells her that Allison left the hospital.  
          Constance hands the phone to Elliot.  

Scene 3:  Elliot comes in the reception area and goes to the 
          Indormation desk.  He talks with miss Choate.  Miss Choate 
          tells Elliot that Allison left between the two hour checks. 

Scene 4:  Lee goes home and talks with Chris.  He tells Chris that he 
          confessed to Steven about pushing Chris 17 years ago.  Lee 
          asks Sandy if she has anything to drink.  Sandy says no.  Lee 
          suggests that they go to Ada's to drink. 

Scene 5:  Dr. Rossi calls Rodney and asks if he has seen Allison.  
          Rossi asks Rodney to call him if he finds Allison.  

Scene 6:  Betty complains to Steven.  She asks Steven why he is 
          defending Lee Webber.  Betty asks if Steven is really going 
          to try to get Lee Webber off.  They go outside.  Rodney 
          drives up in front of the Inn and asks Steven why is is 
          defending Lee Webber.  Rodney tells Steven that Lee is 
          capable of violence. 

Scene 7:  Chris, Sandy, and Lee go in Ada Jacks' Tavern.  Lee tries to 
          aggravate Norman who is sitting inside with Rita.  Lee toasts 
          the Webbers.  Steven comes in and talks with Lee Webber.  
          Steven tells Lee that Allison was admitted to the hospital 
          but has now disappeared.  Steven leaves and Lee sits down. 

Scene 8:  John Fowler is directing a search for Allison and receives a 
          phone call from "Red."  Fowler is told that the police had a 
          lead but it didn't pan out.  Fowler is buzzed.  Rodney is 
          sent in and tells Fowler that Lee Webber needs to picked up.  
          Fowler tells Rodney that the reason Lee Webber was granted 
          bail was baecause of the precident set when Rodney was 
          granted bail.  Rodney says that Lee is dangerous.  John 
          Fowler tells Elliot and Rodney to go home. 
Scene 9:  Outside Elliot gets in his car and drives off.  A police 
          bulletin is heard over the police car radio. 
              1208  Repeat, reported a missing person:  Allison 
              Mackenzie, female, caucasian, 19 years old, 5 feet 
              2-1/2 inches, 103 pounds, blond hair, blue eyes, 
              slight build, fair complexion, no distinguishing 
              physical marks.  Believed to be wearing a tan sweater 
              and blue skirt.  Last seen this date Doctors Hospital. 

Preview:  Lee Webber talks with Steven Cord.  Betty talks to Dr. Rossi.  

          LW:  Are you trying to tell me that he can put me back in 
          SC:  Look Lee, I took your case, and I'm on it.  But if you 
               want me to stay on it, you're going to start doing 
               everything I tell you to do, when I tell you.
          BA:  Steven told me you were upset that he accepted the case.  
          MR:  There's always something more than meets the eye in 
               Peyton Place. 
          BA:  I trust Steven.
          MR:  Do you?

Mrs. Gregson-only mentioned.

In scene 8, a street map of Peyton Place is seen.