Episode 265.

          D.A. John Fowler gets another bail hearing for Lee Webber.

WA:       Seaberry Lane in Peyton Place.  The home of Allison 
          Mackenzie.  The house that holds difficult memories for 
          Rodney Harrington.  When Rodney first learned that earlier 
          this evening, Allison had vanished from her room at Doctors 
          Hospital, he found it difficult to face his own part in her 
          disappearance.  Now, Rodney realizes he has no choice.  He 
          owes the Carsons the full truth about his final meeting with 
          their daughter. 

MEL:      Bail is revoked and Lee Webber is re-jailed. 

Intro:    Rodney drives up in front of the Carson house and goes to the 

Scene 1:  Elliot lets Rodney in and Constance begins to talk with 
          Rodney.  Rodney tells her that he had proposed to Allison.  
          Constance tells Rodney not to blame himself for Allison's 
          disappearance.  Elliot asks if there was any particular 
          reason he asked Allison to marry him at this time.  Rodney 
          says he was the one who wanted to put it off.  She said that 
          he felt sorry for her and that's why she turned him down.  
          Rodney tells them that the police are looking for her.  
          Elliot says he isn't blaming anyone but himself. 

Scene 2:  Rodney drives over and parks in front of the Pharmacy.  He 
          goes up the stairs to the apartment to see Norman and Rita.  
          Rita tells Rodney that she heard on the radio that Allison 
          was missing from the hospital.  Rodney mentions that Allison 
          is 19.  Rodney and Norman get in their cars and leave.  Eli 
          walks over and talks with Rita.  She invites him up for 

Scene 3:  The door chimes ring at the Carson house and Elliot invites 
          Dr. Rossi in.  They talk about the disappearance of Allison.  
          Elliot mentions the inscription on the bracelet, 

                     JE VEILLE SUR CEUX QUE J'AIME.   

                       I Watch over those I love.

          Rossi goes upstairs and talks with Constance.
Scene 4:  Steven and Lee go to talk with John Fowler.  Steven tells Lee 
          to keep quiet.  Steven admits that Lee spoke with Allison.  
          Steven says there is no reason for his client to make a 
          statement.  Lee wants to talk and claim he did nothing wrong.  
          Lee said that when he got home he tore the motor on his bike 
          down and reassembled it.  He took it on the old Beach road to 
          test it. Fowler says he will ask for a bail hearing right 
          now.  Lee asks Steven which side he is on.  Steven tells Lee 
          to keep his mouth shut and try to look intelligent.  John 
          returns and says that the judge will see them now. 
Scene 5:  Dr. Rossi catches up with Betty in the jail booking area.  He 
          was on his way to see John Fowler.  Rossi asks Betty if 
          Steven believes that Lee is really innocent.  Rossi asks 
          Betty to call him if she hears anything about Allison.  

          Steven comes in and says that the judge has revoked Lee's 
          bail and he is back in jail.  Rossi tries to give Steven some 
          advice and Steven refuses it.  Steven says that Lee is 
          entitled to the best defense he can get. 

Preview:  Chris talks with Sandy.  Elliot talks with John Fowler.  
          Martin talks to Hannah. 

          CW:  The game is over Sandy.  Tell me the truth.  
          SW:  I don't want to talk about it.  
          CW:  What do you want me to do, push you around, treat you 
               like he did?  Is that the only thing you understand? 

          EC:  I'm not interested in his statement.  I've got to face 
          JF:  You can read his statement, Elliot, and that's all. 

          MP:  The full stint of that rocky road of connection is your 
               visit to the wharf the day Ann died. 

Sea Gulls and Sand Crows.
Bracelet, scene 3.