Episode 266.
          Constance asks Elliot to search for Allison in New York City. 

WA:       Rodney Harrington has ended his night-long search for Allison 
          Mackenzie.  Like a man lost in the desert, he has wandered in 
          every conceivable direction until he was unable to distinguish 
          one place from another.  And now he must return to the Peyton 
          house.  A house he can no longer call home, carrying with him 
          the feeling that he has somehow caused Allison's flight.  But 
          there are others in this house who know the sting of guilt and 

Intro:    Rodney drives up, gets out of his convertible, and goes in the 
          front door of the mansion.  

Scene 1:  In the house, Rodney finds Martin Peyton asleep in the living 
          room.  Rodney speaks and wakens Peyton.  The old man asks him 
          where he looked and why Allison ran away.  Peyton suggests that 
          Rodney may be blaming himself.  He tells Rodney that he is not 
          at fault.  Rodney says that he loved Allison.  Peyton says that 
          that was not enough.  Peyton mentions that Leslie insists that 
          the murder of Elizabeth Hanley Carson was committed by 
          Catherine.  Peyton says that he is an old man and that he feels 
          that Allison is gone for good.  Hannah appears at the 
          top of the stairs and joins the discussion.  Rodney thanks 
          Peyton for waiting up, and retires to his bedroom.  

Scene 2:  Now Hannah talks to Peyton.  She talks about Steven defending 
          Lee Webber.  Peyton tells off Hannah. 

Scene 3:  Elliot goes across the street to the police station and talks 
          with Sgt. William Wilson Walker. He asks to talk with Lee 
          Webber.  Walker says no.  As Elliot is leaving, he runs into 
          Steven Cord and asks permission to see Lee Webber.  Steven says 
          he can not allow it.  Steven says that Lee has a right to a 
          lawyer and to a fair trial. 

Scene 4:  Elliot goes in to see District Attorney John Fowler.  Fowler 
          tells Elliot why he asked the judge for Lee's bail to be 
          revoked.  That Lee had talked with Allison.  Lee said that 
          Allison didn't make any sense.  Fowler said that Lee gave him 
          the technicality to have his bail revoked.  Lee said that 
          Allison acted as though she were high on something.  Fowler 
          says that Elliot can read Lee Webber's statement and that is 
          all.  Elliot starts to leave in a huff. 

Scene 5:  At the Webber house, Chris is talking with Sandy about putting 
          up with Lee for 17 years.  Chris asks Sandy if she wants to 
          maintain that Lee is a clean cut guy who has had bad luck.  
          Chris tells Sandy to face the truth.  Chris says that Lee is 
          probably back in jail.  Chris says that Lee has to be punished 
          for what he did to Ann Howard. 

Scene 6:  Chris crosses the street from the square to the Book Gallery.  
          He finds the door locked so he knocks.  Elliot walks over from 
          the square and tells Chris that Mrs. Carson is at home.  But 
          Elliot unlocks the door and invites him in the Book Gallery and 
          they talk.  Chris talks about Elliot's trying to keep Allison 
          and him away from each other.  Chris says that if Elliot hadn't 
          interfered, then Allison might not have left.  Chris says that 
          Elliot fixed it so Allison would have no one to turn to.  Chris 
          leaves. [This is one scene where Chris does not have a close 
          call with a passing motorist.] 

Scene 7:  Constance comes in Allison's room and finds Betty is looking at 
          one of Allison's lifesize dolls.  Betty talks to Constance 
          about losing Rodney's baby.  She says that she would like to be 
          there when Constance' baby arrives.  Elliot comes in the front 
          door and calls out.  Constance tells him that they are upstairs 
          in the nursery.  Elliot complains about the lack of action of 
          the police.  Constance asks Elliot to go to New York City to 
          search for Allison.  Elliot at first says it is impossible, but 
          eventually agrees to do it.  Constance tells Elliot that Betty 
          can stay with her. 

Preview:  Constance talks to Eli.  Martin Peyton talks with Steven Cord.  
          Lee Webber talks with Rodney. 

          CM:  That's the price and I don't know if I can pay it. 
          MP:  I shouldn't have to remind you that you are my legal 
               representative in Peyton Place. 
          SC:  Well, I'm afraid I can't afford to be anybody else's but 
               my own right now. 
          LW:  You've been twisted inside out.  Why has she been teasing 
               you along all the way? 
          RH:  Stop it.  Stop it.  I don't want to hear anything against 
               her not ever.