Episode 267.  Last Black and White episode
          Dr. Rossi settles Ann Howard's garage bill.  Brian Colby's 
          effects arrive.  Elliot searches in New York.  Chris looks for 

Opening:  Dorothy Malone as Constance Mackenzie.
          Ed Nelson as Michael Rossi. 
          Ryan O'Neal as Rodney Harrington.
          Barbara Parkins as Betty Anderson.
          Tim O'Connor as Elliot Carson.
          Christopher Connelly as Norman Harrington.
          Patricia Morrow as Rita Harrington. 
WA:       For the past few days, Peyton Place has been engaged in a 
          public quest, the search for the missing Allison Mackenzie.  
          But this morning, Chris Webber has a quest of his own.  He must 
          find out what part his brother, Lee, played in Allison's 
          disappearance.  For only in that manner will he know how much 
          of the blame he must place upon himself. 
MEL:      Lee has been re-jailed because he talked with Allison, a 
          potential witness in his murder hearing.  One of the conditions 
          of bail was not to have any contact with potential prosecution 
          witnesses.  Allison was last seen at the end of episode 263. 
Intro:    A Police car drives up in front of the courthouse.  Chris goes 
          into the jail to visit his brother, Lee. 
Scene 1:  The jailer escorts Chris to Lee's cell and allows him ten 
          minutes.  Chris asks what happened between Lee and Allison on 
          the bluff.  Lee was out on bail when he saw Allison.  Allison 
          was scheduled to testify against Lee.  Lee's bail was revoked 
          because of this meeting with Allison.  Lee says that Allison 
          was leading Chris on, teasing him.  Lee insists, "I didn't kill 
          Ann Howard and I didn't do anything to Allison." 
Scene 2:  Dr. Rossi drives up in front of Sparhawk Employment, across the 
          street from the Shoreline Garage, in his hardtop convertible.  
          He has come to see Rodney at the Shoreline Garage to close out 
          Ann Howard's account on the car he sold her.  They go inside 
          the garage and Rodney asks, "That was April, wasn't it?"  Rossi 
          says "Late April."  The bill is $83.00.  Rodney says it isn't 
          necessary for the bill to be paid.  Rossi says its necessary 
          for him.  Rossi blames himself because Elliot had told him how 
          emotionally disturbed Allison was, but he was interested in 

Scene 3:  Constance goes in the Book Gallery followed by Betty.  Betty is 
          now working for Constance.  Elliot is in New York.  

          Norman comes in.  Constance goes upstairs.  Norman talks with 
          Betty.  Norman is working for Eli at the General Store.  They 
          plot to keep Constance occupied, to keep her from worrying 
          about Allison. 
Scene 4:  Steven rings the Peyton mansion door chimes.  Hannah opens the 
          door and invites Steven to come in.  Peyton asks what Steven 
          wants.  Steven directs the delivery men bring the trunk 
          containing some of Brian [Cord] Colby's effects into the living 
          room.  Steven says his father was a sentimental man.  Brian 
          Colby threw away very few things.  Steven fusses at Martin.  
          Peyton refers to Hannah as Steven's mother.  They talk.  Hannah 
          had followed Ann Howard to the boarding house the day she died.  
          Martin reminds Steven that he is now Martin's legal 
          representative in Peyton Place.  Peyton goes on to say that 
          Steven receives a handsome retainer.  Steven resigns his job as 
          Peyton's Lawyer.  Steven leaves slamming the Peyton mansion 
          front door. Hannah calls after him but to no avail. 
Scene 5:  Chris goes into the Cider Barrel looking for his sister-in-law, 
          Sandy.  He sits at the counter and orders a cup of coffee.  
          Rodney comes over and sits with Chris.  Chris asks Rodney who 
          is minding the garage.  Chris said he had just been to the 
          police station to talk with Lee.  Rodney doesn't want to talk 
          about Allison.  Chris asserts that he really loved Allison.  
          Rodney says they will find her.  [Wishful thinking.] 
Scene 6:  In the Carson dining room, Eli is constructing a model of a 
          famous sailing ship, the Persis Howell.  He tells Constance 
          that he would like to have it finished by the time Elliot gets 
          back from New York City.  Eli uses the word "bilious."  Eli 
          comes up with the idea of converting the sleeping porch into a 
          nursery.  Constance is drinking coffee.  Constance and Eli walk 
          back to the nursery.  She would really like for the baby to 
          have everything that Allison was denied.  Constance begins to 
Preview:  Chris Webber tries to get Steven to drop his brother, Lee's, 
          murder case.  Hannah unloads on Martin Peyton. 
          SC:  I'm not playing your game.  If you hate your brother, you 
               work it out in your own way. 
          CW:  You're going to listen to me, Steven.
          SC:  Then say it.
          CW:  Why did you take my brother's case?
          HC:  It's what you are.  You're cruel Martin.  You like to see 
               pain.  I promise you this, Martin.  If I'm hurt, you'll 
               feel the pain. 
MEL:      Peyton Place debuted on September 15, 1964.  There were 514 
          episodes in the series.  The series ended on June 2, 1969.  
          267 B&W and 247 color episodes.  Peyton Place is the only 
          television series that was on 2 or 3 times weekly.  ABC never 
          repeated an episode in its original run.  Peyton Place ran in 
          the same general time frame as "Star Trek" and "The Fugitive." 
          Barbara Parkins made the film "Valley of the Dolls" during the 
          middle of the series.  Lee Grant also appeared in the movie. 
          Peyton place is equivalent, in length, to 100 average length 
Sparhawk Employment, on the wharf near the Shoreline Garage.  
Bilious-bad tempered, cross.  
Persis Howell.