Charles Irving

Dr. Joe Bradley        Judge Blanchard
                       Perry Mason
                       Case of the Missing Button

in work

I Dream of Jeannie:
   Charles Irving
   unknown episode-uncredited

Perry Mason:
130. 10-28-61 Case of the Pathetic Patient-judge.
135. 12-02-61 Case of the Brazen Bequest-judge.
150. 04-28-62 Case of the Counterfeit Crank-judge. 
160. 11-08-62 Case of the Unsuitable Uncle-judge 
166. 01-03-63 Case of the Shoplifter's Shoe-judge.
173. 03-07-63 Golden Oranges-Judge Stanley.
187. 10-31-63 Case of the Reluctant Model-judge.
                Joanna Moore [Ryan O'Neal's wife.]
188. 11-14-63 Case of the Bigamous Spouse-judge.
212. 09-24-64 Case of the Missing Button
                Charles Irving-Judge Blanchard 
                Ed Nelson-Mr. Sware
222. 12-03-64 Case of the Latent Lover-judge.
233. 03-11-64 Case of the Sad Sicilian-judge.

Peyton Place-Dr. Joe Bradley. 1964, episodes 21-29.  Dr. Bradley was 
  mentioned as being a perjurer in episode 162 by Martin Peyton.


1957 Face in the Crowd-Mr. Luffler.
1968 Countdown
       Joanna Moore-Karen in Peyton 
          Place, Ryan O'neal's real-life wife. 
       Ted Knight-Ted Baxter in the Mary Tyler Moore show.
1968 Monkees Head-Mayor Feedback
       Charles Irving Mayor Feedback
       Mickey Dolenz
       Peter Tork-Peter
       Davy Jones-David Jones
       Michael Nesmith-Mike
       Annette Funicello-Minnie
       Terri Garr-Testie True
       Frank Zappa=The Critic
       Dennis Hopper-himself
       Jack Nicholson-himself

The Fat Man:
Charles Irving-announcer

1932 Bobby Benson radio show
       Charles Irving-