Faculty Advisor:
  045. Paul Hanley was faculty advisor of the Peyton College Drama Club.

Faded away:
       The following characters just faded away:
       Paul Hanley.
       Dr. Claire Morton Markham.
       Kitch Brunner.
       Christine Gordon.
Faint or collapse:
  334. Rita Harrington faints in Rodney's Shoreline Garage.
  394. Rita Harrington collapses at seeing Eddie Jacks arrested.
  398. Betty Anderson Cord collapses at Adrienne Van Leyden's funeral.
  444. Susan Winter collapses while reaching for the phone.

Fakes, fakes a cold:
  391. Eddie fakes a cold to Ada, Rita, and Norman.
  392. Eddie fakes a cold to Eli Carson.

       Dr. Rossi makes house calls.
       Every patient in Doctors Hospital gets a private room.

  307. Jack Chandler tells Rodney Harrington that his farm is up for sale.

  289. Jack Chandler drives into Peyton Place.
  283. Mrs. Burrows warns Dr. Rossi about Jack Chandler.
  321. Mr. Burrows drives Rachel back to Peyton Place.

  323. Rachel returns to the farmhouse and finds the belt buckle.
  323. Rachel clobbers Chandler with a candlestick.
  323. Mr. Burrows drives Rachel back to Peyton Place.  He tells Rachel 
         that he has heart trouble and his wife is upstairs sick in bed. 
  335. Chandler had his mail delivered to the farmhouse.

  010. A fat man participates in a tug-of-war at the festival.
  105. Norman tells Rodney that he is getting fat.  This is the only 
       politically incorrect use of the word fat in the entire series.

Father-Allison's father:
  062. Constance tells Allison that Elliot Carson is her father.
  126. Allison is victim of a hit-and-run.
  126. T. Banks found Allison by the side of the road.
  126. Allison is in a coma.
  132. Elliot goes to see Timothy Banks, the man who found Allison.
  179. Dr. Rossi tells Allison that Elliot Carson is her real father.  
         Allison says that he means step-father.  Rossi says, no, real 

Father and daughter:
    1. Martin Peyton and Catherine Peyton Harrington.
    2. George Anderson and Betty Anderson.
    3. Calvin Hanley and Elizabeth Hanley Carson.
    4. Elliot Carson and Allison Mackenzie.
    5. Robert Morton and Dr. Claire Morton Markham.
    6. Fred Russell and Carolyn Russell.
    7. Eddie Jacks and Rita Jacks Harrington.
    8. Brian Colby and Ann Howard.
    9. Joe Rossi and Kelly Smith.
   10. David Schuster and Kim Schuster.
   11. Gus Chernak and Stella Chernak.
   12. Sgt. William Wilson Walker and Joanna Walker.

Father and son:
    1. Leslie Harrington and Rodney.
    2. Leslie Harrington and Norman.
    3. Brian Colby and Steven Cord.
    4. Eli Carson and Elliot Carson.
    5. Elliot Carson and Matthew Carson.
    6. Calvin Hanley and Paul Hanley.
    7. Gus Chernak and Joe Chernak.
    8. William John Kennerly and William Billy Kennerly, Jr.
    9. William John Wainwright and William Robert Wainwright, II.
   10. William Robert Wainwright, II and William John Wainwright, III,
   11. John Fowler, Sr. and John Fowler, Jr.
   12. Harry Miles and Lewis Miles.
   13. Harry Miles and Cliff Miles.  Episode 496.

Feeder-Bird feeder:
  032. Rodney puts up the bird feeder for Allison.
  072. Allison and Rodney discuss the bird feeder.
  307. Rodney mentions the bird feeder to Constance.
  418. Rodney looks at the bird feeder and thinks of Allison.
  504. Carolyn Russell adds feed to the bird feeder.

  035. Mrs. Cook moves out of Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house because Elliot 
         Carson, ex-convict, is moving in. 
       Betty Anderson got her feelings hurt, because Dr. Rossi dated 
         Stella, but she said that he never took her out for coffee. 

Feet-bare feet:
  161. Norman walks down the stairs in bare feet.
  296. Rita comes in the apartment living room in bare feet.
  406. Rodney and Betty sit in front of a fireplace at the ski lodge.  
         (Mt. Griswald) 
  479. Dr. Miles jabs Rodney's bare foot with a pen to test his feeling.

Ferguson-Frank Ferguson:
       Eli Carson.
       Frank Ferguson [Queen of the Nile episode of Twilight Zone.]

Ferris Wheel:
  010. Founders Day Festival.
  429. Founders Day Festival.
  430. Founders Day Festival.
  431. Founders Day Festival.
  432. Rodney and Betty ride the Ferris Wheel at the Founders Day Festival.

  009. The festival headquarters is in the Clarion newspaper office.
  009. Leslie tells Dr. Morton that Catherine is having one of her pains.
  009. Dr. Morton says it is gastric pain.
  010. Tug-of-war.  Barbershop quartette.  Allison fires a rifle.
  010. Dr. Rossi buys Betty a cup of coffee.
  010. Julie sells a 7 day clock.  It is one of those clocks that needs to 
         be wound only once a week.
  010. George asks Dr. Rossi for some "steady" pills.
  011. Introductory narration by Warner Anderson states that Peyton Place was 
         founded 314 years ago.  This is in contrast to Samuel Peyton, Martin 
         Peyton's father, founding the town. 
  011. Matthew offers Constance some coffee.
  012. Motorcycle riders roar through town.
  431. Joe Rossi meets Carolyn at the founders day festival.  Steven 
         fires cannon.  They use the names Harvey and Serendipity.
  431. Carolyn pillories Constance and takes her picture.
  432. Betty and Rodney ride the Ferris Wheel.  Eli eats pop-corn.  
         Dr. Rossi returns to the beach house and talks with Joe.

Fielding-Dr. Fielding:
  277. Fielding assisted Dr. Rossi with Rachel Welles when she first 
         arrived at Doctors Hospital. 
  302. Dr. Fielding puts oxygen mask on Martin Peyton.
  302. Steven and Betty talk to Dr. Fielding.  Dr. Cortell, Peyton's 
         Boston physician has been called.                      
  303. Dr. Fielding comes out of room 101 and tells Steven and Betty that 
         Peyton has regained consciousness.
  304. Lee Webber introduces himself to Dr. Fielding annoying Steven and the doctor. 
  311. Nurse Stacy packs Peyton's suitcase and tells him that he can't 
         leave until he has Dr. Fielding's permission. 
  328. Dr. Rossi calls on Peyton at the mansion and tells him that he is 
         turning over his case to Dr. Fielding.  He asks Peyton why he 
         hired Lee Webber as his chauffeur.
  355. Miss Choate tells Dr. Rossi that Dr. Fielding has already examined 
         Matthew Carson who had been kidnapped by Rachel and then left at 
         the hospital. 
  371. Dr. Fielding withdraws from Peyton's case and Rossi takes over temporarily.
  395. Dr. Fielding is paged.
  398. Dr. Fielding is paged.
  471. Dr. Fielding is paged.  Dr. Rossi talds with Betty about Rodney.  
         Betty complains that she was not notified that Radney was going 
         outside for the first time. 

Fifth Avenue:
  275. Elliot brings Constance presents he bought while shopping on Fifth 
       Avenue in NYC.  He had been in NYC searching for Allison.

Fighting the clock: 
  269. Elliot is racing against time to get from NYC to Peyton Place for 
       the birth of Matthew Carson. 

  004. George and Julie fight at the Anderson house.
  053. Norman gets beat up by Kitch, Earl, and other wharf rats.
  055. Rodney fights Kitch and Earl on the wharf.
  106. Norman fights Joe Chernak on the wharf, near Ed Kent's boat shop.
  227. Lee Webber and Steven Cord fight.  Lee punches Steven in the face.
  306. Norman shoves Lee Webber to the floor in the tavern. 
  325. Rodney slugs chauffeur Lee Webber in front of the Colonial Post Inn.
  337. Elliot Carson and Jack Chandler fight on the wharf.
  384. Eddie Jacks shoves Norman cracking his rib.
  395. Betty Cord and Adrienne Van Leyden fuss.  Adrienne plummets.
  428. Eddie Jacks and Joe Rossi fight.

File Cabinet:
  130. Stella has a new file cabinet delivered to Rossi's office.

Filling out forms:
  280. Rossi complains to Rachel about filling out forms.  He would rather be 
       treating patients.
  405. Eddie buys a filly for Rita.

Film or video.
  400. Steven watches a film or video of Eddie's interview with the police.

Fingernail polish:
  189. Betty is putting on fingernail polish as Julie reads Snow Birch.
  034. Fire burning in the beach house fireplace.
  046. Small fire burning in beach house fireplace.  Paul visits Rossi.
  227. Norman and Rita roast wieners over a campfire.
       Rodney and Allison have a clambake.
  302. Hannah torches the portrait of Catherine Peyton Harrington.
  302. Fire trucks make run from the square.
       Rachel's house burned.
  352. Elliot tells Constance that he wishes he had known about the fire at 
       Rachel's farmhouse.

Fire chief.
  154. Allison mentions her teacher Mrs. Ina Goswell.
  062. Dr. Claire Morton Markham tells Matthew Swain that the native 
         Peruvian doll reminds her of ex-fire chief Vernon Goswell.  
         Matthew responds by mentioning a "loud hailer."

Fire extinguisher:
  512. On opposite far side of doorway from the pay phone in the Shoreline 
         Garage and the Harrington Motorcycle Shop. 

  Fire Station:
  Episode 106

Fire Station:
  106. Firemen working on fire truck.
  173. Good shot of fire station in scene 1 with Norman and Rita.
  183. Good shot of fire station in scene 7 with John and Marian.
  185. Good shot of fire station in scene 11 with John and Marian.
  268. Good shot of fire station with the doors open.  [1st color episode].
  271. Good shot of fire station with doors open and good view of street going 
       north to the cemetary.
  302. Shot of moving fire truck from above fire station toward Clarion.
  353. Good shot of fire station.  Rachel gets on an Interstate Bus.

Fire truck:
  106. Firemen working on fire truck.

  011. The townfolk enjoy fireworks at the festival.
Firings, resignations, suspensions, and terminations:
  023. Rossi had privileges suspended from Doctors Hospital.
  029. Rossi was re-instated after being exonerated.
  068. Leslie resigns from from the mill and was replaced by Schuster.
  144. Dowell retreats.  See 204.
  150. Betty was fired for snooping files in hospital.  Then promptly hired
         by Martin Peyton. 
  172. Gus Chernak was fired from the mill by Schuster, for vandalism.
  190. Russ Gehring, therapist, resigned in wake of the Marian Fowler scandal.
  200. Stella Chernak resigned to avert being fired.  She left town.
  203. Schuster was fired and was replaced by Leslie after agreement for Rodney 
         to live in the mansion.
  204. Theodore Dowell is fired by Martin Peyton and then retires.
  240. Ann Howard was fired by Dr. Morton after visiting Chris Webber.
  245. Lee Webber was fired from Shoreline Garage for cheating customers.
  249. Sandy blamed Steven for Lee's losing his job at the Shoreline Garage. 
  250. Lee returned to the garage and stole gas.
  315. Leslie hires Jack Chandler.
  320. Lee Webber is hired as chauffeur to Martin Peyton.
  335. Chandler fights Elliot.  Elliot is jailed.  Chandler has his ribs taped.
  338. Jack Chandler is fired from the mill by Leslie.
  432. Rev. Tom Winter mentions the firmament.

First Date:
  004. Allison and Rodney have a first date.
       Stella and Rossi have a first date.
       Rachel and Rodney have a first date.
       Betty and Steven have a first date.
       Marsha and Rossi have a first date.

First meetings:
  001. Rossi meets Rodney and Betty.
  001. Rossi meets Matthew Swain.
  002. Rossi meets Laura Brooks.
  002. Rossi meets Constance.
  003. Rossi meets George and Julie.
  005. Rossi meets Allison.

  209. Sandy and Rodney meet.
Five pots on the Mackenzie-Carson kitchen wall.
  014. Constance comes in the kitchen and talks with Allison about Rodney.
  037. Julie helps Allison with a stuck zipper.
  048. Allison talks with Constance in the kitchen.
  118. Allison looks at Clarion with story of Joe Chernak's death.

Flag, State flag of Massachusetts.
  273. Elliot talks with Dr. Rossi in front of the Town Hall.

       Rita flees the apartment.
  246. Betty flees the Cord's new house, given them by Hannah.
       Eddie sees Betty flee the mansion after Adrienne plummets.
       Sandy flees the Webber house.
       Chris flees the Webber house.    
       Eddie flees Peyton Place.
  263. Allison flees the hospital.       
       Allison flees Peyton Place.
       Chandler flees the Peyton Place jail.

       There are three Fletchers in the story:  Mister, Nurse, and Vickie.

Fletcher-Harry Fletcher:
  159. Harry Fletcher is an operative who works for Kenneth Markham.

Fletcher-Nurse Fletcher:
  302. Nurse Fletcher.

Fletcher-Vickie Fletcher:
  489. Vickie Fletcher arrives by Interstate Bus in Peyton Place.
  489. Vickie Fletcher is pregnant and insists that Lew marry her.
       Lew tells Dr. Miles that he is going to marry Vickie.

  209. Sandy flirts with Rodney at the Shoreline.

  013. Rodney comes out of the Colonial Post Inn carrying flowers for his 
         mother.  This infers there is a flower shop in the Inn.  It is also 
         inferred from the sign out front, that four service clubs meet at the 
         Inn.  The Inn is evidently a full-service operation. 
  045. Mr. Baskin has brought some long stemmed American Beauties to Constance.
  279. Elliot brings Constance flowers.
  295. Peyton puts flowers on Catherine's grave.
  310. Lee searches in a flower pot for Ada's gun.
  345. Norman Harrington places flowers on the grave of his mother Catherine.
  345. Martin Peyton places flowers on the grave of his daughter Catherine.
  355. Florist truck arrives to prepare for Adrienne's arrival.
  356. The foyer is still full of flowers.
  359. Adrienne's bedroom is full of flowers.
  361. Betty arranges flowers in Rita's hospital room.
  362. Adrienne walks through the mansion gates and picks a flower.
  378. Eddie buys flowers on the wharf puts 1 in his lapel & gives 1 to Rita.
  380. Eddie brings Rita a bouquet of flowers to the apartment.
  382. Betty picks a flower on the square.
  382. Adrienne is carrying a basket of flowers in the mansion.
  392. Norman and Rita go to the square to plant flower bulbs. 
  392. Adrienne is sitting there and invites them to her wedding.
  398. Steven tells Mary to get rid of the flowers, day of Adrienne's funeral.
  461. Rita cuts out paper flowers to decorate a beatup crib.
  486. Rossi brings flowers to Marsha.
  513. Norman picks a flower for Rita near the bandstand.

  067. Leslie flies to Boston to get Elliot a pardon.
       Steven flies to California to see detective Lawrence.
       Richard Jensen flies to White River and taxis to Peyton Place.
       Elliot flies back from New York city for birth of Matthew.
  331. Eli ties a special May fly as Chandler comes in to visit.
       Attorney Wainwright flies to White River with Peyton's new will.
       Lew Miles flies to White River from New York City.
       Harry Miles flies to New York City to check up on Lew.

  002. Tom Foley puts mail in the Mackenzie mailbox.
  018. Tom Foley hands special delivery letter to Eli.
  030. Mrs. Foley buys a book from Constance.
  043. Tom Foley delivers a tubular package to Allison.
  080. Tom Foley puts mail in the Carson Mailbox.
  157. Foley Medical Center in California.
  361. Tom Foley brings escape gun package to Elliot at the Clarion.

  002. Constance fries bacon.
  048. Allison fixes Beef Stroganoff.

  201. Rodney plays with his football as Leslie lectures him.
  512. Jeff Kramer and two other boys throw a football around on the square as 
         Lew Miles walks up.  Lew Miles mentions Hopalong Cassidy.  Hopalong 
         Cassidy was one of several popular cowboy movie stars of the 1940's 
         era.  William Boyd played Hopalong Cassidy.  Cassidy was remembered 
         for wearing two guns. 

  413. Ada discovers that Eddie forged the registration papers for the 
         race horse he named Rita the second.

For Sale:
  307. Jack Chandler tells Rodney that he has his farm up for sale and that 
         Rachel is now on her own.
  392. Hannah sold her house (Steven and Betty's house) on the auction block.
Fork lift:
  360. A mill worker drives a Heister® fork lift while Norman stacks boxes.
  450. Joe Rossi receives a phone call at the mill while operating fork lift.

  300.  Hannah leaves her suitcases in what she refers to as the front hall.

Framed newspaper headlines in the Clarion office.
  002. PEACE.  Constance comes in to tell Matthew that she talked with Rossi.
  180. PEACE.  Eli has come in to buy an ad.
  185. PEACE.  Elliot is typing news item about Marian's hit-and-run.
  295. PEACE.  Eddie, the postman, brings Elliot some prison newspapers.

Frank-bartender at the Inn:
  172. Rodney asks for booze.
  318. Jack Chandler
  318. Leslie Harrington
  320. Jack Chandler talks with Frank.
       Fred Russell
       Susan Winter
  369. Adrienne Van Leyden

Frank-officer Frank:
  158. Ofc. Frank brings a subpoena to Rita in the Pharmacy.
  173. John Fowler speaks with Officer Frank.
  173. Officer Frank speaks with  Rodney standing by the Pillory.
  173. Officer Frank takes steps two at a time going up to the apartment to 
       subpoena Norman Harrington. 
  179. Officer Frank talks on the phone with Marian Fowler in California.  
  179. Sgt. Edward Goddard tries to trace Marian's call without much success. 

Franklin-Bob Franklin:
  512. Mentioned in court.

Franklin-Donna Franklin:
  462. Fred Russell introduces Donna Franklin to Dr. Rossi, Marsha Russell, 
         and Carolyn Russell at the Colonial Post Inn dining room.
  483. Carolyn Russell sees Donna while on a visit to see her father.
  512. Mentioned in court.

Franklin stove:
  432. Carolyn tells Eli that her mother is not going to need the Franklin 
         stove that she had special ordered.  Eli says he has had several 
         offers in spite of the SOLD sign on it.

Franks-Mrs. Franks, Child Welfare Bureau agent:
       See also Mrs. Thomas.
  301. Dr. Rossi tells Elliot and Constance that Dr. Fielding and Mrs. Franks 
         of Child Welfare Bureau, will take care of Rachel while he is on 
         vacation in NYC. 
  303. Rachel tells Rodney, that Mrs. Franks of the Child Welfare Bureau is 
  321. Rachel asks Dr. Rossi to call Mrs. Franks.

  There are at least four Fred's in the story.
  021. Fred Gardner is an insurance client of George Anderson
  159. Freddy. Mr. Prohaska calls to Freddy at the mill.
  196. Richard Jensen uses the alias Fred Blair.
  390. Fred, the barkeep, at the Inn.

Fred-Fred Barney:
  331. Chandler tells Eli about fishing in a stream behind Fred Barney's.

Fred-Fred Russell:
  447. Fred tells Marsha that he has been transferred to Boston.

  037. Sign on botique in NYC, "Ici on parle anglais."
  039. Paul Hanley speaks to Allison about French girls.
  082. Elliot gives his daughter the bracelet. It is inscribed:

                JE VEILLE SUR CEUX QUE JE V'AIME. 

                   I watch over those I love. 

       Rossi mentioned that Ann Howard spoke french.
  278. Rachel has Allison's bracelet which is inscribed:

                JE VEILLE SUR CEUX QUE JE V'AIME. 

  445. Rossi uses the french term "deja vu"  but pronounces it 
         "deja view."

French doors:
  177. Gus Chernak forces his way into the Peyton mansion through the French 
         doors at the back.

Frightening situations at the front door:
  066. Constance Mackenzie is frightened when Rodney Harrington shows up 
          at the door of the beach house.
  075. Doris Schuster is frightened when Norman Harrington shows up 
          at the door of Mansion.

  120. Constance tells Ada about Allison putting a bucket of frogs in 
         the bass drum.
  158. Allison recalls with Norman about putting a bucket of frogs in 
         the bass drum. 

Front Door Frightening situations:
  066. Constance Mackenzie is frightened when Rodney Harrington shows up 
          at the door of the beach house.
  075. Doris Schuster is frightened when Norman Harrington shows up 
          at the door of Mansion.

Funerals, deaths, and arrangements:
  021. Catherine Harrington Peyton dies.  Peyton doesn't attend funeral.
  048. Calvin Hanley dies.  Funeral not shown.
  113. Joe Chernak dies.
  125. Joe Chernak is buried.
  177. Gus Chernak dies.
  182. Gus Chernak's funeral procession.
  235. Brian [Cord] Colby dies in Boston.
  236. Brian [Cord] Colby's funeral and funeral procession.
  250. Ann Colby Howard plummets and dies.
  259. Ann Colby Howard's funeral.
  367. Jack Chandler is shot dead by police.  Not shown.
  393. Adrienne Van Leyden plummets down mansion stairs and dies.
  398. Adrienne Van Leyden's funeral.
  400. Lee Webber is shot at the mill, and again at the mansion and dies.
  405. Sandy returns for funeral.  She returns Peyton's watch given to Lee.
  476. Martin Peyton dies.
  480. Martin Peyton's funeral procession.
  509. Fred Russell dies.  Dr. Rossi is charged.
  512. Marsha asks Tom Winter to take care of Fred's funeral service.

Funeral services:
  022. Catherine Harrington.
  xxx. Calvin Hanley.
  125. Joe Chernak.
  182. Gus Chernak.
  236. Brian Colby.
  259. Ann Howard.
  367. Jack Chandler.
  398. Adrienne Van Leyden.
  405. Lee Webber.
  480. Martin Peyton.
  512. Marsha asks Tom Winter to take care of Fred's funeral services.  He 
         agrees to.  He suggests something simple and non-denominational.

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