002. Laura Brooks almost falls off a two-foot step ladder.
  002. A sign painter outside uses a ladder while changing the sign on the window.
  194. Rita catches Eli as he is about to fall from a step ladder.
  300. A tall step ladder is seen on the second floor outside Doctors Hospital.
  302. A ten-foot step ladder in the livingroom and also a 6-foot one.
       Step ladder in Betty's house. 

Ladies at the beach cottage.
  016. Constance Mackenzie
  176. Stella Chernak is entertained by Rossi.
  205. Ann Howard is seen by Rossi on the bluff.
  209. Ann Howard is entertained by Rossi.
  229. Ann Howard is entertained by Rossi.
  254. Allison Mackenzie discovers Ann Howard's body and breaks in to 
         the cottage to call her father.
xxx.   Marsha Russell

Lady doctor:
  450. A lady doctor looks at Rodney's x-rays along with Dr. Rossi, Dr. 
         Miles and another doctor.

  498. Charlie Devon owns a cabin on Ridgewell Lake.  A miss Devon plays 
         the organ at the Wayside Church.
Lamp-marine lamp:
  310. Lee breaks a marine lamp fixture on his fishing boat.

  162. Rossi observes to Stella Chernak that Martin Peyton is his landlord 
         for his private practice office over the Clarion. 
  034. Howard King, represented Davis Realty Company as landlord for George 
         Anderson's insurance office over the Peyton Place Bank, in what is 
         sometimes called the "Chamber of Commerce Building."
       Eli acts as landlord for rental of beach cottage to Dr. Rossi.
       Eli acts as landlord for Mackenzie (Carson) house rental to Marsha 
          and Carolyn Russell.

Langton-Paul Langton:
       Paul Langton [On Thursday We Leave for Home episode of Twilight 
         Zone.]  He. tried several occupations before settling on acting. 

  268. Betty sits in Steven's lap.
  303. Lee pulls Sandy into his lap.

Large groups of people.
       Festival I.
       Steven and Betty's wedding.
       Rodney and Betty's wedding.
       Festival II.
       Steven's 21st birthday party.
       Eddie Jacks plays the piano in the Tavern.
       Adrienne Van Leyden's funeral.
       Martin Peyton's funeral.
       Rodney's birthday party.
       Apartment painting party.

  455. Susan tells the congregation that Tom has laryngitis.  She speaks 
         with a forked tongue. 

  421. Laurie is a blonde-headed waitress at the Cider Barrel who 
         occasionally does baby sitting.  It is possible that her name is 
         actually Laura.  
Laura Brooks:
  002. Laura meets Dr. Rossi in his office.
  032. Laura tells Leslie that she spent New Years Eve alone.
  036. Laura Brooks leaves for Europe.
  046. Julie replaces Laura in Rossi's office.
       Laura Brooks writes from Paris.

Lawrence-Detective Lawrence:
  149. Lawrence calls Steven about sending precis about Stella.
  153. Lawrence calls Steven about Stella.
  161. Steven talks to Detective Lawrence in California.
  176. Rodney talks about Detective Lawrence.
  179. Steven is on his way to see Detective Lawrence.
  180. Preview.
  181. Steven talks with Detective Lawrence in California.
  194. Steven Cord receives a call from Detective Lawrence in California.

Lawyers and Attorneys:
       We generally refer to Theodore Dowell and Steven Cord as lawyers.
       We generally refer to Kennerly and Wainwright as attorneys.
       John Fowler, Jr. is the District Attorney for Peyton County.
         He eventually became a judge.
       John Fowler, Sr. was the District Attorney who sent Elliot to prison.
       William Kennerly, Sr.-Russell Thorson.
  448. William Billy Kennerly, Jr.-Don Dubbins
       Matthew John Wainwright-Paul Newlan
       William Robert Wainwright
       John Wainwright-Roy Roberts
       Jerry Carter is an attorney.  Asst. District Attorney.
       Steven Cord was appointed interim District Attorney by Judge Chester.
         He resigned the interim appointment, following the receipt of 
         the Blaine Report.
  049. Lawyer McVeigh represents Betty Anderson Harrington at annulment hearing.
  xxx. Timothy McVeigh, bomber of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City in 
       April 19, 1995.
  xxx. Cmdr. McVay was a submarine commander in WWII.

Leaves for another residence:
  029. Dr. Morton tells Dr. Rossi that he is going on an extended vacation 
         because of the aftermath of the inquisition and Dr. Bradley's 
         confession and resignation. 
  031. Betty Harrington takes the bus from Peyton Place to Boston, then NYC.
  036. Laura decides to go to Europe on vacation.  She waits in the 
         mansion until time to leave for the train station.  This opens 
         up the receptionist job in Rossi's office for Julie Anderson. 
  041. Betty Anderson Harrington leaves NYC.
  046. Julie has replaced Laura in Rossi's office.
  046. Eli Carson leaves for Florida.
  047. Rossi leaves the beach house.  Elliot needs it back.         
  070. Leslie Harrington leaves the mill.  Schuster replaces.
  076. Kenneth Markham leaves.
  076. Vincent Markham leaves.
  077. Claire Morton (Markham) leaves after breaking with Dr. Vincent Markham.
  144. Theodore Dowell resigns as Rodney's Lawyer after Rodney Harrington is 
         indicted for the murder of Joe Chernak. 
  145. Theodore Dowell turns over his law practice including his secretary 
         miss Nolan to Steven Cord, and leaves Peyton Place. 
  181. Steven leaves for California to see Detective Lawrence. 
  188. Allison leaves the hospital for a few hours to go to the courthouse. 
  188. In her hospital room, Allison tells Elliot that she will come home, 
         get well, and leave Peyton Place.  She just wants to get away. 
       Leslie Harrington leaves the mill and Peyton Place. 
       Steven Cord leaves Boston and moves to Peyton Place.
  263. Allison leaves the hospital.
  263. Allison is seen walking on a road leaving Peyton Place.
  269. Elliot leaves NYC to return to Peyton Place for birth of Matthew.
  301. Rossi leaves on vacation. [In real life, he is ill.]
  302. Hannah Leaves.
  312. Chris Webber leaves on a bus. 
  348. Sandy leaves for California. 
  375. Betty leaves the Peyton mansion and moves into the Inn.
  403. Peyton Leaves Peyton Place to return to a Boston clinic. 
  411. Eddie almost leaves.
  430. Eddie leaves.
  434. Elliot and Constance leave.
       Allison leaves for destinations unknown.
       Rachel leaves the Carsons' home.
       Rodney leaves the apartment when Norman marries Rita.
       Betty leaves the mansion.
       Sandy Webber leaves for California.
       Rita leaves the apartment after a fuss with Norman.
  453. Jill leaves the Winter's house after a fuss with Tom Winter.
  454. Leslie says goodbye to Betty and leaves Peyton Place.

       Schuster leaves the mill and Peyton Place. 
       George Anderson leaves for sanitarium. 
       Russ Gehring leaves Doctors Hospital and Peyton Place. 
       Rachel leaves in a police car for a mental hospital in Boston.
       Eddie Jacks leaves on a bus. 
  454. Leslie Harrington leaves Peyton Place after mill is sold. 
  454. Leslie says goodbye to Betty and leaves Peyton Place.
  497. Dr. Miles leaves for New York.

  278. Chris testifies about being on the ledge when Lee Webber pushed 
         Ann Howard to her death. 

Lee Webber:
  220. Lee Webber sells a car to Ann Howard.
  225. Lee tries to persuade Steven not to pester Chris about the incident 
         at the bluff. 
  226. At the Shoreline Cafe, Lee tries to convince Chris to come home.
  227. Lee hits Steven in the face.
  228. Lee comes to the Cider Barrel looking for Sandy and Chris.
  230. An ultimatum from Lee to Ann.
  241. Lee faces the truth about Chris.
  243. Rodney and Lee clash at the garage.
  245. Lee demands a job from Steven.
  250. Lee breaks into the Shoreline garage and steals gas.
  251. Ann finds a document in Brian Colby's trunk.
  252. Chris returns to the Bluff alone.
  255. Ann Howard plummets from Sailors' Bluff.
  259. Lee is jailed.
       Lee is released on bond.
  265. Fowler demands a bail hearing for Lee Webber.
  266. Lee is re-jailed after talking with Allison.
  267. Chris Webber visits Lee in his jail cell.
  273. Lee was fired on the day Ann Howard plummetted from Sailors' Bluff.
  298. Lee is freed by Judge Irwin A. Chester.
  299. Clarion headline:  LEE WEBBER RELEASED.
  300. Rodney explains to Lee what happened with Sandy.  Lee threatens.
  304. Lee intrusively introduces himself to Dr. Fielding.
  310. Lee breaks the marine lamp on his boat.
  310. Lee cuts canvas on Rodney's cot.
  310. Lee abuses Sandy.
  310. Lee finds the gun that Chris stole from Ada.
  318. Lee is hired as Chauffeur.
  319. Lee brags to Ada about his new job.
  400. Lee is shot at the mill.
  401. Lee dies in the Peyton mansion.
  405. Sandy returns for Lee's funeral.  She returns Peyton's watch to Steven.

Left handed:
  165. Stella Chernak is right-handed.
  249. Betty signs for an envelope.
  287. Betty writes a letter.
  326. Betty yo-yo's.
       Rodney Harrington.

Right handed:
  263. Lee Webber signs out of jail.

  299. Constance tells Rachel she has nice legs.
       Rita speaks to Maggie about legs.

Les Femmes:
  019. Allison helps Constance select a coat.
       Allison helps Constance by a hatching dress.
       Constance takes Rachel shopping.

Leslie-Leslie B. Harrington:
  001. Leslie kissed Julie, as Rodney came in to report arrival of Dr. Rossi.
  002. Leslie talks to his wife, Catherine, prior to her going to Boston.
  002. Catherine is going to see an art show and to visit her father. 
  002. Leslie tells his cook, June, that he will serve himself.
  003. Catherine drops in on Leslie at the mill before starting to Boston.
  035. Leslie offers Elliot a job.  Elliot declines.
  060. Leslie tells Joe, the cop, that he has a gun permit and license.
  069. leslie is in London, England.
  101. Leslie calls Rodney from Zurich, Switzerland.
  171. Leslie has a confrontation with Gus on the square.

  295. Leslie explains to Rodney why he and Catherine had to get married.
       Leslie blackmails Betty to steal the will.
       Leslie checks into the Colonial Post Inn.
  320. Leslie B. Harrington talks with Norman about school in his office. 
  454. Leslie warns Betty not to ever fail his son.
  454. Leslie says goodbye to Betty and leaves Peyton Place.

Leslie Harrington's secretaries.
  001. Julie Anderson.
       Marian from production.
       Miss Nolan (Steven Cord has a miss Ann Nolan also.)
  328. Miss Harris.

Letter of resignation:
  202. Schuster dictates a letter-of-resignation to Julie Anderson.

Lewis-at least four Lewises in the story:

Lewis-Adrienne Lewis, wife of the lieutenant governor.
  344. The Lt. Gov. and his wife attend Steven's 28th birthday party.

Lewis-Lieutenant Governor, husband of Adrienne.
  344. The Lt. Gov. and his wife attend Steven's 28th birthday party.

Lewis Johnny Remmick-Boston heart specialist:
  410. Dr. Lewis "Johnny" Remmick operates on Rita.

Lewis "Lew" Miles, son of Dr. Harry Miles and Alma Miles:
  469. Lew Miles returns to Peyton Place by plane from NYC.
  469. Dr. Miles eats breakfast with Lewis and Alma.  Lewis goes upstairs.
  471. Dr. Miles notices a change in Lewis.
  472. A letter from Lew's brother Cliff arrives from Viet-Nam.
  473. Vickie Fletcher calls Lew at the Cider Barrel from NYC.
  475. In the Cider Barrel, Carolyn talks briefly with Lew and then Alma.
  476. Lew tries to avoid talking with his mother.
  477. Dr. Miles talks with Lew.  
  477. Lew encounters Joanna Walker.
  478. Martin Peyton dies.
  478. Dr. Rossi talks with Lew in the Cider Barrel.
  478. Marsha alerts Fred about Carolyn's involvement with Lew.
  479. Lew works on a school science project involving rodents.
  479. Carolyn talks with Lew outside class.
  479. In his hospital office, Dr. Miles talks with his son Lew.
  480. Dr. Miles and Alma talk with their son.
  481. Fred goes to the old Carson house to talk with Marsha about Carolyn and Lew.
  482. Lew phones the hospital in NYC and asks the condition of E. J. Conningham.
  482. Dr. Miles is handed the toll charges for Lew's call to NYC.
  482. Dr. Miles comes in the Cider Barrel and talks with Lew.
  483. Lew, Dave, Carolyn, and an unidentified girl work on the science project.
  483. One of the rats is named Mr. Ed.  [We have been informed that there was 
         a TV series by this name.  But not a spin-off.]
  483. Carolyn goes to Boston to visit her father.
  483. Lew goes to the wharf to visit with Tom Winter.  Winter declines.
  484. Carolyn returns from Boston but goes to Patricia Cheney's house instead of 
         her own.
  485. Carolyn puts some ivory flakes down Lew's back.  Looks like snow. 
  486. Alma makes final preparations for the dinner party for Marsha and Michael.  
         she is worried how Marsha will feel about Carolyn working with Lew.
  486. Lew meets up with WWW and Joanna near the Pharmacy and they talk.
  486. Marsha and Michael attend the dinner party.
  486. Lew is outside the Miles' house as Marsha and Michael leave.
  486. As Lew goes in, the phone rings.  It is Vickie.
  487. Dr. Miles and Alma talk with Lew.  Lew makes a call from a pay phone.
  487. In the Cider Barrel, WWW complains to Dr. Miles about how Lew is treting Joanna.
  489. Vickie arrives in Peyton Place.
  489. At the Cider Barrel, Vickie asks Charlie about Lew.
  489. Lew is surprised to see Vickie in the Cider Barrel.
  490. Maggie receives the $500 prize in the mail.
  490. Lew arrives late in the rat lab.
  490. Lew takes Vickie home and asks Alma if she can stay.
  491. Rodney has a relapse.
  491. Dr. Miles comes home and talks with Alma, Lew, and Vickie.
  492. Dr. Miles comes home and tells Alma that the tests confirm that Vickie has 
         a bun in the oven.
  493. Lew's mother buys some merchandise from Eli's General Store.
  494. Lew waits on customers in the Cider Barrel.
  494. Lew talks with Joanna.  Lew talks with Vickie.
  495. Dr. Miles goes to WWW's house to talk.  Joanna answers the door.
  496. Alma talks with Vickie.
  496. Dr. Miles tells Alma that he is going to NYC to find out about Lew.
  496. Lew works in the motorcycle shop.
  497. Lew visits WWW's house.
  497. From a phone booth on the wharf, Lew calls the White River airport.
  497. Rossi treats his prospective step-daughter, Carolyn, to a dinner at the 
         Lobster Pot, across the wharf from the Cider Barrel.
  498. Fred asks Jeff if Carolyn is seeing Lew.
  499. Lew has a talk with Joanna.
  499. At the Shoreline Cafe, Carolyn accuses Jeff of telling a lie about her 
        and Lew to her father.
  500. Dr. Rossi knocks on Fred Russell's door at the CPI.  Fred is out cold.
  501. Dr. Miles returns from NYC and talks with Alma and Lew.
  501. In the car, Fred tells Carolyn he saw her talking with Lew.
  501. At school, Jeff talks with Lew.
  502. Betty's house is up for sale.
  502. Lew goes in Dr. Miles' office to talk.
  502. Fred and Dr. Miles argue in the CPI.

  088. Li is a chinese girl who attends Peyton College.

  171. Gus goes into the Tavern and demands to see "The Liar."
  173. Stella says Gus wants her to be a "liar."
  177. Stella says "Liar, Liar" referring to Martin Peyton.
  319. Sandy calls Rodney a liar.

  xxx. Public Library on west end of Town Hall near the fire station.
  001. Norman Harrington walks Allison Mackenzie home from the library.
  026. Allison and Rodney.
  036. Rodney offers to drive Allison to the library.
  036. Allison goes in the main Town Hall entrance to get to the library.
  036. Elliot is in the library reading.
  036. Elliot speaks to Allison.
  036. Allison speaks of Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Willis Wilde.
  036. Allison checks out a plethora of books.
  036. Elliot helps Allison with her plethora of books.
  058. Rodney and Allison have a study date at the library.
  060. Rodney and Allison have a study date at the library.
  230. Chris and Allison visit the library.  
  249. Norman asks Steven if he knows anything about sleep learning.
  269. Steven loans Lee some books that are on his library card.
  285. Rossi visits Peyton in the mansion upstairs library and sitting room.
  300. Peyton goes in the library, speaks to miss Hunt, and looks for Norman.
  301. Eli introduces Rachel Welles to miss Hunt.  Rachel shakes her hand.
  441. Carolyn goes in the Cider Barrel on her way to the library.
  449. Tom Winter walks by the library and talks with Dr. Rossi.

Library Card:
  269. Steven Cord uses his own card to get Lee Webber some books.
Library Ladder:
  480. Betty mentions a library ladder.  Betty wants her portrait.

  008. Camera shot of Dr. Rossi's medical license.
       Leslie tells Joe, the cop, that he has a gun permit and license.

  002. Julie tells Betty she was downstairs when Rodney came in.
  002. Constance Mackenzie tells Dr. Rossi that she doesn't remember him.
  318. Elliot sees Rachel talking to Chandler near the employment hall.
  411. Jill claims that Kelly is Allison's baby.
  455. Susan tells the congregation that Tom has laryngitis.

  036. Elliot tells Ada that one third of his life was wasted in prison.

  014. George says that he killed 15 men fighting in the South Pacific.
  026. Elliot says that he spent 36 days in a lifeboat.  [This could have 
         somewhat diminished his love for the sea.]

       The british call elevators "lifts."
  001. Rodney and Betty give Dr. Rossi a lift to the Colonial Post Inn.
  001. Rodney gives Allison a lift to the Mackenzie house.
  007. Rodney gives Allison a lift home from the Shoreline dance hall.
  007. Norman takes Betty home from Shoreline dance hall in "borrowed" car.
  007. Rossi offers Constance a ride home, but they walk.
  044. Dr. Rossi drives Betty to the sanitarium to visit George.
  057. Paul drives George to Ada's and then to the Harrington house.
  060. Rodney drives Allison home from the library after a study date.
  060. Paul drives Allison to the hospital.  Elliot has been shot.
  062. Constance asks Matthew to drive Allison home from the hospital.
  183. John Fowler drives Stella and Anna Chernak home.
  246. Elliot drives Chris and Sandy home. 
  307. Norman drives Chris to the apartment.
       above in work 

  180. Dr. Rossi observes that the Peyton limousine is worth $20,000.  That was 
         a significant amount of money in 1966.
  363. Lee drives AVL and Peyton to Boston to see old Kennerly.

Linden-Mrs. Linden:
  297. Mrs. Linden greets Eli and Elliot on the street.  She is the 
         saleslady at the Les Femmes botique.  She was never referred to as 
         the "manager" or "owner." 
  299. Mrs. Linden.  Constance and Rachel shop for Rachel.
  326. Mrs. Linden buys a mop and some other things from Eli.  $7.31.

  002. Matthew asks to Jerry, the Linotype® operator about remaking page 2.
  061. Matthew tells Rodney that he is the Linotype® machine repairman.
  142. Jerry, the Linotype® operator comes out and talks with Elliot.
  261. Elliot mentions a Linotype® machine.
  039. Allison buys a lipstick from Calvin Hanley at the Pharmacy.  Calvin 
         doesn't like the color.  He is rather judgmental.

Liquid Paper®:
       Bette Nesmith Graham invented Liquid Paper®.
       She had a son named Michael Nesmith.
       Michael Nesmith was in the musical-TV group the Monkees.
       The Monkees included Mickey Dolenz.
       Mickey Dolenz played the role of Kitch Brunner in Peyton Place.

       Bette Nesmith Graham (1924-1980)
       Liquid Paper® was the brainchild of a quick-thinking woman with 
       poor typing skills.  Bette Nesmith Graham, in an effort to cover her 
       typing mistakes, decided to do what painters did when they made 
       mistakes, she painted over them.  With a bottle of white paint and a 
       watercolor brush, Graham started on the road to fame and fortune as 
       the inventor of Liquid Paper.  At age 17, Graham got a secretarial 
       job.  She worked her way up from the typing pool to executive 
       secretary, but found a large hurdle along the way, electric 
       These new inventions (and her typing errors) caused her all sorts of 
       problems.  The carbon-film ribbons in the new machines made a mess 
       when Graham tried to fix her mistakes with a pencil eraser.  The 
       inspiration to solve her predicament came from holiday window 
       painters who simply brushed over smudges and flaws in their work.  
       She decided the trick would work for her and covered her mistakes 
       with a white, water-based paint. 
       In 1956, Graham's invention was so popular that she was making 
       batches of "Mistake Out" in her kitchen and garage.  When demand 
       skyrocketed, she changed the name to "Liquid Paper" and applied for 
       a patent and a trademark. 

       By 1975, the company employed 200 people, made 25 million bottles of 
       Liquid Paper and distributed the product to 31 countries.  Graham 
       sold the company in 1979 to Gillette Corporation for $47.5 million. 
       Michael Nesmith inherited half of her fortune. 

       Michael Nesmith, Peter Tork, Davy Jones, and Mickey Dolenz comprised 
       the Monkees.

Liquor, Beer, Spirits:
  007. George asks Julie if she wants a drink.  She doesn't.
  008. George drinks in the Anderson house.
  012. Leslie was concerned if Rodney was drinking when he had the wreck.
  016. Rossi offers Constance a drink at the beach house.
  018. Rossi fixes Constance a drink.
  025. At the reading of the will, Leslie offers everyone a drink.
  027. George is drinking in the Anderson house.
  029. Leslie offers Dr. Morton a drink.  Morton declines.
  031. George pours himself a drink in the Anderson livingroom.
  032. Leslie pours a drink for Det. Blaine in the mansion livingroom.
  036. Laura is drinking in the mansion livingroom.
  036. Elliot orders a drink in the Tavern.  He leaves a quarter.
  040. Roy offers Betty a drink in Sharon's apartment in NYC.
  046. At the beach house, Leslie offers Elliot a drink.
  047. At the beach house, Rossi offers Elliot a drink.
  049. Betty says that she is too young to drink.
  052. Hanley asks Rossi to have a drink with him.
  052. Kitch spikes Norman's drink.
  055. Leslie wonders who spiked Norman's drink.
  057. Leslie offers George a drink in his office at the mill.
  058. Paul tells George he looks like he could use a drink.
  058. Paul and George drink at the Tavern.
  059. Elliot phones Leslie to warn him that George has been drinking at the Tavern.  
  062. Julie tells Rodney that Ada told her that George had been drinking at the Tavern.
  064. Claire insists that Rossi have a drink at the Morton house.
  064. Ada tells Rodney that if he wants to drink, she will have to see and ID.
  073. Doris hands David a drink as he returns to the mansion.
  077. David fixes himself a drink.
  078. Doris is served a drink at the Inn.
  078. Steven orders a Scotch on the Rocks.
  083. In his office, Rossi pours a drink for Claire.
  083. At the Inn, Steven offers to by Rev. Jerry Bedford a drink.
  089. Elliot drinks at the Tavern.
  096. The waitress brings Steven and Betty a drink.
  172. Rossi orders a Martini on the Rocks.
  200. Steven and Betty drink at the Anderson house.
  205. Ada is serving drinks at the tavern.
  447. Fred Russell orders a Bi-carbonate on the Rocks.

Livingroom of the mansion:
       Livingroom of the mansion, of Harrington.
       Livingroom of the mansion, of Schuster.
       Livingroom of the mansion, of Peyton.
       Livingroom of the mansion, of Cord.

Livingroom of Patricia Anne Cheney:
  484. Carolyn Russell spends the night at the Cheney house after 
         returning from Boston. 

Livingroom of the Andersons.
Livingroom of the Carsons.
Livingroom of the Cheneys.
Livingroom of the Cords. [Betty's converted barn].
Livingroom of the Fowlers.
Livingroom of the Hanleys, Calvin.
Livingroom of the Hanleys, Paul.
Livingroom of the Harringtons, mansion.
Livingroom of the Harringtons, Norman and Rodney.
Livingroom of the Harringtons, Norman and Rita.
Livingroom of the Jacks.
Livingroom of the Mortons.
       Claire Morton talks with her parents.
Livingroom of the Webbers.
Livingroom of the Winters.
Livingroom of the Mackenzies.
Livingroom of the Webbers.

Loading dock:
  358. Leslie walks over to talk with Norman.
  363. Rodney walks over to talk with Norman.
  371. Eddie comes over to talk with Norman.
          Betty and Sandy      Rachel and Rossi     Carolyn and Rossi
          select a lobster     eat at the           select a lobster.
          at the chowder pot.  chowder pot.         at the chowder pot.
          Episode 285          Episode 339          Episode 497
  497. Rossi and Carolyn select a lobster from Tommy Magnusen.

Lobsters, lobster crates, lobster market:
  004. Allison mentions that Portuguese Joe used to bring lobsters to 
       them when she was little.
  079. Doris and David ate lobsters at the Inn with the Theodore 
  105. Rodney scolded Norman for squandering $7.00 on lobsters for Rita.
  107. Rodney and Allison sneak over to the lobster market to select 
         clams and lobsters.
  135. Leslie takes Norman and Rita to the Lobster Pot.
  143. Charlie's Lobster Pot is seen in the background. [Run by Tommy 
  212. Ann Howard walks past the Lobster Pot on the wharf.
  260. Norman and Rita are on the wharf to select lobsters as Dr. Rossi 
         comes up.  Norman invites him to dinner.  Rossi is on the wharf 
         after going up to Ann's apartment to get some of her things.
  276. Sandy takes lobster salad out of her General Electric® 
         refrigerator to serve to Rodney.
  285. Betty buys lobsters from Tommy Magnuson.
  291. Tommy Magnuson asks Hannah how Martin Peyton enjoyed the lobster 
         that he sent him.  Hannah allows that he enjoyed them.  Hannah 
         is on the wharf to go to the boarding house where Ann lived.  
         This is the episode where Norman refers to her as Lady Macbeth. 
  339. Dr. Rossi takes Rachel to the wharf to eat chowder at Tommy 
         Magnusen's lobster and seafood market.  They tie each others 
  344. On the wharf, Rita tells Norman that she has a craving for lobster. 
  387. A man is stacking lobster crates as Lee drives up in the Peyton 
  463. Tom Winter asks Andy Davies, a lobster and mackrel fisherman boat 
         owner, for a job.  Andy ownw two boats.
  464. On the wharf, Joe Rossi tries to pick a fight with Tom Winter 
         near some lobster cages. 
  466. Ada tells Tom she heard he was running lobster cages for Andy 
  468. Tom Winter is unloading lobster crates as he sees Jill walk by.
  469. Tom Winter is mending lobster crates as Eli comes over to talk 
         about knots, lobster crates, Rodney and dominoes.
  497. Dr. Rossi takes his prospective step-daughter, Carolyn Russell, to 
         Tommy Magnuson's lobster market on the wharf near Charlie's Cider 

Lobster salad:
  276. Rodney visits Sandy at the Webber house and she takes a lobster salad 
         out of her antique GE refrigerator.

  043. Leslie locks the Blaine report in his desk drawer.
       Adrienne unlocks Peyton's desk drawer.
       Steven fails to unlock a door.
       Rita fusses at Norman for not locking the door.

Lodge-Green Mountain Lodge:
  404. Rodney and Betty go skiing.
  032. Julie Anderson has a sister Lois and a nephew Tommy.

Lola Albright:
  153. Lola Albright filled in for Dorothy Malone for 14 episodes from 
         Thursday 12-09-65 to Monday 01-10-66, episodes 153 through 166. 

London-Frank London:
       Charlie of the Cider Barrel.
       Frank London [Steel episode of Twilight Zone.]

Loose ends:
  000. No one ever went to the Peyton Place post office.
  000. No one ever went to the Peyton Place telephone office.
  000. No one ever went to a grocery store or market in Peyton Place.
  000. The inside of the fire station was never shown.
  000. Peyton Place evidently didn't have an animal shelter.  Girl was 
       abnandoned and taken care of by the townspeople.
  046. Where did Dr. Rossi live after he left the beach house?  The Inn?
         [We are pretty sure that he lived at the Inn until Elliot got 
         married and moved in with Constance.]
  xxx. What happened to Matthew Swain's dog Rip?  Did Jerry or Constance 
       take care of him?
  390. It was never explained if the incident of the motorcycle almost 
         hitting Martin Peyton was an accident or an attempted 
  512. Marsha arranged for Tom Winter to do Fred Russell's funeral 
         service, even though he was supposedly no longer a man of the 

Lormer-Jon Lormer:
       Judge Irwin A. Chester [Lee Webber's trial, Martin Peyton's 
         competency hearing, and Kelly Smith's custody hearings.]        
       Occasionally spelled John Lormer in other series.

       [Jess-Belle episode of Twilight Zone.] 
       [Execution episode of Twilight Zone.]
       [Last rites of Jeff Myrtlebank episode of Twilight Zone.] 

       Andy Griffith show.  Bailey's Bad Boy.  Opie's fortune.

  008. Rodney tells Allison that he loves her.  In the mansion.
  013. Rodney tells Allison that he loves her.

Low salt diet:
  339. Dr. Rossi puts Rita on a low salt diet.

  060. Matthew Swain says, "I remember that.  I also remember Lucifer was 
         once an angel." 

  181. Stella Chernak ordered luggage for Richard Jensen.
  270. Elliot almost forgets his luggage at the airport on return from NYC.
  433. Carolyn mentions to Rev. Tom Winter that her parents bought her 
         $200 worth of new luggage.

  027. Dr. Bradley takes Laura Brooks to lunch at the Inn.

Lunch Box:
  339. Leslie tells Chandler that he has his original lunch box.

Lurking and skulking:
  198. Richard Jensen lurks in the hospital parking lot.
  275. Sandy lurks outside the Shoreline garage.
  327. Chandler lurks outside the Carson house.  Rachel whistles for her puppy.
  393. Eddie Jacke lurks outside the Peyton mansion and sees Betty leave.
  400. Lee Webber lurks outside the mill.

Lying on the floor or the ground:
  012. Rodney and Betty after car wreck.
       Norman after getting beat up by Joe, Kitch, and Earl.
       Norman after fighting with Joe Chernak.
       Joe Chernak after fighting with Rodney Harrington.
       Gus Chernak after taking a sledge hammer to mill equipment.
       Gus Chernak after threatening Peyton in the mansion.
       Rachel after fighting with Norman.
       Jack Chandler after fighting with Elliot Carson.
       Jack Chandler after being hit with a rock.
       Jack Chandler after being hit with a candlestick.
  302. Martin Peyton after the fire in the mansion.
       Norman and Joe after car wreck.
       Rodney and Norman after motorcycle accident.
       Susan Winter after falling out of bed.
       Fred Russell after collapsing in his hotel room.