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Andrea Nichols       Bud                  Mrs. Linden          Barmaid
Rodney and           Betty's date         Sales Lady           refusing service to
Norman's friend      for Shoreline        Les Femmes           Norman Harrington
Episode 6            Episode 6            Episode 17           Episode 21
Det. Blaine          Howard King          Mrs. Wagner          Ellen
NYC                  Rent collector       Manhattan            Ellen's
Myron Healy          Davis Realty         Employment agency    Botique NYC
Episode 32           Episode 33, 34       Episode 36           Episode 36
Sharon Purcell       Roy Roberts          Phil                 E. J. Taggert
Betty's friend NYC   Betty's date         Sharon Purcell's     Parole Officer
Dayna Ceder          Sherwood Price       boy friend           Dabbs Greer
Episode 36           Episode 40           Episode 40           Episode 40

Abby Chapman
Faculty Art Exhibit
Peyton College
Episode 43
Mr. Arvin Appraiser  Earl                 Kitch Brunner        Miss Devon
for Calvin Hanley    at the               member of            Organist
George Chandler      Shoreline Cafe       Joe Chernak gang     Wayside Chapel
Episode 49           Episode 51, 55       Episode 52           Episode 69
Mrs. Zito            Janet Sinclair       Bob Sinclair         Mr. Boudreaux
Penny                mother-to-be         new father           Mill foreman
Santon               Bonnie Beecher       uncredited           complaining
Episode 72           Episode 77           Episode 80           Episode 81
Ralph Colby          Mrs. Hewitt          Timothy Banks        Mr. Edwards
Unemployed           boarding             Man who found        Court
loom operator        house                Allison Mackenzie    Clerk
operator             owner manager        James O'Rear         Owen Bush
Episode 99           Episode 106          Episode 132          Episode 138
Howard               Phyllis Sloan        Martha Brown         Dr. Brown
Cable                Marian Fowler's      wife of              married
Efficiency           sister               of                   Norman and Rita
Expert               Bek Nelson           Dr. Brown            Frederick Downs
Episode 148          Episode 154          Episode 172          Episode 172
Karen                Mr. Scott            Charlie              Arthur Crain
Customer at the      California           Manager              Bluff tragedy
Tavern               Luggage              Cider Barrel         witness
Joanna Moore         salesman             Frank London         James Beggs
Episode 178          Episode 181          Episode 214          Episode 222
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Color began 09-12-66
Mrs. Burrows         Mr. Burrows          Boy in Pharmacy who  Saleslady
neighbor of          drives               wants a chocolate    Les Femmes
Rachel Welles        Rachel Welles        soda with            Virginia
and farmer's wife    back to town         plum nut Ice cream   Vincent
Episode 283          Episode 321          Episode 286          Episode 299
Charlie              Barrett Costa        Adrienne             Detective Teal
Cider Barrel         portrait artist      wife of Lt. Gov      Blaine 
Frank London         Don Keefer           Lewis                Detective agency
Episode 310          Episode 337          Episode 341          Episode 341
Asst D. A.           Dick                 Mrs. Thomas          Andy Davies
Jerry Carter         Night Manager        Welfare agent        lobster
William Sargent      Cider Barrel         Stanja Lowe          fisherman
Episode 353          Episode 368          Episode 457          Episode 463
Billy Brown          Mary, maid to        Mary, maid to        Mrs. Charles Foster
Motel Owner          Martin Peyton        Peyton and Cord      wife of 
George Dunn          Rose Hobart          Rose Hobart          philanderer
Episode 350          Episode 277          Episode 365          Episode 383
Donna Franklin       Gladys Roberts       Pat Porter           Un-named Judge
Fred                 High School          friend of            of Dr. Michael 
Russell's            Science Teacher      Carolyn and          F. B. Rossi
girl friend          Mary Jackson [482]   Lydia                Michael Strong
Episode 483          Episode 479          Episode 498          Episode 514

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