MAIN CHARACTERS and recurring characters

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Dr. Michael Rossi    Norman Harrington    Allison Mackenzie    Constance Mackenzie  
New doctor in town   Christopher          Mia                  Allison's mother
Ed Nelson            Connelly             Farrow               Dorothy Malone
Episode 1            Episode 1            Episode 1            Episode 1
Rodney Harrington    Betty Anderson       Leslie Harrington    Julie Anderson
Ryan                 Barbara              Manager Peyton Mill  Betty's mother
O'Neal               Parkins              Paul Langton         Kasey Rogers
Episode 1            Episode 1            Episode 1            Episode 1
Matthew Swain        Laura Brooks         George Anderson      Catherine Marie
Clarion Editor,      Leslie's sister      Betty's father       Peyton Harrington
Publisher, Owner     Patricia             Henry                Mary
Warner Anderson      Breslin              Beckman              Anderson
Episode 1            Episode 2            Episode 5            Episode 5
Dr. Robert Morton    Theodore Dowell      Andrea Dowell        Eli Carson 
Chief-of-staff       Attorney             Wife of Theodore     Father of Elliot
Kent Smith           Patrick Whyte        Heather Angel        Frank Ferguson
Episode 19           Episode 24           Episode 78           Episode 206 
Elliot Carson        Calvin Hanley        Paul Hanley          Rita Jacks
Ex-convict           Pharmacist           Richard              Patricia
Tim O'Connor         Whit Bissell         Evans                Morrow
Episode 34           Episode 36           Episode 38           Episode 52
Grace Morton         Claire Morton        Ada Jacks            Jerry Bedford
Edith                Mariette             Tavern owner         Reverend
Atwater              Hartley              Evelyn Scott         Ted Hartley
Episode 57           Episode 57           Episode 57           Episode 69
David Schuster       Doris Schuster       Kim Schuster         Jerry 
Mill manager         Mother of Kim        Deaf child           Long time
William Smithers     Gail Kobe            Kimberly Beck        Clarion typesetter
Episode 83           Episode 83           Episode 139          Episode 142
Gus Chernak          Anna Chernak mother  Stella Chernak       Joe Chernak
Mill nightwatchman   of Joe and Stella    Micro-biologist      Wharf rat            
Bruce Gordon         Anna Karen           Lee Grant            Don Quine
Episode 138          Episode 139          Episode 111          Episode 87          
Vincent Markham      Kenneth Markham      Hannah Cord          Steven Cord
Physician            Industrialist        Peyton Confidant     Lawyer
Leslie Nielsen       Leslie Nielsen       Ruth Warrick         James Douglas    
Episode 100          Episode 100          Episode 237          Episode 237
Raymond Gorby        John Fowler          Marian Fowler        Russ Gehring
Chauffeur to         Dist. Atty           Wife of Dist. Atty.  Physical Therapist
Martin Peyton        John Kerr            Joan Blackman        David Canary
Episode 70           Episode 117          Episode 133          Episode 134
Constance Mackenzie  John Fowler          Det. Lawrence        Richard Jensen
faux                 Peyton County        California           aka Fred Blair
Lola Albright        Dist. Atty.          Bert                 Stella's friend
Albright             John Kerr            Remsen               Don Gordon
Episode 153          Episode 134          Episode 181          Episode 198
Martin Peyton        Ann Howard           Chris Webber         Lee Webber
Mill owner           Therapist            Law Student          mechanic
George Macready      Susan Oliver         Gary Haynes          Stephen Oliver
Episode 202          Episode 206          Episode 206          Episode 210
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Color began 9-12-66
Sandy Webber         Mary, Maid to        Rachel               Jack Chandler
Waitress             Martin Peyton        Welles               aka Jack Forrest
Lana                 and Steven Cord      Leigh                Rachel's uncle
Wood                 Rose Hobart          Taylor-Young         John Kellogg
Episode 277          Episode 277          Episode 278          Episode 289
Eddie Jacks          Ada Jacks            Rita Jacks           Hannah Cord
Rita's father        Tavern owner         Harrington           Peyton Confidant
Dan Duryea           Evelyn Scott         Patricia Morrow      Ruth Warrick
Episode 372          Episode 364          Episode 510          Episode 289
Adrienne Van Leyden  Martin Peyton        Martin Peyton        Jill Smith
Opportunist          Mill owner           faux                 Joyce Jillson
Gena Rowlands        George Macready      Wilfred Hyde-White   Single mother
Episode 365          Episode 363          Episode 373          Episode 461
Carolyn Russell      Fred Russell         Marsha Russell       Jerry                
Elizabeth            Philanderer          Barbara Joyce        long time            
Walker               Joe Maross           Rush                 Pressman             
Episode 447          Episode 488          Episode 433          Episode 295          
Joe Rossi            Joe Rossi "Harvey"   Jill Smith Rossi     Maggie Riggs         
Michael              Michael              Kelly Smith          widow                
Christian            Christian            Joe Rossi            Florida Friebus      
Episode 445          Episode 430          Episode 473          Episode 505
Rev. Tom Winter      Susan Winter         Susan Winter         Chuck Atwell
Robert Hogan         Diana Hyland         As a brunette        Mario Alcalde
Episode 420          Episode 423          Episode 452          Episode 484
Officer              Police Sgt. William  Joanna Walker        Dr. Michael
Frank                Wilson Walker        WWW's daughter       Rossi
Greg Morris          Morris Buchanan      Jeanne Buckley       Ed Nelson
Episode 131          Episode 501          Episode 477          Episode 514
Dr. Harry Miles      Alma Miles           Lewis Miles          Vickie Fletcher
Percy Rodriguez      Ruby Dee             Glynn Turman         Judy Pace
Episode 503          Episode 501          Episode 505          Episode 501

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