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Conductor            Hattie               Frances              Mrs. Salazar
Charlie Seel         book customer        book customer        Mackenzie maid / cook
Episode 1            Episode 2            Episode 3            Episode 3
Matthew              Seth Clay            Marge                lady
speaks to Dan        patient              waitress             speaking to
on the square        with bad back        Shoreline            Julie Anderson
Episode 4            Episode 4            Episode 6            Episode 10
Jimmy, biker         Allison speaks to    Customer             Mrs. Linden
annoying             Sandy and            leaving              Sales Lady
Allison              Mildred              Book Gallery         Les Femmes
Episode 11           Episode 17           Episode 17           Episode 17
Driver who           Emily Maitland       Cellmate of          Sarah Foley
almost hit           wants Whalers' Rock  Inmate               customer
Eli Carson           post cards           Elliot Carson        Book Gallery
Episode 21           Episode 22           Episode 24           Episode 30
Sam Jolly            Ellen                Milk
Lobsterologist       Ellen's              deliveryman
Chowder Pot          Botique in NYC       Cloverleaf Dairy
Episode 32           Episode 36           Episode 37
Mrs. Reynolds        School Advisor       Elevator             Ambulance driver
Pharmacy             giving advice        operator             going to pick up
Customer             to Allison           NYC                  Elliot Carson
Episode 37           Episode 37           Episode 40           Episode 41
Lucy Frisby          Amy                  Mr. Baskin           Mrs. Miller
school teacher       paying fine          Florist              Mr. Hanley's
Amzie                for overdue book     Constance            Pharmacy
Strickland           Book Gallery         birthday             Customer
Episode 41           Episode 42           Episode 45           Episode 48
John Pearson         Emergency medical    Betty speaks with    EMT Frank
Book Salesman        tech adjusts the     Orderly who has      Speaks to 
at the Book Gallery  valve on O2 tank     patients' trays      Dr. Morton
Episode 51           Episode 52           Episode 55           Episode 61
Walter               Miss Devon           Elliot gives car     Frances Wilkerson 
Newsboy              Wayside Church       keys to Bell Boy at  Biddy, Church
Clarion              Organist             Boston Dorset House  member
Episode 67           Episode 69           Episode 71           Episode 83
Miss Marsh           Li                   Cap and Gown         Mr. Kent
speaks               Chinese              Issuer at the High   Boat repair
with                 college student      School Graduation    Shop owner
Matthew Swain        meets Kim Schuster   Richard Dreyfuss     on the wharf
Episode 85           Episode 88           Episode 94           Episode 106
Harry Fletcher       Sheri Howard         Pete                 Man in bar
Personal aide        College student      Hospital             lusting
to                   Baby                 Delivery             after
Kenneth Markham      sitter               man                  Stella Chernak
Episode 109          Episode 109          Episode 109          Episode 113
Fisherman who        police stenographer  Rev. Bedford         Danny
found                taking Rodney's      Frank, and           Therapy patient
the expired          voluntary            Stella at the        Doctors
Joe Chernak          statement            chowder pot          Hospital
Episode 113          Episode 117          Episode 125          Episode 134
Girl                 Sam Jolly            Lobster              Mr. Sanford
Therapy patient      Chowder Pot          delivery man         newsman at Fowler
Doctors              cafe on              on the               news
Hospital             wharf                wharf                conference
Episode 134          Episode 134          Episode 134          Episode 136
Howard               Man in bar           Mark                 Mark
Cable                Freddy [Mario]       Playing              Therapy
Efficiency           lusting after        guitar               patient
Expert               Stella Chernak       backwards            Doctors Hospital
Episode 148          Episode 157          Episode 156          Episode 156
Freddy [Mario]       Mr. O'Brien          Eli Carson speaks    Martha Brown
harassing            Mill                 to Ron               wife of
Mr. Prohaska         Accountant           Cloverleaf Dairyman  minister
Episode 159          Episode 159          Episode 161          Episode 172
Dr. Brown            Mr. Scott            Miss Byrd            Jessica
Frederick            Luggage salesman     saleslady            Therapy Patient
Downs                California           Les Femmes botique   Doctors Hospital
Episode 172          Episode 181          Episode 202          Episode 206
Emergency Medical    Man on wharf         Rossi talks with 
Technician tending   almost hit by        Freddy [Mario] 
Chris Webber         Lee Webber           Lee's friend 
Episode 237          Episode 250          Episode 255
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Color began 09-12-66 
Airline Pilot        Jail barber          Harasser             Mrs. Burrows 
White River          for                  in                   warns Dr. Rossi 
Airport              Lee Webber           phone booth          about Jack Chandler
Episode 270          Episode 272          Episode 279          Episode 283 
Tommy Magnusen       A couple of          Girl soda jerk       Boy in Pharmacy who
Lobsterman           harassers            relieving            wants a soda with
Charles Thompson     calling Constance    Rita Jacks           plum nut Ice cream
Episode 285          Episode 285          Episode 286          Episode 286
Newton               Robert               Saleslady            Eli introduces 
young boy on         friend               Les Femmes           Rachel to
the square           of Lee Webber        Virginia Vincent     Miss Hunt 
Episode 292          Episode 299          Episode 299          Episode 301 
New Pharmacist       Kid                  Mario                Mrs. Linden 
Peyton               Eating Spaghetti     Friend of            General Store 
Pharmacy             Mamasito's           Lee Webber           customer
Episode 308          Episode 313          Episode 314          Episode 326
Adrienne, wife of    Lt Gov Lewis Foster  Edward               Mr. Jordan 
Lt Gov Lewis Foster  Steven Cord's 28th   Unveiller of         Cemetary 
Birthday Party       Birthday Party       Betty's portrait     official 
Episode 341          Episode 341          Episode 341          Episode 345
Telephone            Mr. Grayson          Billy Brown          Mill Guard
Operator             Boston Jeweler       Motel Owner          Peyton 
Night School         to Peyton            George Dunn          Mill 
Episode 345          Episode 349          Episode 350          Episode 364 
Dock                 Taxi driver          Two fishermen        Rita
workers              for Betty, at        walking              walks past
at the               at the Boston        on the               Martin Peyton's
Peyton mill          Townhouse            wharf                gardener
Episode 371          Episode 372          Episode 374          Episode 378
Catering             Dick                 Laurie               Sarah
truck                Night Manager        Blonde Waitress      Mrs. Hewitt's
operator             Cider                Cider Barrel         Roomer
at hospital          Barrel               Baby Sitter          Sarah Taft
Episode 380          Episode 402          Episode 402          Episode 425
Bus Driver           Richard Bates        Church Organist      Pat Porter
who takes            son of               for Rodney and       friend of
Eddie Jacks away     Detective Bates      Betty's wedding      Carolyn Russell
Episode 429          Episode 432          Episode 436          Episode 439
Edith, un-wed        Three Bikers         Harrington Brothers  Bikers
Mother-to-be         leaving Harrington   Motorcycle shop      Dave and
Pam McMyler          Motorcycle Shop      Customer             Kenneth
Episode 443          Episode 450          Episode 450          Episode 450
Girl dancing         Lady annoyed         Nancy                Dennis
with Joe Rossi       by a drunk           Shoreline Cafe       Science Student
Shoreline Cafe       Susan Webber         singer               Robert Dunlap
Episode 451          Episode 458          Episode 470          Episode 479
Lydia MacLaughlin    Patricia Anne        Munsen               Mr. Hagen 
Lynn                 Cheney               Hannah's             Motel 
James                Trish O'Herlihy      chauffeur            owner manager 
Episode 479          Episode 484          Episode 506          Episode 514 

065. The Lt. Governor's last name is Foster.

Main Characters

Minor characters