016. Rossi and Constance arrive at the beach house.
  029. Laura Brooks visits Dr. Rossi at the beach house.
  031. Constance calls on Dr. Rossi at the beach house.
  046. Paul comes to visit Rossi in the beach house.
  047. Elliot tells Rossi he wants the beach house back.
  048. Rossi gives up the beach house to Elliot.
  050. Elliot returns to beach house and finds Elizabeth's diary.
  052. Rossi tells Paul that he is staying at the Inn.
  070. Elliot marries Constance and they later leave for Boston.
  071. Rossi moves back into the beach house.
  077. Elliot greets Allison on her return home.
  165. Rossi takes Stella to the beach house.
  205. Rossi sees Ann near the bluff from the beach house.
  221. Ann visits Rossi at the beach house.
       Joe Rossi is waiting upstairs in the beach house as Michael comes home.
  276. Norman and Rita find Rachel near her farmhouse in Hastings Valley.
  498. Charlie Devin Ridgewell Lake.

Cabin-Old Log Cabin:
  276. Norman and Rita find Rachel.

Cable report:
  148. Howard Cable comes to Peyton Place. 
  159. David Schuster shows Cable Report to Peyton at the mill.  

  055. Dr. Morton receives a cablegram from his daughter Claire in Peru.

  121. Leslie calls a cab from the Colonial Post Inn to the airport.
  373. Betty spies on Steven and Adrienne in Boston.
  435. Steven is tricked into meeting with Hannah Cord.

Call to the phone:
  177. Robert calls Leslie to the phone at the Inn.

Calvin Hanley:
  036. Paul Hanley is mentioned as Ada talks with Elliot.
  037. Elliot comes into the Pharmacy to get some pills for Eli.
  037. Calvin Hanley says he visits his daughter's grave every week.
  038. Elliot sees Paul Hanley through the window of the Chandlery.
  038. Elliot goes out to talk with Paul.
  039. Calvin Hanley sells Allison a lipstick.
  039. Calvin Hanley is asked by Matthew about his electric razor.
  039. Alison helps Paul open a package at the college.
  041. Paul talks with Calvin outside the Pharmacy.
  042. Allison asks Paul if he is excited about his new class.
  043. Paul talks with Allison and Rodney at the College Faculty Art Exhibit.
  044. Paul drives Allison home from the art exhibit.
  044. Betty goes in to the Pharmacy for hot chocolate.
  044. Allison asks Calvin Hanley what happened to his soda jerk.  Flirted.
  044. Calvin Hanley refuses to supply Paul with narcotics.
  045. Paul drives Allison home from a movie at the college.
  047. Attorney Wainwright visits Calvin at the Pharmacy after hours.
  048. Elliot forces his way into the Pharmacy and talks with Calvin.
  048. Calvin calls Leslie Harrington.
  048. Paul finally pays his bill at the Book Gallery.
  048. Calvin Hanley collapses and dies in front of his Pharmacy.
  049. Paul assists Mr. Arvin with inventory of Calvin's possessions.
  xxx. Paul moves in the Apartment.
  xxx. Paul moves out of the Apartment.
  073. Rodney and friends paint the apartment.
  073. Rodney and Norman move into Calvin's old apartment.
  174. Rodney moves out of the apartment and Rita moves in.

  339. Norman mentions boiled dead camels for making coffee.

Cameo Roles:
  003. Catherine Peyton Harrington
  072. Mrs. Zito-Penny Santon, 65 seconds.
       Calvin Hanley-Whit Bissel
       Stella Chernak-Lee Grant
       Susan Purcell-Dayna Ceder
       Roy Roberts-Sherwood Price
       Anna Chernak-Anna Karen
       Gus Chernak-Bruce Gordon
       Joe Chernak-Don Quine
       Anna Chernak-Anna Karen
       Judge Irwin A. Jessup-Curt Conway
       Judge Irwin A. Chester-Jon Lormer
       Judge Whitley at Betty's annulment
       Attorney McVeigh at Betty's annulment
       Al Pearson, body shop mechanic-Jack Dodson
       Joe Pearson, book salesman-uncredited
       David Schuster-William Smithers
       Doris Schuster-Gail Kobe
       Kim Schuster-Kimberly Beck
       Mrs. Hewitt-Maxine Stuart
       Attorneys Kennerly and Wainwright
       Claire Morton-Mariette Hartley
       Dr. Vincent Markham-Leslie Nielson
       Miss Nolan-Penelope Gillette
       Kenneth Markham-Leslie Nielson
       Ann Howard-Susan Oliver
       John Fowler-John Kerr
       Rachel Welles--Leigh Taylor-Young
       Jack Chandler-John Kellogg
       Raymond Gorby, Peyton's man-uncredited
       Eddie Jacks-Dan Duryea
       Tom Winter-Robert Hogan
       Susan Winter-Diana Hyland
       Adrienne Van Leyden-Gena Rowlands
       Jill Smith-Joyce Jillson
       Joe Rossi-Michael Christian
       Marsha, Carolyn, and Fred Russell
  513. Judge of Michael Rossi-Michael Strong
       Mrs. Reynolds
  425. Sara-Sara Taft [Sarah] [TZ and OL]

  145. Eli tells Elliot that he ordered a camera with more geegaws 
         than a walrus has whiskers. 
  288. Peyton knocks a Speed Graphic camera out of the hands of a newsman.
  292. Eli uses a Polaroid camera to record Matthew's first visit to square.
  364. Eli uses a Polaroid camera to photograph Constance and Matthew.
  421. Friends take picture of Susan Winter in the Pillory.
  430. Carolyn takes a picture of Constance using a miniature camera.
  430. Carolyn takes a picture of Joe Rossi using a miniature camera.
  430. Joe takes picture of Carolyn.

  227. Norman and Rita roast weanies over a campfire.

  275. Norman and Rita plan to go camping.

      In 1956 Canadian Customs banned the book Peyton Place from entering 
      Canada.  Dell Books appealed the ruling to a tribunal of the Tariff 
      Board, which agreed it wasn't immoral.  The Tribunal suggested that 
      Customs can't do the job properly and that the task should be given 
      to another body.  [This site had promised to pertain to the TV Series 
      only, so please excuse this deviation.]

   Betty tells Steven she wants to vacation in Canada. 

Canadian Honkers:
057. Ellion mentions Canadian Honkers.

Canadians in Peyton Place:
       Henry Beckman-George Anderson
       James Doohan-Thomas the chauffeur, one of two actors playing Thomas.
       Barbara Parkins-Betty Anderson Harrington Cord Harrington.
       Leslie Nielsen-Dr. Vincent Markham and twin brother Kenneth Markham.

Canadians not in Peyton Place:
       Jay Silverheels-Tonto
       William Shatner-some sci-fi series or other.
       Michael J. Fox-Family, Family Ties, Back to the future.

  003. Allison fixes a candle-lit dinner for Constance and herself.
  303. After the mansion fire, Steven uses a three leg candelabra to look around.
  321. Rachel uses a candle to look aroung the farm house.

  303. After the mansion fire, Steven uses a three leg candelabra to look around.
  321. Rachel uses a candle to look aroung the farm house.

  321. Rachel hits Chandler on the head with a candlestick.

Candy-stripers, nurses aides, helpers at the hospital:
  048. Betty sings to Lucy Adams.
  050. Betty interviews with miss Choate for a job at the hospital.
  051. Miss Choate fusses at Betty about a missed alcohol rub.
  134. Marian Fowler hits Allison with her car.
  136. Marian Fowler was a volunteer in physical therapy.
  179. Marian Fowler calls from California and talks with officer Frank.
  183. Marian Fowler returns to Peyton Place.
  184. Marian Fowler gives a statement to the police.
  149. Betty gets caught by Choate with stolen personnel records.
  150. Betty is fired by Dr. Rossi.
  151. Martin Peyton returns to Peyton Place for Rodney's trial.
  160. Betty is hired by Martin Peyton.
  282. Rachel is working in the hospital.
  289. Mrs. Healey pushes a bookmobile.
  290. Mrs. Healey tends to Rachel and has trouble with Chandler.
  291. Mrs. Healey brushes Rachel's hair.
  299. Rachel comes in to talk to Dr. Rossi about a job.  
  299. Rachel is staying with the Carsons.
  463. Jill goes in Susan Winter's hospital room to visit.
  464. Jill goes in Rodney's hospital room to visit.
  464. Jill goes in Rossi's office to visit.

  009. Matthew Swain fires the cannon at the festival.
  431. Steven Cord fires the cannon at the festival.

Caramels-Chocolate Caramels:
  289. Jack Chandler brings Rachel chocolate caramels.

  052. Norman builds a house of cards.

  xxx. Hannah Cord was housekeeper to Martin Peyton for almost 30 years.
       Laurie, waitress at the Cider Barrel also does babysitting.
       Sheri Howard, college student, does babysitting.
       Norman and Rita take care of Kelly Smith.
       Elliot and Constance take care of Kelly Smith.
       Betty Anderson takes care of Baby Matthew.
       Rachel Welles takes care of Baby Matthew.
       Eli Carson takes care of Baby Matthew.

Carolyn-Carolyn Roth, actress who plays a nurse:

Carolyn-Carolyn Russell:
  431. Carolyn runs the Pillory and meets Joe Rossi.
  433. Carolyn talks with Rev. Winter at the Cider Barrell.
  445. Carolyn and Jeff talk with Marsha.
  483. Carolyn goes to Boston to see her father.
  497. Rossi takes Carolyn to the Tommy Magnuson's Lobster Market on the wharf. 
  484. Carolyn stays with Patricia Ann Cheney after returning from Boston.
  509. Carolyn wheels around in a wheelchair in the hospital.

Carolyn Russell closing credits:
  431. Tippy Walker as Carolyn Russell.
  432. Tippy Walker as Carolyn Russell.
  433. Elizabeth Walker as Carolyn Russell.
  441. Elizabeth Walker as Carolyn Russell.

  050. Elliot Carson buys an old car for $50.  Allison says, "That's a 
         good price.
  060. Paul Hanley drives Rodney to the Harrington mansion.
  061. Paul Hanley drives outside of town to meet with Leslie.
  072. Norman buys a car.  $50 down.  $50 a month.
  072. Rodney tells Norman that he shouldn't have bought a car.
  073. Dowell asks Rodney why Norman bought a car.
  076. Rodney kicks the tires on Norman's car.
  104. Joe Chernak spent some time on an honor farm for stealing a car.
  129. David and Doris Schuster get out of a car in front of the Town Hall.
  202. Steven buys a new car.
  225. Ann Howard buys a car from Steven.
       Norman buys an old car.
       Eddie Jacks buys an old jalopy.
  313. Dr. Rossi buys a sports car.
  363. Lee drives the limousine to the square and takes some papers to 
  363. Lee drives Adrienne and Peyton to Boston to see a lawyer.
  375. Lee drives the limousine to the square.
  444. Norman drives up in what appears to be Eddie Jacks' old jalopy.

  159. Judge Carter, Leslie Harrington mentions for Rodney's trial. 
  353. Asst. D. A. Jerry Carter.
  396. Asst. D. A. Jerry Carter and Eddie Jacks bail. 
  508. Asst. D. A. Jerry Carter.
  510. Asst. D. A. Jerry Carter.
  514. Asst. D. A. Jerry Carter.

Cash Registers:
  002. The cash register in the Book Gallery.
  022. The cash register in the Book Gallery.  Mrs. Maitland
  033. The cash register in the Chandlery.
  037. The cash register in the Pharmacy.  Calvin Hanley, Elliot.
  038. The cash register in the Chandlery.  Elliot returning from prison.
  047. Rossi puts tape in Constance cash register.
  056. The cash register in the Woodfinch 5 & 10 variety.
  081. The cash register in the Chandlery.
  310. The cash register in the Cider Barrel.
  512. The cash register in the Harrington Motorcycle Shop.  Betty Norman
       The cash register in the General Store.
       The cash register in the Les Femmes botique.
       The cash register in Ada Jacks' Tavern.

  288. Betty refers to the castle.
       It is also referred to in Return to Peyton Place. 

Catty conversations:
  201. Betty and Hannah talk.

  023. Catherine Peyton Harrington is buried.
  037. Calvin tells Elliot he visits his daughter's grave every sunday.
  182. Gus Chernak's body heads for the cemetary.
  295. Rossi and Peyton meet at the cemetary.
  345. Steven calls Mr. Jordan at the cemetary.
  345. Norman Harrington place flowers on his mother Catherine's grave.
  345. Martin Peyton places flowers on the grave of his daughter Catherine.
  387. Peyton sits on a concrete bench in the cemetary.  He tells Lee that 
         his family has been a total disappointment to him. 
  398. Adrienne Van Leyden is buried.  Betty faints.
  390. Lee Webber drives Peyton to the cemetary.
Chairs-people who sit in the wrong chair:
  268. Betty sits in Steven's lap.
  278. Chris sits in the witness chair when court is not in session.
  297. Rachel sits in Rossi's chair.
       Norman sits in Peyton's motorized wheelchair.
       Allison sits in Rossi's chair.

Chamber of Commerce building-also known as bank building:
  013. George says he intends to buy Amos Barkley's insurance business.
  017. The building which houses the Amos Barkley's insurance office was 
         identified as the Chamber of Commerce building.  Later it is called 
         the bank building.  It backs up to the hospital.
       Theodore Dowell's law offices are above the bank.
  268. Betty drives up and goes in Steven's office.
Chandler-Jack Chandler:
  283. Mrs. Burrows warns Dr. Rossi about Jack Chandler.
  287. Rachel stabs herself in fear of being turned over to Chandler.
  289. Jack Chandler arrives at the police station to get Rachel.
  292. Jack Chandler talks to Rachel in the courthouse with a policeman 
         standing outside the interview room.
  297. Jack Chandler asks Rodney to fix his car.
  297. Chandler pays Rodney $15.00, half of his bill for battery.
  297. Buys battery from Rodney.
  307. Chandler says he has his farm up for sale.
  307. Chandler helps Rodney bleed brake fluid.
  315. Chandler is working a split shift at the mill.
  320. Leslie tells Ada that he gave Chandler a job at the mill.
  320. Chandler talks to Frank the bartender at the Inn.
  321. Chandler is lurking on the square.
  322. Chandler pays $2.50 Rodney for a half tank of gas.
  322. Chandler surprises Rachel in the farmhouse.
  323. Rachel finds Chandler's belt buckle with initials JF.
  323. Rachel clobbers Chandler with a candlestick.
  324. Rachel's puppy finds the belt buckle.
  325. Chandler goes in the Book Gallery to buy hunting & fishing magazine.
  327. Chandler goes in the Clarion to talk with Elliot.
  328. Chandler walks by the Book Gallery carrying Rachel's puppy.
  329. Chandler is packing his suitcase as Rachel knocks.
  330. Rachel goes to Chandler's room in the boarding house to talk.
  331: Chandler offers to buy Eli a drink.
  334. Jack Chandler was in a Texas prison in 1956.
  336. Chandler asks Leslie for $2000 for a trip.
  336. Elliot calls Jack Forrest on the wharf and Jack Chandler responds.
  337. Fights with Elliot on the wharf.
  337. Chandler is interviewed by the police in the hospital.
  342. Chandler gives Eli a dime to call the Clarion.
  342. Steals $5.00 worth of gas from Rodney.
  349. Kidnaps Rachel.
  351. Rachel escapes from Chandler.
  355. Chandler drives his newly stolen fast car.
  355. Chandler goes in a diner.  Police drive up.  Chandler splits.
  358. Escapes from jail.
  366. Shot by police and dies.
  367. Clarion Headline:  POLICE BULLET KILLS CHANDLER.

  187. Eli announces that he is closing the Chandlery and opening a 
       General Store in the same location, on the corner by the Clarion 
       near the fire station.

Changes and corrections:
  151. The name Golby was changed to Gorby because of Rodney's 
       pronunciation of the name in episode 151.

Chapel in Owen's Ridge.
  173. Norman and Rita are married in the Wayside Chapel in Owen's Ridge. 

  295. Rachel's aunt went to Charlestown, where there is a state prison, and 
         came back with Chandler, with only the clothes on his back.

Charlie-Charlie Devlin:
  162. Charlie Devlin, a prospective juror in the Rodney Harrington murder 
         trial says he was on the Elizabeth Carson murder trial jury.  Judge 
         Jessup excuses him. 

Charlie-Charlie Hagen-White River Herald.
  359. Charlie Hagen will run the Clarion temporarily as Elliot leaves.
  514. Mr. Hagen runs a motel that Fred used.

Charlie Killigrew:
  500. Eli buys a suit from Charlie Killigrew.

  000. Harrington drives his own big car, the biggest in town.
  070. Thomas.  Chauffeur to Martin Peyton.  [James Doohan].
  151. Rodney refers to Gorby as Peyton's former Chauffeur.  However it 
         is James Doohan, as Thomas.  One of two Thomases. 
  163. Thomas relays invitation to Norman to dinner at the Peyton mansion.
  180. Peyton asks Thomas to take an envelope to the desk at the Inn for 
         Rodney.  It contains $1000 for Rodney's 21st birthday.
  314. Thomas decides to get married and resigns his position with Peyton.
  315. Peyton tells Steven and Betty that Thomas has given notice.
  318. Lee Webber is hired as chauffeur.
       Lee and Eddie drive around in the limousine.
  400. Lee Webber dies.
       An un-named chauffeur drives Peyton to the Boston clinic.
  505. Munsen.  Chauffeur to Hannah Cord.

Chauffeuring or driving around:
       Rodney drives Dr. Rossi to the Inn.
       Rodney drives Betty to the mill.
       Rodney drives Betty home.
       Rodney drives Allison home.
       Paul Hanley drives Allison home.
       Paul Hanley drives Elliot Carson to the Clarion.
       Paul Hanley drives George to thetavern.
       Paul Hanley drives George to the Harrington mansion.
       The Chernaks are driven home after Joe's funeral.
       Norman and Rita drive Rodney and Betty to Boston.
  171. Elliot drives Ada and Rita home to the tavern.
       Eddie takes Norman and Rita for a drive in his jalopy.
  402. A chauffeur drives Martin Peyton to Boston.
  458. Rev. Winter is driven to the home of his church superior.
  479. Betty accompanies Peyton's body back from Boston.
       Steven is driven to the attorneys office building in Boston.
       Steven Cord is driven to a rendezvous with Hannah Cord.

       Kenneth Markham gives Rossi a check for $10,000.
  180. Rodney receives a $1000 check from Peyton for his 21st birthday.
  388. Peyton shows Lee Webber a check for $450,000.
  490. Steven tells Betty and Rodney that banker Tomlinson told him to 
         return the check to Betty for the mansion. 

  030. Julie has finished with the checkbook in the Anderson Insurance office.
  315. Martin Peyton has trouble with his checkbook since Hannah left.
  388. Eddie announces that he has a checking account, and pays Rodney.
  388. Peyton shows Lee a check for $450,000.

  xxx. Plays checkers.
  xxx. Eli plays checkers.

       Eli tells Matthew Swain that he will miss playing checkers with him.
  462. Norman plays checkers with Rodney in the hospital.

  295. Constance brings Matthew to Rossi for his checkup.  Rachel is there.

  064. Chess board in hospital break room.
  157. Steven tells Peyton that he has exposed his king.
  160. Peyton asks Betty if she plays chess.  She doesn't.
  162. An angry Peyton sits at the chessboard.
  164. Peyton is sitting at a turned chessboard.
  233. Peyton plays black.
  273. Peyton asks Norman if he plays chess.
  274. Peyton tells Fowler he has never been able to solve a particular 
         chess problem.  Fowler says he's not a chess expert.
  402. Steven throws the black king in the fireplace.
  491. Steven plays chess with Susan Winter in the livingroom of the 

Chester-Judge Irwin A. Chester:
  272. Judge Chester presides over the Lee Webber, murder hearing..
  342. Judge Chester had appointed Steven Cord acting Dictrict Attorney..
  385. Judge Chester presides over the Martin Peyton, competency hearing.
  396. Eddie Jacks is arraigned in Judge Chester's court..
  459. Judge Chester presides over the custody Hearing concerning Kelly 
         Smith with Mrs. Thomas and Jill Smith. 

Child Welfare Bureau:
       Social workers Mrs. Frank and Mrs. Thomas.
  301. Mrs. Frank, involved in Rachel's case.  Only mentioned.
  459. Mrs. Thomas, involved in Kelly's case.

Childrens wing at the hospital:
       The reason for the second festival.  Susan Winter solicits donations 
         and newspaper space.

Chin Grabs:
  See also grabs:
  047. In his office, Leslie grabs Julie's chin.
       Stella grabs Gus' chin to get his attention.
  168. Norman grabs Rita's chin and kisses her.
  297. Steven grabs Betty's chin.
  328. Rachel is talking to Lee.  Betty comes in.  Lee grabs Betty's chin.
  331. Steven grabs Betty's chin and kisses her.
  335. Steven, with a cigarette in his hand, grabs Betty angrily.
  377. Steven grabs Adrienne angrily.
  388. Steven grabs Adrienne's chin and kisses her.
  391. Steven grabs Adrienne's chin and kisses her.

  088. Li, a chinese girl at Peyton College puppet show.  The only 
         known oriental in the series.

Chino, minimum security prison in California:
  181. Richard Jensen spent time in Chino prison for industrial secret 
         theft.  [Chino Nino is the professional name of Jeffrey Gwen, rap 
         artist.  This has nothing to do with Peyton Place.] 

  xxx. Miss Choate appears in approximately 89 episodes.
  050. Betty interviews with miss Choate for job as nurse's aide.
  055. Miss Choate harasses Betty about hospital rules.
  061. The name Mrs. Choate is in the closing credits.
  062. The name Mrs. Choate is in the closing credits.
  063. The name miss Choate is in the closing credits.
  064. Miss Choate introduces Claire to Betty.
  080. Miss Choate harasses Betty.
  082. Claire asks miss Choate about Dr. Robert Morton.
  082. Rossi tells Betty to apologize to miss Choate.
  086. Betty apologizes to miss Choate.
  090. Miss Choate talks with Betty about the bus accident.
  091. Dr. Rossi tells miss Choate to take Vincent to Dr. Robert Morton.
  124. Miss Choate is working as the duty nurse as Constance goes in to 
         see Dr. Morton for a check up.
  127. Elliot and Constance go to the Information Desk and ask miss
     Choate about Allison who has just suffered a hit-and-run 
  130. Miss Choate asks Betty if she has checked the linens yet.
  134. Miss Choate greets Doris and starts organizing the volunteers.
  135. Rossi tells Stella that miss Choate wants her personnel file.
  147. Name plate on door of ESTHER CHOATE.
  149. Choate had three dogs named Brandy.
  149. Rossi asks Choate for career history on Stella Charnak.
  149. Choate asks Betty for career history on Stella Charnak.
  149. Chandler asks Choate if she has found replacement for Mrs. Fowler.
  149. Choate says she will fill in for Mrs. John Fowler at 4:00.
  162. Choate is called for jury duty, and after questioning, is excused.
  269. Choate helps Constance to her room, to await delivery.

  004. George brings a 5-pound box of chocolates to Betty.
  047. Julie brings a box of chocolates to George in the Sanitarium.
  289. Chandler brings chocolate caramels to Rachel in her hospital room.
  331. Chandler says he went to White River to buy chocolates for Rachel. 

Chocolate cake.
  298. Constance tells Betty she makes chocolate cake from scratch not a 

Chocolate Caramels:
  289. Chandler brings chocolate caramels to Rachel in her hospital room. 

Chocolate Ice Cream:
  164. Peyton wants Ice Cream to be served when Norman and Rita dine 
         with him.  Hannah suggests chocolate.

Chocolate Soda with plum nut ice cream:
  286. A young boy orders a treat at the Pharmacy.

       Leslie takes Norman and Rita to the "Chowder Pot."
  270. Eli calls Elliot a "chowder head."
  306. Ada fixes fish chowder and offers some to Chris Webber at the piano.
  308. Rita returns a bailed chowder pot to her mother at the Tavern.
  341. Rossi treats Rachel to seafood chowder.
  377. As Eddie sings "Galway Bay," Rita asks her mother for a bowl of chowder.
  421. The CHOWDER POT cafe sign is seen through the window of the Cider 

Chowder pot:
  104. Norman and Rita eat at the Chowder Pot.
  308. Rita returns a bailed chowder pot to her mother at the Tavern.
  421. The CHOWDER POT cafe sign is seen through a window of the Cider 

Chris Webber:
  220. Chris Webber writes to Sandy that he is coming home for the holidays.
  223. Chris arrives in Peyton Place by Interstate bus.
  226. Chris plays with the band at the Shoreline teen hangout.
  242. Chris asks Allison to take the bus to Boston with him.  Allison agrees.
  249. Ada unplugs the juke-box so Chris can play the piano.
  249. Chris confesses that Lee, not Ann pushed him off Bluff.

       Chris tells Allison that she can't love anyone.

  268. Chris goes to see Steven to complain about his representing Lee.
  302. Chris steals Ada's gun.
  310. Steven accuses Lee of taking the gun.
  310. Chris and Sandy leave to go to a movie.
  311. Chris shoots Steven Cord somewhat by accident.
  312. Chris leaves Peyton Place by bus.

Christine-Christine Gordon, maid to the Harringtons:
  016. Betty takes magazines from Christine upstairs to Catherine. 
  017. Christine is told by Leslie, to call Betty, "Mrs. Harrington."
  025. Christine inherits $1000 from Catherine Peyton Harrington.

  008. Rodney defines chrysanthemum as "golden flower."

Churches and Chapels:
  069. Wayside Church in Peyton Place-Elliot & Constance wed by Jerry Bedford.
       Wayside Chapel in Owens Ridge-Norman & Rita wed by Dr. Brown & Martha.
       Peyton mansion-Steven & Betty
       Church-Rodney and Betty-Rev. Tom Winter
       Courthouse-Joe & Jill.

  023. Catherine Peyton is buried.
       Peyton and Rossi meet up at the cemetary.
       Peyton and Norman meet up at the cemetary.

Cider Barrel:
  181. Leslie & Julie meet at Cider Barrel to talk about Rodney & Betty.
  210. Dr. Rossi and Ann eat at the Cider Barrel.
  230. Chris, Allison, and Rodney come into the Cider Barrel separately.
  391. Rodney goes into the Cider Barrel to talk with Norman.
  391. Rodney offers to loan Norman his car so he and Rita can take a trip. 
       Jill dumps Kelly at the Cider Barrel.
       Dick, night manager at the Cider Barrel when Kelly arrives.
       Dr. Rossi arrives at the Cider Barrel to care for Kelly.
       Dr. Rossi and Laurie take Kelly to Doctors Hospital.
  401. Charlie is wiping a table as Elliot and Constance come in.
  401. Elliot asks Constance why she is so upset over the death of Adrienne.
  433. Laura (or Laurie) is working at the Cider Barrel.
  447. Fred and Carolyn meet at the Cider Barrel to talk about Fred and 
         Marsha and the family.  
  499. Dr. Rossi orders a cup of Cider from Laura (Laurie).
  499. Dr. Rossi joins Betty at her table.
  505. Sgt. William Wilson Walker talks with Lew.  Lew complains about Carolyn.
  513. Dr. Miles and Lew talk in the Cider Barrel.

Cigar Store:
  387. Lee parks the Peyton limousine in front of the Cigar Store and 
         walks up the stairs to Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house.

Cinnamon Sticks at the Cider Barrel:
  181. Leslie Harrington and Julie Anderson.
  197. Richard Jensen and Steven Cord.

  300. Chandler gave up his claim to Rachel.

Clandestine meeting:
       Paul Hanley and Leslie Harrington drive outside of twn to talk.
  376. Elliot witnessed a clandestine meeting between Eddie Jacks and 
         Leslie Harrington.


  001. Allison takes her column to Matthew Swain.
  009. Constance goes in the Clarion to talk with Matthew Swain.
       above entry in work

Clarion Headlines:
  117. MAN FOUND DEAD wharf is scene of mystery death.
  118. MAN FOUND DEAD wharf is scene of mystery death.
Clarion Headlines framed on north wall inside newspaper office:
  002. PEACE.

Class Ring:
  324. Steven wears a class ring on a finger of his right hand.
Classical references:
  060. Matthew Swain speaks of Lucifer.
  060. Paul Hanley tells Allison the Herman Melville story of Billy Budd.
  323. Crime and Punishment.

  014. Justice of the peace conducts Rodney and Betty's wedding.
  069. Rev. Jerome Jerry Bedford conducts Constance and Elliot's wedding.
       Julie encourges Betty to date Rev. Bedford.
  171. Dr. Brown conducts Norman and Rita's wedding.
  398. Minister at Adrienne's funeral.
  419. Rev. Tom Winter pulls Norman and Joe Rossi out of wrecked car.
  436. Rev. Tom Winter conducts Rodney and Betty's second wedding.
  458. Rev. Gates is Tom Winter's superior in Boston.  [Godfather movie].
  468. Rev. Goodfellow, replaced Tom Winter.
  447. Rev. Tom Winter mentions a Rev. Payne of White River.
  480. Rev. Sykes officiates at Martin Peyton's funeral.
       Ex-rev. Tom Winter agrees to Marsha's request for him to conduct 
         Fred's funeral. 

  161. Clover Dairy deliveryman is writing on his clipboard.
  270. Dr. Rossi comes out of the elevator carrying a metal clipboard.  
         Matthew Carson has just been born. 

  027. Julie clobbers George with a telephone in the Anderson home.
  323. Rachel clobbers Chandler with a candlestick in the farmhouse.
       Catherine hit and killed Elizabeth.
       Elliot hit George.

Cloud nine:
  410. Betty tells Rodney that she has fallen off cloud nine.  She has taken 
         off Steven's ring.

Cloverleaf Dairy:
  037. Milk is delivered to the Mackenzie back door.

     . Constance cuts her hand on a broken ornament.
  047. Constance is helped by Rossi putting tape in her cash register.
  281. Rossi bumps his head on the credenza.
  052. Leslie razes Norman's house of cards.

  029. Leslie tells Laura he is going to fight Catherine's codicil.
       Kennerly rides the train to Peyton Place bringing the codicil.

  010. Dr. Rossi offers Betty a cup of coffee at the festival.
  011. Matthew offers Constance some coffee.
  012. Matthew offers Julie some coffee.
  015. Constance offers Dr. Rossi some coffee.
  017. Christine serves Betty coffee with no cream or sugar.
  021. At the Harrington house, Betty offers Allison coffee.
  024. Leslie asks Christine to bring in coffee for the reading of will.
  034. Constance and Julie are drinking coffee in the Mackenzie house.
  042. Betty is drinking coffee as Julie comes down the stairs.
  044. Betty orders coffee in Calvin Hanley's Pharmacy.
  059. Paul takes Norman to the Inn and Norman orders coffee.
  161. Eli offers to by Leslie a cup of coffee.
  165. Stella agrees to go to Rossi's for coffee.
  166. Betty asks Rossi why he never took her out for coffee.
  167. Norman comes into the Pharmacy as Rita is making coffee.
  168. Rodney drinks coffee in the apartment.
  173. Rodney offers Leslie coffee in the apartment.
  177. Eli offers newlyweds Norman and Rita coffee.
  185. Constance gives Eli a cup of coffee.
  186. Stella is in Ada's drinking coffee as Steven comes in.
  188. Stella serves herself coffee in the Pharmacy with Rita in back room.
  195. Steven is in Ada's drinking coffee as Ada comes over to cheer him up.
  206. Rita tells Rossi that Ann takes her coffee with cream but no sugar. 
  230. Sandy serves Chris Webber coffee at the Cider Barrel.
  231. On the square, Chris tells Allison he takes his coffee black.
  248. Steven orders coffee black at the Pharmacy.
  267. Constance is drinking coffee as Eli assembles a model ship.
  268. Betty intercepts a cup of coffee from Mrs. Nolan and takes it to Steven.
  269. Rodney pours a cup of coffee for Martin Peyton in the mansion.
  271. Betty and Steven have coffee in the Pharmacy.
  277. Peyton asks Mary to bring him a cup of coffee.
  278. Ralph tells Chris he has time to get a cup of coffee.
  284. Rita has fixed bacon, fried egg sandwich, and coffee for Rachel.
  286. Constance offers Leslie coffee when he brings present for Matthew.
  297. Chandler offers to buy Rodney a cup of coffee.
  299. In the Pharmacy Rodney offers to buy Rachel a cup of coffee.
  304. Constance excuses herself to go fix coffee.
  305. In the Pharmacy, Rita takes a ham sandwich and coffee to Rodney.
  307. Rodney offers to buy Constance a cup of coffee.
  309. Rodney offers to buy Constance a cup of coffee.
  313. Returning from NYC, Rossi is invited in for a cup of coffee by Eli.
  315. Rodney uses a blowtorch to warm his coffee.
  319. Rodney and Sandy drink coffee at the Cider Barrel.
  321. In the General store Eli and Elliot drink coffee and argue about Rachel.
  321. Rodney drinks a half cup of black coffee at the tavern.
  323. Eli pours a cup of coffee for Elliot after return from farmhouse.
  324. Elliot asks Constance for coffee.
  331. Betty is drinking coffee as Leslie comes in the Pharmacy to pressure her.
  332. Ada and Rita drink coffee in the tavern.
  333. In the Cider Barrel, Rita asks Sandy for more coffee.
  334. Rodney gives Rita a drink of coffee.
  345. Mrs. Nolan brings Betty a cup of coffee.
  348. Steven asks Mrs. Nolan to bring Norman some coffee.
  350. Betty tells Peyton she is getting coffee for Steven.  She doesn't.
  353. Betty and Rodney meet at the coffee shop at the Inn.
  355. Peyton asks Betty to get him some coffee.
  376. In the garage, Rodney tells Eddie to help himself to some coffee.
  382. Norman and Dr. Rossi get coffee at the catering truck.
  394. Eddie asks the jailer to bring two cups of coffee.  Steven Cord.
  395. Bartender, possibly Fred, offers Leslie a cup of coffee.
  410. A blonde nurse reports that the coffee machine is broken.  Hot Choc.
  412. Steven is drinking coffee in a cafe 50 miles north of town.  Joe R.
  417. Steven is at the dining table drinking coffee.
  420. Norman and Dr. Rossi get coffee at the catering truck.
  420. Norman takes his coffee black from the roach coach.
  424. Jill asks Rodney for coffee.
  425. Jill offers Rodney a cup of coffee.
  427. Susan drinks coffee in bed.  Tom is there with her.
  430. Eddie drinks a cup of coffee at the tavern.
  441. Tom brings coffee to Susan.
  442. Marsha brings coffee to Dr. Rossi.
  443. Marsha and Dr. Rossi are still drinking coffee from last episode.
  446. Susan serves coffee to Mrs. Thomas, Jill, Tom.
  447. Jill brings Tom Winter sandwiches and coffee.
  448. Rossi is drinking coffee at the Inn as Fred Russell comes over to talk.
  453. Rita takes coffee upstairs to Betty in the converted barn.
  455. Rossi offers Jill a cup of coffee at the beach house.
  466. Rossi and Marsha drink coffee at the Cider Barrel.
  471. Eli is drinking coffee at the Cider Barrel as Susan comes over to talk.
  472. Joe and Mike coffee mugs.
  483. Harry and Alma have coffee from the lunch wagon.
  484. Norman is drinking coffee at the bike shop as Betty comes in.
  486. Rodney is drinking coffee and reaming orange juice. 
  487. Dr. Harry Miles orders coffee at the Cider Barre.
  494. Norman and Rita drink coffee in the apartment.
  497. Tom winter buys some coffee from Eli.
  509. Dr. Miles drinks coffee and talks with Alma.
  512. Mrs. (miss) Nolan offers Marsha some coffee in Steven's outer office.
  513. Charlie servers Dr. Miles coffee in the Cider Barrel.
  514. Rossi and Marsha drink coffee from expensive paper cups.

  165. Stella and Rossi decide to drink cognac.

  099. Ralph Colby.
  205. Ann Colby Howard.

Colby, Ann Colby Howard:
  205. Ann Colby Howard comes to Peyton Place, and to Doctors Hospital as 
         a physical therapist replacing Russ Gehring who resigned in the 
         wake of the Stella Chernak episode.  Ann was replaced by Chuck 
         Atwell.  Before her death she was engaged to Dr. Michael Rossi.

Colby, Ralph Colby.
  099. Ralph Colby talks with Matthew Swain and Elliot Carson on the 
         square.  Ralph, a loom operator with 20 years experience, has 
         just been fired from the mill, as well as 14 others.  Elliot's 
         indignation about the job situation in Peyton Place puts the 
         idea of Elliot's taking over the Clarion in Matthew's mind. 

Cold Spaghetti:
  313. Rachel tells Rodney about eating cold spaghetti on the farm.

  091. Dr. Vincent Markham collapses in the hospital after the bus accident.
  286. Rachel collapses as she is being led out of the Courthouse.  She has 
       just stabbed herself in the wrist and is being taken to the hospital 
       by Dr. Rossi. 
  334. Rita collapses in Rodney's Shoreline Garage.
  337. Chandler collapses on the wharf after fight with Elliot.
  394. Rita Charmaine Jacks Harrington collapses at seeing her father arrested.
  398. Betty Anderson Cord collapses at Adrienne's burial.

  237. Steven Cord relates that he broke his collarbone when he was six.

  003. Rodney comes out of the Humanities Building at the Peyton College 
       and is called to by Betty Anderson.
  030. Allison considered going to Sarah Lawrence College or Wellesley 
  037. Allison talks with her advisor at Peyton College.
  039. Allison helps Paul open a package containing a painting.
  043. Faculty Art Exhibit.  Rodney and Paul swap barbs.
  211. Norman decides to go to college.
  501. Rodney leaves Peyton Place to attend college in Boston.
Collision course:
  337. Jack Chandler and Elliot Carson are on a collision course.
  507. Dr. Rossi, Marsha Russell, and Fred Russell are on a collision course. 

Colonial Post Inn:
  001. Betty opines that it is the only one in town.
  001. Rodney and Betty drop off Dr. Michael Rossi at the Colonial Post Inn.
  006. Dr. Rossi and Laura Brooks dine at the Inn.  Blue plate special.
  011. Dr. Rossi and Laura Brooks are dining at the Inn as Constance and 
       Matthew come in.  Rossi invites them to join them.  Laura mentions 
       seeing Allison with Rodney at the brunch. 
  013. Rodney comes out of the Inn carrying flowers for his mother and 
       meets up with Allison.  He tells her that he loves her.
  015. Allison goes to the Inn to get a dozen blueberry muffins.  Allison 
       talks with Betty on the north side of the Bank Building.  Allison 
       returns to the Book Gallery with only six muffins. 
  016. Dr. Rossi drives Constance out to the beach house.  He has moved 
       out of the Inn and into the cottage.
  027. Laura Brooks and Dr. Joe Bradley have a business lunch at the Inn.
  049. Dr. Rossi buys tomato juice for Betty after her annulment.
  056. Paul goes to talk with Attorney William Wainwright about the diary.
  059. Matthew meets up with Robert and Grace Morton at the Inn.  Matthew 
       asks to interview Claire for the Clarion.
  059. Norman asks Paul how the steak was.
  122. Leslie checks in.
       Rodney Checks in.
  179. Rodney is staying at the Inn during his trial.
  180. Betty visits Rodney on his 21st birthday.
  189. Doris Schuster.
  189. David Schuster tried to get room next to Doris.
  195. Richard Jensen checks in.
  205. Betty and Steven check in hotel in Boston.
  207. Betty and Steven check in Colonial Post Inn.
  312. Sandy Webber checks in.
  318. Lee Webber talks with Jack Chandler.
  325. Rodney takes Sandy to dinner.  Martin Peyton flaunts his new will.
  377. Betty leaves the Peyton mansion and moves into the Inn.
  390. Fred Draper is tending bar at the Inn.
  392. Kennerly checks in.
  479. Fred and Carolyn eat.
  496. Betty checks in.
       Betty checks out.
       Fred Russell talks with Dr. Rossi.
  501. Norman, Rita, and Betty take Rodney from the Inn to college in Boston.
  502. Susan annoys Fred Russell in the bar at the Inn.
  502. Dr. Miles joins Fred Russell.  The waitress [Nikki Wilk] serves them.
  504. Jeff Kramer annoys Fred Russell.
  505. Susan and Fred Russell talk in the bar.
  506. The desk clerk hands mail to a guest.
  506. Dr. Rossi asks bartender Fred Draper if he has seen Fred Russell.
  506. Marsha Russell waits for Sgt. Walker outside the Inn.
  506. Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker and Marsha Russell go up to room 9.
  507. Fred Russell collapses in his room.  Rossi arrives.
  507. Dr. Rossi is trying to revive Fred Russell as Sgt. Walker and 
       Marsha arrive at room 9.

  160. Allison is out of her coma.
  489. Vickie tells Lew that "the man" is still in a coma.  They mention 
         Larry Burrows.

Coming and going:
  061. George is taken to the sanitarium as Claire Morton returns from Peru.
       Leslie leaves town as Schuster takes over the mill.
       Leslie Harrington returns to town as Schuster leaves.
       Chris Webber leaves on the bus as Dr. Rossi returns.
  403. Jill comes to town as Martin Peyton returns to Boston.
  431. Eddie leaves on the bus.  Carolyn appears.

Competency hearing-for Catherine Peyton Harrington:
  052. Leslie wants a competency hearing for Catherine so he can retain 
         his position at the mill.
Competency hearing-for Martin Peyton-Judge Chester:
  347. Steven calls Mr. Jordan at the cemetary.
  365. Steven is annoyed that Adrienne took a trip out of town.
  379. Steven confronts his grandfather.
  383. Steven tells Betty that he has filed incompetency proceedings against 
         Martin Peyton. 
  384. Competency hearing is scheduled for the morrow.  Steven asks the desk 
         clerk for Mr. Sloan, no follow-up.
  385. Martin Peyton has a competency hearing.
  385. Mrs. Foster testifies about Adrienne Holland.

Composer, typesetter, linotype operator:
  295. Elliot talks with Jerry, the composer, at the Clarion.

Computer and computer punch cards:
  005. Dr. Rossi speaks of computer punch cards.
  172. Shuster dictates letter concerning S-105 Computer.

  013. Rossi tells Betty she had a mild concussion.

Conference room:
  512. The conference room in the hospital can be infered to be in the 
         basement because Dr. Miles pushes the down button at the elevator. 
         The receptionist is not in the same place as the inquisition 
         hearing for Dr. Rossi. 

  028. Dr. Joe Bradley confesses that he faked autopsy results.
  063. Constance confesses to Allison the circumstances of her birth.
  178. Dr. Rossi tells Allison that Elliot is her father.
  183. Marian Fowler confesses that she hit Allison with her car.
  199. Stella confesses that she lied at the trial of Rodney Harrington.
  223. Betty confesses that Allison isn't half enough woman for Rodney.
  249. Chris confesses that it was Lee, not Ann Howard that pushed him off the 
         bluff 17 years ago.
  393. Adrienne plummets and dies.
  396. Eddie confesses to Peyton.
  398. Betty denies to Rodney being in the mansion when Adrienne plummetted.
  400. Betty confesses to Steven that she was in the mansion.
  253. Ann confronts Hannah.

Consolidated Airlines:
  469. Lewis Miles returns from NYC.

  022. Dr. Joe Bradley faked autopsy results against Dr. Rossi.
  386. Leslie hires Eddie to kill Peyton.
  396. Eddie confesses to Peyton.
  399. Peyton tells Lee to kill Leslie.  Lee agrees.
  001. Allison tells Constance she wishes her mother would get rid of 
         the photograph of Mr. Mackenzie.
  002. Constance meets Dr. Rossi in the Book Gallery.
  003. Constance goes to the Clarion to talk with Matthew Swain.
  046. Constance tells how her mother sent her to NYC to break up her 
         relationship with Elliot.  But Elliot followed he there. 
       Book seller invites Constance to dinner.  She declines.
  269. Constance goes to the hospital.
  270. Consatance delivers Matthew.

  291. Constance tells Rachel about falling off a horse.  Rachel talks 
         about Allison running away.  Rachel was 8 when she lost her 
         parents.  Her father was tall and skinny and played the guitar.
  298. Constance tells Betty she makes chocolate cake from scratch not a mix.
       Constance and Elliot leave Peyton Place.  Elliot turns the paper over 
         to Charlie Hagen in White River.

Constance' mother:
  046. Constance mother (Mrs. Swain) sent her to NYC to break up Constance 
         and Elliot Carson.  But Elliot followed her there. 

  375. Elliot explains the Big Bear Constellation to Rita.

  399. Martin Peyton tells Lee Webber to kill Leslie Harrington.
Converted barn:
  437. Betty and Rodney's house.

       Elliot was convicted unjustly and spent 18 years in prison.
  199. Rodney's conviction is reversed and he is a set free.

Conway-Curt Conway:
       Curt Conway [He's Alive episode of Twilight Zone.]

  002. June, a Harrington cook and maid.
  003. Mrs Salazar for Constance and Allison.
       Christine for Leslie Harrington.
       Matthew cooks for Constance on saturdays.
       Matthew Swain for Constance and Allison.
       Mary for Martin Peyton.
  136. Anna Chernak for David and Doris Schuster.
       Tommy Magnuson, the lobster man.
       Charlie, the lobster man.
       Charlie at the Cider Barrel.
  236. Rita takes Norman a ham sandwich.
       Sandy takes Rodney some sandwiches from the Cider Barrel.
Cord see Hannah, Steven, or Brian:

Cord-Brian Cord:
  336. Peyton says to Betty, "Steven was born out of wedlock.  Sired by an 
         animal blackmailer.  The foulest man I ever met.  Brian Cord.  Such 
         heredity is impossible to overcome." 

  167. Dr. Clarence L. Healey, Rodney's murder trial.
  272. Dr. Owen Gates, Lee Webber's murder hearing.

       The jail cell has a fold down cot.  [Rodney, Elliot, Lee, Chandler, 
         Eddie, Rossi] 
  310. Lee cuts Rodney's cot in the Shoreline Garage.  Rodney grabs a 
         hammer to threaten Lee.

  050. Elliot is living in the cottage.  Paul drops off Elizabeth's diary.

Cotton Candy Machine:
  010. Matthew is told they are having problems with the cotton candy 
         machine at the festival. 

  006. Matthew tells Constance that he learned to cook in Hong Kong.
  007. Matthew mentions Ghana.
  015. Leslie and Catherine brought champagne back from France
  036. Laura tells her family that she is going to vacation in Europe.
  039. Allison asks Paul why he came back from France.
  085. Leslie and Laura are in Paris and are headed for Switzerland.
  086. Elliot tells Constance a story about his adventure in Tahiti.
  101. Leslie calls his sons from Switzerland.
  105. Allison says she had a dream about Matt in Afghanistan.
  112. Norman tells Allison that he is going to Canada to do logging.
  196. Peyton wants Steven to vacation in France.
  347. Chandler tells Rachel they are going to Mexico.
  348. Chandler tells Rachel he wants to take her to Mexico.
  349. Rossi tells Elliot that Chandler tried to shanghai Rachel to Mexico.
  355. Chandler tells Leslie that he wants out of jail so he can go to Mexico.
  365. Betty suggests to Steven that they go to Canada for a week.
  436. Hannah tells Steven she has been in the south of France.

  006. Rodney and Allison at the Shoreline.
  006. Bud and Betty at the Shoreline.

Courtney-Ralph Courtney:
  039. Allison buys lipstick from pharmacist Calvin Hanley.
  037. Elliot buys pills for Eli from Calvin Hanley.
  120. Stella gets a prescription for Anna Chernak.
  168. Betty gets a prescription for Mr. Peyton.
  186. Betty buys pills from pharmacist Ralph Courtney.
  269. Rita tells Mrs. Courtney she is not taking the week off.
  271. Elliot Ralph Courtney paper announcing Matthew. 
  314. Norman calls Mr. Courtney that Rita is ill and won't be in.

Courtney-Mrs. Ralph Courtney:
  269. Rita tells Mrs. Courtney that she is not taking the week off.  Mr. 
         Courtney is the new pharmacist at the Peyton Pharmacy.  He is not 
         the new owner.  The new owner is Mr. Stacy. 

Cracked Rib:
  339. Norman has a cracked rib.
  389. Norman tells Rossi about Eddie Jacks cracking his rib.

Crain-Arthur Crain
  222. Arthur Crain talks with Steven Cord.
  Arthur Crain
  James Beggs

Crank phone calls-harassing phone calls:
  279. A man calls the Mackenzie house from a phone booth and taunts 
         Constance about Allison. 
  285. A girl, with her boy friend, calls Constance and pretends to be 

Crap game:
  250. Lee has apparently won a bundle in a crap game, most likely in 
         White River. 
  306. Chris Webber mentions the White River crap game to his brother Lee.
  394. Norman tells Rita that her father was arrested for shooting craps.  
         Eddie was actually arrested on suspicion of murder in the death 
         of Adrienne Van Leyden. 

  048. Paul Hanley finally pays his $45.25 bill at the Book Gallery.
  291. Sandy offers to charge the $3.75 for sandwiches for Rodney.
  332. Steven charges his meal at the Colonial Post Inn.
  497. Tom Winter charges coffee and sugar at the general store.  $1.94.  
         Evidently Peyton Place clergy are not very well paid.

Crescent Wrench:
  390. Eddie steals the Crescent wrench from the limousine.
  391. Eddie takes the Crescent wrench from the back seat of his car.
  392. No mention of the Crescent wrench.
  393. Eddie has the Crescent wrench in his room.
  394. Lee asks Eddie what he is doing with his wrench.

  461. Norman borrowed a beat-up crib.
       Constance provides Rita with a nice crib.

Crimes, misdemeanors, and crime scenes:
  xxx. Catherine Peyton Harrington killed Elizabeth Hanley Carson.
  xxx. Joe Chernak spent time on an honor farm for stealing a car.
  000. Lee Webber pushed Chris Webber off Sailors' Bluff.
       Leslie Harrington allowed Elliot to go to prison.
       Joe Chernak and pals beat up Norman Harrington.
       Lee Webber pushed Ann Howard off Sailors' Bluff.
       Eddie Jacks spent time in prison for an unspecified crime.
       Jack Chandler abused Rachel Welles.
       Jack Chandler stole gasoline.
       Kim Schuster stole a bell from the Book Gallery.
       Leslie Harrington contracted Eddie Jacks to kill Martin Peyton.
       Eddie Jacks contracted to kill Martin Peyton.
       Eddie Jacks stole a Crescent® wrench from the limousine.
  401. Lee Webber died in the mansion.

Crime scene investigations:
  177. Police come to the Peyton mansion after the death of Gus Chernak.
       Police come to the Peyton mansion after the death of Adrienne.
  308. Gun is missing from Ada Jacks' Tavern.
  321. Elliot searches the farmhouse.
  349. Police search the Chandler farmhouse for kidnapping clues.
  352. Matthew is kidnapped.  Bates and Walker investigate.
  401. Police come to the Peyton mansion after the death of Lee Webber.

  030. Constance tells Allison that her father, Mr. Mackenzie, was born in 
         Criswick Scotland.  [If it weren't for all her lies, Constance 
         would be considered to be a very good person.]
  xxx. Andrew Criswick
  xxx. Chris Criswick
  xxx. Elizabeth Criswick.
  xxx. Mary Criswick
  xxx. John Criswick, high-tech magnate.
  xxx. Theodore Criswick

  063. Paul asks the hospital nurse, on the phone, what "critical" means in 
         reference to the condition of Elliot Carson.  She is annoyingly 

  010. Founders Festival.
  178. Rodney's 21st birthday at the tavern.
  420. Founders Festival.

  178. Allison is on crutches for the first time.
  498. Rodney walks using crutches.
  501. Rodney walks using crutches.

  008. Allison cries in her room.  She didn't have a good time at the Shoreline.
  011. Norman cries after the death of his mother and fight at Ada's.
  013. Betty cries in her hospital room.
  245. Betty cries and packs her bags to leave Steven.
  249. Chris breaks down crying.
  384. Rita is crying.

Cultural, literary, and historical references:
  002. Norman mentions the Congress of Vienna.
  002. A customer asks for an Agatha Christie mystery. 
  002. Matthew quotes from John 8:32. 
  014. Betty mentions a Queen's Grenadier. 
  023. Allison talks to Rossi about the Fall of the Roman Empire. 
  025. Allison talks to Matthew about the Ralph Waldo Emerson. 
  077. Allison refers to a passage from Alice in the Looking Glass. 
  089. Allison takes Kim to Snow Queen puppet show. 
  090. Norman says it might rain for 40 days and 40 Nights. 
  154. Constance mentions Great Expectations. 
  155. Russ Gehring mentions Anderson, Grimm, and Tom Swift. 
  172. Rodney refers to the Collossus of Rhodes. 
  174. Steven refers to the Parker Brothers' board game of Monopoly®. 
  174. Steven refers to Don Quixote. 
  197. Peyton brings Lord Chesterfields letters to his son to Rodney. 
  197. Peyton brings Pilgrims Progress to Rodney. 
  200. Steven mentions Taj Mahal to Betty. 
  232. Lee Webber mentions Einstein to Rodney. 
  300. Norman mentions Peter Pan. 
  323. The book Crime and Punishment is on display in the Book Gallery. 
  373. Peyton refers to H. V. Kaltenborn but can't recall his actual name. 
  434. Carolyn Russell conducts Schubert's Rosamunda. 
  446. Carolyn and Jeff discuss Loway in 1867.  Beethoven 
  446. Marsha and Jeff discuss Johann Georg Albrecthsberger 
  499. Lew Miles refers to Ivanhoe and Rowena. 

Cunningham-E. J. Cunningham.
  482. Lew Miles checks on condition of Cunningham, hit-and-run victim.  
         Lew has been accused of being the driver..

  061. George Anderson is taken into custody in the shooting of Elliot Carson.
  104. Joe Chernak returns to Peyton Place from custody at the honor farm.
  284. Rachel flees from the hospital in fear of being returned to Chandler's custody.
  285. Rodney returns Rachel to the custody of the police.
  286. Rachel is released into the custody of Dr. Rossi.
  287. Rachel stapps herself to stay in the custody of Dr. Rossi.
  290. Rossi moves to end Chandler's custody of Rachel
  294. Rachel's custody hearing is held.
  300. Chandler gives up his custody battle for Rachel.
  393. Eddie Jacks is taken into custody in the death of Adrienne Van Leyden.
  415. Rodney requests a blood test to see if he should seek custody of 
       Jill's [or Allison's] baby.
  417. Joe admits to Michael that he is the father of Jill's baby.
  417. Steven tells Jill that Rodney would have no chance in a custody hearing 
       if he doesn't have a wife.
  418. Steven prepares for the custody fight over Jill's baby.
  419. Steven and Rodney talk about the custody hearing.
  420. Rev. Tom Winter enters the picture and gets involved with Jill and the baby.
  421. Constance is excited about having custody of Kelly.
  421. Elliot and Constance are awarded temporary custody of Kelly.
  435. The narration mentions Elliot seeing Constance take custody of 
       Kelly thinking that she was her grandbaby.
  459. Norman and Rita are awarded overnight custody of Kelly pending a 
       full hearing in the morning.
  461. Norman and Rita are awarded temporary custody of Kelly.  Rossi offers 
       to advance Jill 6 months' rent at the boarding house but Jill doesn't 
       want to go back there. 
  463. Tom Winter goes to see Judge Irwin A. Chester about the custody of 
       Kelly Smith.  He apologises for missing the hearing, but he explains 
       that he was in Boston resigning the ministry.  Tom goes to the wharf 
       to ask Andy Davies for a job on a fishing boat. 
  464. Jill becomes a nurse's aide.  [Our dictionary defines candy-striper 
       as an unpaid teenage girl volunteer.  A nurse's aide is defined as 
       a worker who assists trained nurses in a hospital by performing 
       unspecialized services, such as making beds and giving baths.]  
       Betty, Rachel, and Jill were paid and were thusly nurse's aides. 
  466. Norman and Rita are awarded temporary custody of Kelly.
  473. Joe and Jill are awarded custody of Kelly, as they are married. 
  504. Marsha Russell reminds Fred that Carolyn is in her custody.

  002. Book Gallery, Hattie.  Dr. Rossi 5 Clarion newspapers.
  022. Book Gallery, Mrs. Maitland.  Post Cards.
  023. Book Gallery, Mrs. Lincoln bought a bottle.