Taft-Sarah Taft.
  425. Sarah is sometimes spelled Sara. 
  425. 02-07-63 Sarah Taft-[Death Ship episode of Twilight Zone].
  425. Sara answers the pay phone at Mrs. Hewitt's boarding house.

Tag numbers.
  012. Tag on truck that ran Rodney and Betty off the road is 599.
  037. Cloverleaf dairy truck tag is 92-146.
  288. The tag on Peyton's Rolls Royce is 462-J.
  327. The tag on Rodney's rag-top convertible is 691-352.
  501. The tag on Atwell's convertible is F91-352.
  346. The tag on Norman's car is 5545. 
  380. The tag on Norman's car 876-545. 

Taggart-C. J. Taggart.
  040. Dabbs Greer plays the role of C. J. Taggart, parole officer.
  058. Dabbs Greer plays the role of C. J. Taggart, parole officer.

  011. Julie Anderson adds up the festival take in the Clarion office

Take out to dinner.
  462. Rossi takes Marsha and Carolyn to dinner at the Colonial Post Inn.
       Peyton takes Norman, Rita, Rodney, and Sandy Webber to dinner.
       Norman takes Rita to the Chowder Pot to eat lobsters.  
       Fred takes Carolyn to lunch at the Cider Barrell.

  296. Constance puts talcum on baby Matthew's stomach. 

Tape Recorder.
  048. Attorney Wainwright using a 3 inch reel-to-reel tape recorder.
  147. Steven Cord uses a tape recorder.  Rita is present.
  186. Steven Cord uses a tape recorder.
  172. David Schuster dictates a letter concerning the S-105 conmputer.
  277. Rossi talks to his 5 inch reel-to-reel tape recorder as Norman comes 
         in about Rachel and the bracelet. 
  292. John Fowler listens to himself on a 5 inch reel-to-reel tape recorder. 
         Jack Chandler interrupts wanting to see him.  He talks with Chandler 
         and then calls Dr. Rossi.
  305. Steven uses a dictaphone.
  329. Dr. Rossi talks into his noisy 5 inch reel-to-reel tape recorder.

Taps-Beer taps.
  375. Ada hires Eddie as night bartender from 6.00 to closing.

Tarzan Movies.
  xxx. George Macready played the role of Radijeck in the movie "Tarzan's 
         Peril" in 1951.  This movie is also released under the title 
         "Tarzan and the Jungle Goddess," in the United Kingdom

Tavern, Ada Jacks' Tavern.
  021. A young barmaid is substituting for Ada.
       Joe Chernak pushes his way into the living quarters.
       Joe Chernak dies on the wharf outside the tavern.
       Rita and Norman return after getting married.
  178. Rodney celebrates his 21st birthday.
       Steven Cord warns Stella about the consequences of perjury.
       Eddie Jacks returns.
       Eddie is hired as night bartender.
       Chris Webber plays the piano.
       Chris steals Ada's gun.
       Eddie plays the piano and sings Galway Bay. 
       Eddie shows up with his suitcase.
       Eddie gives Ada the $50,000.
       Eddie leaves town.

  179. Steven takes a taxi to the airport on his way to California. 
  194. Richard Jensen comes to Peyton Place in a taxi instead of a bus. 
  348. Sandy Webber leaves Peyton Place in a taxi on her way to California. 
  375. Betty rides a taxi around Boston after spying on Steven and Adrienne. 
  381. Adrienne orders a taxi threatening to leave the mansion.  A bluff.
       Betty comes to the mansion in a taxi.

  007. Lucy Frisby.
  032. Mr. Klinger, wood shop instructor, 479.  
  038. Paul Hanley, English professor at Peyton College.
  041. Matt compliments Lucy Frisby on her "Shall We Gather at the River."
  074. Amy Warren, Kim's teacher, 91, 99.
  264. Mrs. Gregson mentioned.
  314. Norman tells Rita that he fell asleep in Mr. Hillyard's class.
  347. Principal Fred Wilson.
  479. Gladys Roberts, science teacher, 482.
  501. Lew Miles mentions Old man Wyland in Botany.

Tea party.
  093. Allison Mackenzie and Kim Schuster have a tea party.

  206. Rita teases Dr. Rossi as he watches Ann Howard in the bandstand.

Teen Talk. 
  001. Allison takes her "Teen Talk" column to the Clarion at night. 
  035. Elliot tells Allison he read her column while in prison. 
  357. Elliot removes the framed copy of "Teen Talk" from the wall of 
         Allison's room. 

  102. Kenneth receives a telegram intended for Vincent.
  249. Betty receives a telegram from Steven asking her to file for divorce. 
  414. Steven hands Elliot a telegram which states.


  416. Dr. Rossi introduces his brother, Joe, to Rodney Harrington.  
  416. Rodney mentions the telegram [episode 414 above].  Dr. Rossi tells 
       Rodney that Jill is the mother of the baby.  He can tell by the 
       way Jill acts toward the baby.

Telephone abuse:
  034. George Anderson shoots his telephone.
  171. Steven cord tosses telephone on the floor.
  444. Susan Winter knocks telephone on the floor.

Telephone Booths outdoors.
  025. Atty Wm. Kennerly calls the mansion from the railway station.
       Rodney calls the hospital from the wharf and speaks with Betty.
       Harasser calls Constance.
       Jack Chandler calls Leslie at the mill.

Telephone calls.
  027. Mrs. Putnam calls Dr. Rossi.                   
  027. Julie almost answers the phone of Leslie's new secretary. 
  111. Constance and Elliot receive a strange overseas call.

Telephone numbers. 
  040. xxx-245-5099 Maysfield Hotel in NYC.  CIrcle 5-5099.
  077. 311-555-3140 Harrington Mansion. (Doris).
  097. xxx-662-9970 MOrningside 2-9970 Amy, NYC. 
  088. xxx-738-4672 Mr. Howard Fischer.
  110.              Extension 173 Martin Peyton at clinic.
  207. 311-555-7171 Ann Howard asks information for Steven Cord's law office.
  269. 311-555-4100 Doctors Hospital. (Betty).
  327. 311-555-3251 Elliot Carson (Rachel).
  345. 311-555-3626 Steven Cord. (Mr. Jordan at the cemetary).
  447. 311-555-2100 Susan Winter. (Operator)
  502. 311-555-4100 x 206 Dr. Harry Miles.
  505. 311-555-6787 Norman and Rita's apartment.  Dr. Rossi.
  506. 311-124-3133 Colonial Post Inn.

       HNPA Home number planning area, 124, 245, 662, or 555 is what most 
       people refer to as the exchange number.  The TELEPHONE COMPANY 
       put pressure on the entertainment industry not to use phone numbers 
       that would connect to actual people.  They urged that the exchange 
       number be 555 to avoid the possibility of broadcasting an actual 
       phone number. 

       Dial tones appeared to be instantaneous in Peyton Place and the 
       number could be dialed immediately after the dime was dropped in 
       the center coin slot.

       In the Musical "Guys and Dolls" local phone calls were only five 

Telephones ringing but not answered: 
  034. The telephone rings in George Anderson's insurance office.  Steam 
         escapes from the radiator.  Instead of answering the phone, 
         George shoots it. 
  037. Betty calls but Julie has gone out with Leslie Harrington. 
  053. Constance calls Elliot but hangs up before he can answer. 

  007. At the Clarion, Matthew tears a news story off the teletype.  He 
         reads to Constance, "Bulletin from the United Nations.  Ghana 
         is lodging a protest.  Tomorrow their special ambassador is 
         going to meet with our special ambassador and they will have a 
         special meeting." 

  000. It seems as though, there was never a TV in the Peyton mansion.   Those 
         with wealth, class, and power didn't need a TV to confirm their status. 
  007. Julie watches a small TV in the livingroom. 
  009. Betty turns on a small TV in the livingroom. 
  027. Small screen TV in the Anderson house .
  052. Constance has a large (19 inch) TV. 
  178. Allison has a medium size (14 inch) TV in hospital room.
  346. Lee Webber watches Wilson vs Meadows fight on a small TV. 
  402. Rita has a TV in the apartment over the Pharmacy.  
  443. Carolyn Russell has a medium TV in her bedroom. 
  465. Marsha Russell has a large (19 inch) TV in her livingroom. 
  497. Lew compliments Sgt. William Wilson Walker on his new TV.

Ten-line, twelve-button Speakerphone®. 
  272. John Fowler uses his 10-line 12-button Speakerphone® as Rossi arrives.
  275. Steven speaks to his secretary Mrs. Nolan on the phone. 
  292. John Fowler talks with Jack Chandler and phones Dr. Rossi.  His 
         secretary is Mary Ann (or Marianne). 

  461. Betty admits to Dr. Miles that she is not a good tennis player.

Tennis balls. 
  461. Betty gives Rodney a tube of three tennis balls. 
        1. Green. I never forgot your squeeze. 
        2. Purple. Who's blushing.  I'm just ticklish. 
        3. Red. Love is the score. 
  467. Rodney drops the ball. 

  243. Rodney fired Lee.  
  250. Lee returned and stole gas. 
  168. In the Pharmacy, Stella mentions to Betty that Rossi fired her for 
         snooping personnel files. 
       Peyton fired Leslie Harrington. 
       Schuster fired Gus Chernak for vandalizing machinery. 
       Peyton forced Theodore Dowell to retire and leave Peyton Place. 
       Leslie Harrington fired Jack Chandler. 
       Russ Gehring was forced to resign from Doctors Hospital. 
       Stella Chernak was forced to resign from Doctors Hospital. 

  129. Kim Schuster is deposed. 
  139. Kim Schuster testifies. 
  162. Judge Irwin A. Jessup presides over trial. 
  162. The jury is chosen. 
  162. Mrs. Voigt is challenged. 
  162. Miss Choate is excused. 
  162. Charlie Devlin, boat builder, of Elizabeth's murder trial, excused. 
  163. Mr. Schiller, safety inspector for railroad, is excused. 
  163. Mr. West, an accountant makes an outburst and is excused. 
  165. Betty shows Steven the subpoena that she has received. 
  166. Dr. Clarence L. Healey, the Medical examiner (or coroner) testifies. 
  166. Police Sgt. Edward Goddard testifies in his civies. 
  167. Betty testifies. 
  168. In the preview, Fowler questions Rita on the witness stand. 
  169. Rita Testifies. 
  170. Rita testifies. 
  182. Stella Testifies. 
  183. Rossi Testifies. 
  188. Allison visits the courtroom. 
  198. Stella confesses to John Fowler. 
  xxx. Rodney is cleared. 
  254. Steven defends Lee Webber. 
  254. Chris Webber faces an inquisition. 
  260. Judge Irwin A. Chester presides over hearing. 
  273. Steven eats a sandwich in the courtroom. 
  274. Rossi Testifies. 
  274. Deputy Knox calls Fowler from the airport about Hannah. 
  274. Norman and Rita prepare to go camping. 
  274. Fowler goes to mansion asks Peyton where Hannah is. 
  274. Hannah returns to testify. 
  275. Fowler tells Norman to go camping.  He can testify on Monday. 
  276. Chris is subpoenaed to testify against Lee Webber. 
  277. Rachel is brought to Peyton Place and Doctors Hospital. 
  278. Chris Webber testifies against his brother. 
  288. Martin Peyton testifies, has an attack, and collapses. 
  293. Hannah reveals the truth about Steven.
  294. Hannah continues to testify. 
  298. Judge Chester dismisses the charges against Lee Webber. 
  514. Police Sgt. William Wilson Walker testifies. 
  514. Marsha Russell testifies. 
  514. Norman testifies. 
  514. Rita testifies. 
  514. Dr. Harry Miles testifies. 
  514. Rossi testifies. 
  514. Mr. Hagen, motel owner, testifies. 
  514. Ada Jacks testifies.

Testimony in trials and hearings.
  123. Rodney Harrington Preliminary Hearing.
  138. Rodney Harrington Hearing.
  139. Kim Schuster testifies.
  139. Stella Chernak testifies.
  161. Rodney's trial opens.
  162. Jurors are questioned.
  166. Dr. Clarence L. Healy testifies.
  166. Sgt. Edward Goddard testifies.
  167. Betty Anderson testifies.
  168. Rita Charmaine Jacks testifies.
  170. Rita Charmaine Jacks is cross-examined.
  174. Norman Harrington testifies.
  182. Stella Chernak testifies.
  183. Dr. Rossi testifies.
  186. The jury visits the wharf.
  188. Rodney Harrington testifies in his own defense.
  189. Kim Schuster testifies.
  190. John Fowler continues his summation.
  192. Rodney's trial ends.
  198. Stella confesses her lie to John Fowler.
  201. Rodney is freed.
  201. Rodney is freed.
  201. Leslie tells Rodney he will again run the mill.
  201. Leslie tells Rodney to move back into the mansion.
  221. Leslie is back at the mill.
  273. Lee Webber preliminary hearing.
  274. Lee Webber hearing continues.
  274. Dr. Rossi testifies.
  003. Allison carries a plethora of textbooks. 
  330. Rachel carries 4 textbooks.  She visits Dr. Rossi. 

That Old Feeling. 
  305. Chris starts to play "That Old Feeling" at Ada's. 

Thayer-Madilyn Thayer. 
  015. Dr. Rossi delivers his first set of twins to Madilyn Thayer. 
  113. Russ Gehring has anxiety. 
       Elliot hits Russ Gehring. 
       Russ Gehring works with Allison. 
  164. Allison asks Russ Gehring to sing to her.
  165. Rossi has a first date with Stella Chernak.
  165. Russ Gehring plays guitar and sings "Down in the Valley" to Allison.
  169. Russ Gehring pushes Allison in wheel chair.
       Russ Gehring resigns. 
  206. Ann Howard arrives is Peyton Place. 
  2xx. Ann Howard buys a car from Lee Webber. 
  254. Ann Howard plummets from cliff.
  461. Chuck Atwell takes over Rodney's physical therapy.
  461. Therapist Stoner mentioned to Rodney.

Therapy, music therapy. 
  1xx. Russ Gehring uses the guitar for child therapy.
  210. Ann Howard uses the piano for child therapy.

There's Bad News Tonight. 
  375. Martin Peyton refers to H. B Kaltenborn radio newscaster.

Thermos® Bottle. 
  273. Steven cord has a vacuum bottle in the courtroom.
  339. Leslie Harrington has his lunch box and vacuum bottle.

  163. Eli brings Allison a thing-a-ma-jig.  She breaks it.
  186. Eli visits Allison without a thing-a-ma-jig.

Thomas, the chauffeur. 
       Two actors played the role of Thomas.  One was James Doohan. [ST}
  078. Martin Peyton returns to Peyton Place.
  159. Thomas drives Peyton to the mill and helps him out.
  163. At Peyton's request, Thomas invites Norman to dinner at the mansion.
  180. Peyton asks Thomas to take an envelope to the desk in the Inn for Rodney.
  191. Thomas gives invitation to dinner to Leslie and Rodney for tonight.
  292. Thomas drives Hannah and Mr. Peyton to the courthouse.
  292. They are there for Lee Webber's murder hearing.  
  292. Hannah had wanted to take a taxi by herself, but Peyton insisted.
  292. Peyton wanted them to arrive together in the limousine.
  297. Thomas helps Hannah pack her trunks.
  315. Thomas gives his notice of resignation to Martin Peyton.  
  315. Peyton asks Steven to run an ad in the Clarion for a chauffeur.  
  315. Betty says she will take care of it. 
  315. Peyton tells Betty he has other plans for her.  
  315. Peyton is going to Boston to talk with Barrett Costa about a portrait.
  315. He wants to replace the landscape over over the fireplace.
  xxx. Thomas moves away and gets married.

Thomas-Mrs. Thomas, of Child Welfare Bureau. 
       see also Mrs. Franks of Child Welfare Bureau, in Rachel Welles case.
  456. Mrs. Thomas of the Child Welfare Bureau.
  458. Mrs. Thomas, two policemen, and Jill carrying Kelly.
  459. Mrs. Thomas of the Child Welfare Bureau prepares for Kelly's hearing. 
  459. The hearing concerns Jill and Kelly in front of Judge Irwin A. 
         Chester.  Chester also handled the Peyton competency hearing and 
         the Lee Webber murder hearing. 

  032. George threatens to kill Rodney if anything happens to Betty.
  054. Elliot threatens Leslie with a fireplace poker.
  146. Steven threatens to spank Betty if she doesn't get out of his office.
  193. Betty threatens to hurt Stella, the way she hurt Rod.
       Lee threatens Rodney with a hammer at the garage.
  277. Rachel threatens Rossi with surgical scissors.
  280. Rachel threatens to throw a water pitcher at Rodney.
  282. Elliot threatens to take a switch to Constance if she goes in 
         Allison's room. 
  293. Rachel threatens to tell police she found bracelet in Chandle's car.
  293. Chandler threatens to "get" Rachel.
  299. Rossi threatens to spank Rachel if she dyes her hair blonde.
  299. Lee threatens Rodney to stay away from Sandy.
  310. Rodney threatens Lee with a hammer in the garage, after Lee cuts his cot.
  313. Rachel threatens to kill Chandler.
  333. Rossi threatens to spank Rita.
  358. Chandler threatens the jailer with the gun Leslie provided.
  359. Norman threatens to tell on Leslie after Chandler's escape.
  431. Jill threatens Joe with scissors.

Three by five index cards. 
  445. Rossi tells Marsha about keeping patient information on 3x5 index 

Three section mirror. 
  443. Marsha Russell sits in front of a vanity in the "Carson" house.

Throw open the door.
       Jill throws open the door in the boarding house.  Rossi comes in.
       Sandy throws open the door at her house.  Rodney comes in.

  309.  Steven puts his thumb on the door buzzer at the Webber house.
  032. Elliot is helped with his tie as he is being released from prison.
  032. Elliot had served 18 years for a crime he did not commit.
  272. Steven Cord tells Lee Webber to wear a plain tie in court.
  332. Eli fusses at Elliot while Elliot is putting on his tie.  
  332. Elliot is trying to use paperclips for collar stays.
  460. Norman puts on a tie in preparation for Kelly's custody hearing.

Ties, bread ties.
  Monday.    Blue.
  Tuesday.   Green.
  Thursday.  Red.
  Friday.    White.
  Saturday.  Yellow. 

  255. Dr. Rossi tilts the Pin-Ball machine that Freddy [Mario] is using 
       in Ada jacks' Tavern..

  103. Rodney punches out at the mill.

  187. Constance makes toast for herself and Elliot.

Tobin-Professor Tobin. 
  168. Stella Chernak speaks of Professor Tobin of the Westover Institute.

       Martin Peyton tolerates Norman's driving his wheelchair.
       Martin Peyton tolerates Betty's stealing his will.
       Martin Peyton tolerates Adrienne trying to find "the letter."
       Martin Peyton does not tolerate Steven's reading the newspaper at the 
         dinner table.

   Thomas, the chauffeur
   Tommy Magnuson, lobsterologist-Charles Thompson.
   Tommy McNatt, friend of Rachel, only mentioned.
   Tommy, Julie Anderson's nephew.
   Tom Winter, man of the cloth-Robert Hogan.
Tom Winter: 
  420. Stops at wreck and takes Norman and Joe Rossi to hospital.
       Tom Winter hunts for Jill.
       Resigns ministry.
       Interviews for fishing job with Andy Davies.
       Tom divorces Susan.
  497. Maggie Riggs eluded to the fact that Tom Winter was a very good 
         preacher as indicated by the fact that she went to church two 
         weeks in a row.  She lived on a farm at the time.
       Tom Winter moves from the manse to the boarding house.

  032. Julie Anderson has a sister Lois and a nephew Tommy.

Tommy-several characters were named Tom or Tommy. 
  285. Tommy Magnuson talks with Betty Anderson on the wharf.
  291. Tommy Magnuson, wharf lobsterologist talks with Hannah Cord.
  299. Rachel mentions Tommy McNatt to Dr. Rossi.
  339. Rossi treats Rachel to lobster at Tommy Magnuson's lobster shop.
  497. Rev. Tom Winter buys $1.94 worth of supplies at the General Store.

Tommy-Tommy Magnuson, lobsterologist. 
  285. Tommy Magnuson talks with Betty Anderson on the wharf.
  291. Tommy talks with Hannah Cord on the wharf.
  339. Rossi and Rachel eat seafood chowder on the wharf.
  497. Rossi and Carolyn Russell eat seafood on the wharf

Tooth Brush. 
  190. Mr. Oldfield, a juror in the Rodney Harrington murder trial, goes to 
         the Pharmacy looking for a hard bristle tooth brush.
  312. Checking in to the Colonial Post Inn, Sandy Webber tells Rodney that 
         she needs a tooth brush.  Rodney indicates that the only all 
         night drugstore is across town.  What she really needs is to get 
         shed of Lee Webber. 

Town Hall. 
       The Peyton Place Town Hall faces south.  This results in the snow 
         melting faster, than on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the 
         square.  Shadows confirm this.  The Town Hall contains the 
         courthouse, the library, the police station, the jail, and the offices 
         of the beloved District Attorney, John Fowler, Jr., son of another
         District Attorney, John Fowler, Sr. 

  001. Rodney and Betty park in front of the train station.
  001. Dr. Rossi arrives by train.  He had taken the 8:02 from NYC. 
  012. Attorney William Billy Kennerly, Jr. arrives in Peyton Place 
         by train, from Boston. 
  025. Attorney William Kennerly, Jr. arrives by train.
  036. Laura Harrington Brooks leaves for Europe.
  042. Betty Anderson Harrington leaves NYC returning to Peyton Place.
  046. Eli Carson leaves for Florida.
  222. Arthur Crain tells Steven that he walked from the train station.
  312. Sandy Webber has had no luck at all training Lee Webber.

Transistor Radio. 
  513. Rita Harrington brings a transistor radio to Dr. Rossi in his    
         jail cell.  At that point in time, 1969, the term transistor 
         usually meant a transistor radio to most people. 

  468. Susan Winter trashes the rectory prior to the arrival of Rev. and 
         Mrs. Goodfellow.  Dr. Rossi imposes on Marsha Russell to get it 
         spiffed up. 
  345. Sandy calls Betty, high class trash. 

  077. Allison says that she has never been further than the ski lodge. 

Travers' Mill:
  077. David Schuster visited the Travers Mill in White River.

      327. Constance      443. Marsha

Triple vanity mirror:
  327. Constance Carson primps.
  443. Marsha Russell primps.

    145. Eli tells Elliot that there are triplets in the family.

  278. The Clarion truck had a distributor problem.
       The Clarion pickup parks in front of the Peyton Professional building.

Truckee River
  049: It was a tradition for newly divorced ladies to throw their weddingg
         rings in the Truckee River near Reno, Nevada. 

  049. Calvin Hanley's trunk.
  050. Calvin Hanley's trunk.
       Lucy Chandler's trunk.
  268. Hannah goes through Brian Colby's trunk in the mansion.
  297. Thomas helps Hannah pack her trunks.
  251. Ann Howard finds an important document in her father's trunk.
  364. Lee Webber lugs Adrienne Van Leyden's trunk up to her bedroom.
  390. Eddie Jacks steals a Crescent wrench from the trunk of the limousine.

Tuckers Pond:
  007. Rodney takes Allison to Tuckers Pond.
  008. Narrator says that Tuckers Pond is the Lovers Lane of Peyton Place.

  010. A tug-of-war is part of the annual Founders Day Festival festivities.

       "Tuneup $6.95" sign on outside wall of Shoreline Garage.

Turner-Dr. Peter Turner. 
  464. Dr. Turner is a 28 year old surgeon.  Rossi tries to play matchmaker 
         for Jill. 

  329. Elliot wears a rented tuxedo practicing a chamber of commerce speech.
  343. Rodney puts on a tuxedo in preparation for Steven's 28th birthday

TV Guide.

                             Dorothy Malone

Twentieth Century Fox Building:
  144. Twentieth Century Fox sign on Doctors Hospital.

Twin Maples Motel in White River.
  014. Rodney and Betty begin their marriage.

  000. Ann Howard and Steven Cord are born to Catherine Peyton, who later 
         married Leslie Harrington.
  014. Rodney Harrington and Betty Anderson Harrington stayed at the Twin 
         Maples Motel in White River, Massachusetts on their wedding night.
  015. Dr. Rossi delivers his first set of twins, to Madilyn Thayer.
  092. Kenneth Markham and Dr. Vincent Markham are twins.  They are both 
         played by Leslie Nielsen. 
  494. Norman Harrington sells motorcycles to the Grover twins.
       Remington Rand
       in Schuster's
       outer office
       Episode 159

  xxx. Most of the typewriters in the series were Underwood®.  But the one 
         at the Information Desk was a Royal®. 
  101. Matthew Swain types with two fingers.
  159. Julie uses a Remington Rand typewriter.
  178. Allison types on Dr. Rossi's typewriter.
  201. Constance unjams Elliot's typewriter in the Clarion. 
  296. Elliot is typing as Jack Chandler comes into the Clarion.
  315. Eli types a complaint letter about merchandise not received.
  338. Elliot is typing copy concerning his fight with Chandler on the wharf 
         and his subsequent arrest.  He is using an Underwood typewriter, 
         possibly the same prop as the one in Rodney's Shoreline 
  493. Lew types.

  003. Julie is typing as Catherine comes in the mill office.
  004. Julie is typing as Leslie comes in the mill office.
  023. Julie is typing as George comes in the mill office. 

  315. Eli is typing a business letter concerning merchandise he did not